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Keep that air conditioner on

I have been dating my woman for about seven years now plus she has had the same job the whole time! I work normal hours plus go to work at eight plus am able to get to our lake house by five. I feel that not all people are so lucky to have these kinds of hours plus I don’t take it for granted! However, it would be amazing if my woman had somewhat normal hours. She works for a 24 hour Heating plus A/C company plus is on call most evenings. She can get calls in the midst of the night plus have to go to someone’s lake household to help with a heating or cooling malfunction. I wish that we were able to hold the same working hours, however sadly we don’t. She has been working for this Heating plus A/C company since we were in school plus she hopes that she will be able to be an owner someday. I believe she has the determination to make it happen, but I also believe working these kind of hours is absolutely ridiculous. I want to be able to have a normal relationship where we are both at the lake house for dinner every single night, but I am trying to be entirely understanding. I believe that if she puts in the work now, she won’t have to work these bizarre hours forever. She does get some pretty hilarious stories working for a 24 hour Heating plus A/C company plus I am definitely blissful that she can laugh about it. I also hope that she doesn’t get burnt out soon because she is working a lot of hours a week!

The new climate control

Having children can be a really extravagant thing. I definitely know this because I have many children with another one on the way! There are several costs that you don’t think of when you are preparing to have a child… One thing I didn’t think about was the cost of childcare. I don’t even know why this wasn’t something that I thought about when I was budgeting for the first child, but the cost of daycare is insanely extravagant. We finally found a reasonable daycare that was close to our household that didn’t cost an arm plus a leg, but it was still a bit overpriced. We had a couple of friends suggest this particular daycare so thought it would be an enjoyable fit for us. However, after the first month we knew that something was not right. I picked up my child on her first morning plus she was totally sweaty. I asked her what was wrong plus she said that it was tepid inside the room. So, I went up to the daycare plus felt a massive wave of tepid air hit my face. I asked what was going on plus they said that the heating plus cooling device had stopped working. I didn’t know how the heating plus cooling device wasn’t working but I was not delighted that my child was in a room all through the day with zero a/c. I told them if they didn’t get the a/c fixed quickly, my child would no longer be attending this daycare. They didn’t seem to care all that much, but said they would start working on their Heating plus A/C problems.

I will wait an hour if I have to

I enjoy working out basically everyday. I think it might seem crazy to some, however for me, it is the perfect lifestyle. I absolutely want to be in shape because I live in the South plus all of us spend a majority of our time outside on boats plus at the beach. It is vital to me that I maintain my figure year round! Most of my friends are this way which is nice because that means I constantly have someone to go to the gym with me. I don’t really enjoy going to the gym by myself, despite the fact that I will do it if I must… However, I much like having a gym buddy! A gym buddy helps to keep you motivated when you are feeling like you don’t want to be there any longer. My number one gym buddy that I have is my woman. She is always challenging me plus pushing me to be the best version of myself. I made the decision a day last week to meet her at the gym after we were both done with work. I had a rather stressful day plus I was gleeful to release some of the built up tension. When I walked into the gym I was hit with a wall of overheated air. It felt pretty much like the gas furnace was on plus I could not feel any air vents blowing out cool air from the A/C. I asked the woman at the front desk plus she said their Heating plus Air Conditioning device stopped toiling about an hour ago plus that they had a Heating plus Air Conditioning company coming out to see what the issue was. I didn’t feel they would be able to service the Heating plus Air Conditioning device before my woman plus I started to workout. I was so frustrated because I was ready for a superb workout that day.

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We are battling climate change

When I was apartment hunting last year I had a list of things that I entirely wanted in our first home, and one of them was a zone controlled central heating and air conditioning unit! I was moving into the apartment with my fiance, so I knew that being able to adjust the thermostat to different settings in each room would come in handy. She has typically liked to keep the cooling system running at full speed because she’s truly hot-natured. I, on the other hand, tend to get freezing easily, so I like to keep the apartment a little warmer; Now, when we are in different rooms, she is able to leave the cooling plan on while I turn it off. When we lived in a smaller apartment together, we were consistently battling over how to adjust the thermostat. I knew we needed change. That’s when I started researching zone controlled heating and air conditioning units. This is an excellent feature for us–I’m so thrilled that I insisted on having it while I was looking at different rental properties around town. I would recommend the zone controlled gas heating and air conditioning units to anyone because aside from making our living space more comfortable. It has also been able to help us keep our power bill to a minimum. I appreciate our apartment; we plan on living out the rest of our days here! Putting extra thought into the appliances and how things run is important when choosing a place to live. I wouldn’t be nearly as gratified with our choice if I had overlooked these important details. Now, we’re set for years to come!

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What is the worst part here?

I believe the worst quality that a lady can have is being too confident, and I say this because I used to be this way. It was always getting me into trouble then. For instance, I would often take on jobs that I wasn’t qualified to do, so I wouldn’t be able to finish them. I can remember the time that I arrived back at my cabin to find that our air conditioner wasn’t running. Instead of calling a heating and air conditioning provider to handle it, I decided that I would do the service myself. This would have been fine if I had known a few things about cooling systems–even though I didn’t! After an hour, there were A/C system parts all over our yard, but I still had no system what the problem was… When I finally gave in and called the heating and air conditioning technician to come out, she laughed when she saw the mess that I had made. It ended up taking her twice the amount of time she would have needed to fix the original problem. However, because I had messed the cooling system up even more, the service cost was also higher than it would have been. While I had the air conditioner back to normal that evening, I was pretty frustrated that I had interfered with the service as well as made things worse… A little bit of patience would have gone a long way in that ordeal. The whole experience was especially humbling. I don’t know I will try to take things like that into my own hands ever again. I need to know my limits! No more taking on things that I’m not qualified to do.

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Indoor heating and air

One locale where I know for certain a lot of planning goes into the air quality is the airport! I have heard that the reason the air conditioners are constantly operating at full blast in them is because they are doing their best to prevent germs from spreading to others. This makes perfect sense to me since I am constantly upset about being near multiple people while traveling. If keeping the air conditioner at a frosty temperature will help in any way to keep the air quality higher, then I’m all for it. I can actually recall a time when I was travelling to visit some friends on the other side of the country a few years back. It was winter, so we were in the midst of flu season, but while waiting for my plane to board I was resting next to a lady who was coughing and sneezing non-stop… A day after I arrived to visit my friends, I came down with the flu. I’m nearly positive that I got it from her. I was so terribly disappointed that I felt sick on my trip. This experience totally made me twice about taking care of myself while traveling. It was after that when I came to the realization that the temperatures in the airport were entirely justified. I mean, I am more than willing to carry an extra sweater or coat along for my plane ride so that I’m not so bothered by the nippy temperatures. I’m a serious germaphobe, so anything that helps keep me from getting sick is all good with me.

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I did want a new heater

I am lucky enough to have multiple gorgeous homes: one in northern part of Florida and one in the southern part of Florida.  My boyfriend, dogs, and I live in the southern part of Florida in Tampa for most of the year. Our upstate residence is our getaway home.  It is located in a more rural setting, so it allows us to get away from the cluster of Tampa. Florida is pretty consistent when it comes to weather.  However, we see a big difference in weather conditions between each of our properties, which are only a few hours drive apart. Our home in Tampa can get pretty hot.   The infrastructure of the city, such as the tall buildings and cement sidewalks, keep Tampa pretty hot throughout the year. Heat traps itself easily in this cement and concrete.  In contrast, our upstate rural home often gets cooler temperatures throughout the year. There are even some snow falls during the winters, keeping the home chilly for most of the year.  Since these areas differ on weather conditions, we have different heating and cooling systems in each of our homes. In our Tampa home, we have a powerful air conditioner. It would be able to cool our rural house in minutes.  In our upstate home, we have a smart control unit installed. This is a great set up that heats or cools our rural house quickly when conditions change. We installed this unit in our rural home because it allows us to set the control to any temperature before arriving to our home. We don’t have to wait for temperatures to change; the rural house is ready by the time we get there! I find it so interesting that weather can change so quickly in some areas of Florida! It is one of many unique qualities of our Florida!

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The heater is finally starting

Have you heard about this current lifestyle trend called minimalism? MInimalists are just what their name implies, and they attempt to live a straightforward lifestyle as well as get rid of unnecessary things! I actually love this idea, mostly because I hate clutter. Clutter drives me crazy. I recently found out, though, that some minimalists are quite extreme, not only do they provide up little knick knacks for the condo as well as an overabundance of red jeans, they also adopt a minimalist attitude toward Heating as well as A/C. That’s right, they develop rules about how much as well as when the household can use the A/C or heater, and someone even told me that some minimalists provide up Heating as well as A/C altogether. They either turn it off as well as refuse to ever turn it back on, or some people even remove the entire Heating as well as A/C system from their homes in order to avoid temptation. Can you imagine? I would no sooner get rid of my cooling system than I would shoot myself in the foot. I would rather live separate from any furniture at all than provide up my A/C. I mean, I live in the south. It gets brutally hot as well as humid down here! Minimalists provide up spending money on anything they consider a want rather than a need. That includes A/C, I guess. I think that also means cable cable as well as Internet repair as well as such, but well, I provided up cable a long time ago mostly because i think the only cable supplier in my neighborhood are sizable jerks. To me, the Heating as well as A/C is not a luxury, it is a necessity! Minimalist or not, there is no way I am giving up my Heating as well as A/C system!

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Clean and fresh outdoor air

All of us in the South are in the middle of Springtime at the moment, as well as it is beautiful, and it seems as if this has been the longest Winter in a long time. I’m from the south, so in comparison to colder areas of the country, our winters aren’t that bad, Even with that being the case, this was a frigid winter that felt like it lasted for years. Colder than the people who have lived here their whole lives knew how to deal with! Now that Springtime is has finally come, I’m beginning to remember the upcoming hot and humid mornings of summer. I prefer the cold months to the hotter months. I rarely use the furnace during those frigid weeks, even though I am always turning the temperature on the thermostat down in the summer. I rely heavily on our a/c unit. Springtime is always a reminder for me to make sure our a/c is in tip top shape. I call in the local Heating and A/C servicemen to thoroughly inspect the heating as well as cooling just to make sure our a/c isn’t going to bite the dust on me in during those hot summer days. I do this same Heating and A/C tune-up in the fall, in preparation for the upcoming winter. I do it just because I might need to use the furnace if others in the house are needing some extra heat. Normally, don’t, even I turn on the furnace at night. Minus those times when the temperature control reading plunges to freezing temperatures. Springtime may bring flowers and warmth to mind for lots of folks, but at my house, Springtime brings thoughts of getting our a/c worked on as well as getting our air duct cleaned.

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Clean and fresh air

It gets a bit nuts around my house when spring arrives.  As soon as the weather changes, I have a lot of jobs that I need to do.  I adore getting out all of the patio furniture and setting it up on my large wooden deck. I even like changing the kid’s clothes over to summer clothes. I also clean my home from top to bottom, the rugs, walls and floors are all scrubbed.  Most importantly, I make sure to clean my air conditioner before the summer weather arrives. The last thing I want, in my clean house, is to turn on a dirty air conditioner. Furthermore, letting the AC turn on while dirty is bad for the air quality because whatever is in the AC system, will flow into the home.  Dust, dirt, and mold will pollute your indoor air. It will make my teenagers and myself sick and unhealthy. Another reason to clean the AC is to keep it running more efficiently. An air conditioner system that operates with mold on the cooling coil is bad. Also using a dirty air filter makes it slow and sluggish. If you want lower utility bills, clean your AC system. A dirty air conditioner cannot run as fast, as often and as efficiently. The cooling system has to run longer and work harder in order to achieve the temperature set on the thermostat control. Lastly, the air conditioner should be cleaned because it could simply shut down. Letting the air conditioner run while dirty causes it to overheat eventually. It can overheat and totally shut down, or just an important part will break. If you want the AC to last longer, you should clean it before you run it.

The heat exchanger is an issue

While I was in graduate school, my three buddies and I rented this house, it was a sweet set up for young college guys.  We were on a dead end street and rocked the entire block. We had parties every holiday and we even had an inground olympic size pool. It really was the sweet life.  But, I did hate my room. It is all my fault too, I thought I was getting the best room. There were three small bedrooms upstairs plus the basement. I choose the basement since it was three times the size of the other rooms. It also was away from everyone else plus completely dark. I figured it would be my own private suite. Well, this basement was partially finish, wet and musty. I encountered a lot of problems due to that, and mold became the greatest issue for me. I had mold growing on the floor, ceiling and in the corners of our room. I had a portable A/C unit that mold would frequently clog. The a/c naturally dries out the air quality. The cooling system should have stopped mold growth. But there was too much moisture and mold. The a/c could not handle it,  so I was then forced to buy a dehumidifier for my room. The dehumidifier worked in tandem with the A/C component in order to dry out our indoor air moisture levels. It was the only way to stop mold from growing. It was high-priced, unattractive and took up a too much space. Thankfully though, the dehumidifier did do that trick in keeping the moisture low. It was a rough four years dealing with the hot, wet air quality.

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I finally obliged

My new house has a huge basement, and honestly I want to make wonderful use of the area. There are various things that I could do with the room, I’m thinking of turning it into an office, a gym, or even a gaming room! As of right now, I’m leaning towards turning it into a workout space because I don’t want to leave the house every time I feel like getting some exercise in. The only predicament is that the cooling system doesn’t come to the basement so I’ll have to find some type of A/C unit that I can have installed down there so that the space is more comfortable to be in. I had been considering the use of a portable cooling system but then a friend of mine recently mentioned that maybe I should try out a ductless mini-split cooling system. I saw on television that a mini-split cooling systems can be mounted onto a wall so that they don’t take up too much floor space. What’s even better about them is that they are supposed to be nearly silent! That’s a big reward for me because I would rather not have to listen to the sound of an cooling system while attempting to do my workout. I’ve researched the mini-split cooling systems online and the only downfall is that one of these systems would be considerably more pricey than a portable cooling system, however I feel that I would be paying for better quality as well as extremely more reliability. I’m going to be doing a lot more research before I settle on anything for sure, there’s no doubt though that I’ll need some type of cooling system down in the basement. I hope that I’m able to pick the right model because I want to get wonderful use out of all the space in my home.

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Work should have a/c

I have had a lot of practice at developing bad habits.  They aren’t bad habits in the sense that I do things that could hurt me or anyone else, but they tend to have me getting into routines that I can’t break.  It seems that I start doing something, and I keep pressuring myself to do more and more, at the expense of not sleeping or taking care of my family. I started a job like that.  I thought that I would be able to help out the family, but all I did was find myself working all of the time, and barely making minimum wage. I was sitting in my office for twelve and fourteen hours a day.  I can’t think if I don’t have the air conditioning on low. If it gets too warm, I tend to just get listless and my brain won’t focus. As long as I have the air conditioning blasting away at me, my mind stays focused and I am able to get a lot of work done.  My husband pulled me out of my office the other day and he handed me the energy bill. The air conditioning had cost me almost as much as what I had been paid. I knew that I had to do something, but how could I disappoint my boss, by not taking on that much work.  I spent a lot of extra money now, and I had those bills to pay along with the energy bill that had the extra AC use tacked on. I know I am falling behind, but I guess I am addicted to working.

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We’re getting the air conditioner working

On Saturday nights, I usually do my best to stop by my older brother’s house. Because he lives alone, I think that he enjoys the company. Most of the time we go out to lunch together, but last month we decided to cook dinner at his house. I brought some steaks that I got on sale at the local butcher, and he had all of the vegetables ready to go when I got there. It was a balmy afternoon so I decided to go to the hallway and get the A/C going, no sooner than I did, my brother hastily stopped me. “The unit isn’t working!” he said, “Please don’t touch anything until the Heating and A/C serviceman can come repair it.” I respected his request, but after putting seasoning on the steaks I was sweating profusely. It was uncomfortable in there, so I decided to improvise. My brother has a new fire pit in his backyard, No sooner had I finished up the steaks, the Heating and A/C technician guy drove up. He was able to discover the problem immediately, and by the time my older brother and I were ready to eat, the cooling system was operating again. I feel the A/C breaking down worked out better for us because the steak was the best I have ever tasted! Cooking over the open flame gives a fantastic flavor to the meat and I never would have tried it had the A/C been operating like it should. My brother and I both agreed that the following week we would cook the steaks like that each time. They were fantastic!

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HVAC care by my friends

I have learned recently that if you have a brothers team advertising as a new HVAC company, you need to ask a lot of questions and check them out before you hire them.  I know they are not a legitimate company because they are my brothers. I love those guys with all my heart, but I also know them. Neither of them have any idea how to repair a HVAC system.  They probably would be able to change the air filters, and they may even be able to do a passable job of cleaning the air vents, but that’s as far as it goes. Neither of my brothers have any certification or licensing in any of the HVAC systems.  They don’t have any working knowledge in any of the components of the HVAC. I’m not sure why they decided to take on this business, but they were always the type of people who wanted to make a fast buck and let’s face it, HVAC is a money making business.  When they came to me and asked me to do the social media advertising for them, I gave them absolute no. I know how they are, and they often walk on the side of the, if you don’t get caught it isn’t illegal, thinking. They don’t mean to cheat anyone, but they like the idea of making good money fast, even if it is actually ethical.   I wish I could put up a disclaimer telling everyone in my area that if you see the name of their company or get a phone call from them, they need to stay clear. I’m afraid some is going to end up more issues than they already have.

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This may be my last chance

It’s not all that clear to me what kind of Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit would be the best for my home that I’m building. I know a decent bit about designs and appearance, but when it comes to choosing the actual appliances I have very little knowledge to pull from… That’s why I’m going to just set up an appointment with my local Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business. I’ll need to see what all of my options are and have it explained to me what kinds of features would actually work in my house. A friend of mine mentioned recently that I should invest in a smart thermostat, so I’m going to be bringing that up too. Apparently the smart thermostat would actually allow me to connect the temperature control of my house to an app on my cell phone, which would let me adjust the temperature from anywhere I go. Apparently a smart temperature control would let me save energy, and money, on my electric bill; I’m all about that! I hope that the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C specialists have some other advice and tips for me too. I actually want to ensure that I have an efficient heating plus cooling system that will be reliable for more than 2 years. I’d like my home to be built as well as it possibly can because I plan to live my life out in it.. I assume that the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit is going to play a major work in keeping the apartment comfortable, so I want to make the right decision with it!

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The HVAC maintenance man

I definitely understand the plight of the working man. On Fridays and Saturdays you better know all I want to do is be at home. I spend my weekdays finally working ridiculously long and difficult hours outside in the sun, so of course I feel like the weekends are my only option to relax and recharge my battery. I take this time off to usually do a lot of cooking, studying, and enjoying motion pictures on those lazy afternoons. However, last weekend I was forced out of my very own apartment because of a problem with my A/C. Whenever I woke up to find that when I had fully tried and adjusted the control component the cooling proposal wouldn’t turn on, I went out to the backyard did a little investigating. I had no luck because I don’t happen to know a good deal about Heating as well as A/C units, so after all my trouble, I had to call an Heating as well as A/C mechanic to schedule a repair for the machinery. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to come immediately–it was going to finally take him until Thursday day! I certainly knew I could spend my entire weekend in a boiling apartment, roasting to death, or I’d be worthless when it was time to return to my hot work. So, I ended up visiting a local park for a few hours before finally deciding to crash at a friends house. Being readily able to get some nice sleep in a locale with an A/C unit on hand was what I needed at the particularly least. Luckily, I also found out that my buddy didn’t mind hosting myself and others at all. She was feeling quite ecstatic to help out in my time of need.When I returned beach apartment to a fully functioning Heating as well as A/C unit I was ecstatic that finally things were back to normal.

Enjoying the visit

At least three days each week I try to go to the gym so that I can get a superb workout in; usually I’m there for an hour or so, which is just enough time for me to jog on the treadmill and lift up some weights. I appreciate having a gym membership because it’s entirely sizzling where I live, and I don’t believe I would be actually motivated to jog if I had to do it outside in the heat everyday. Instead, I am able to take the treadmill near a cooling  vent and let the cool air blow on me while I’m pumping my heart rate up. Having a temperature controlled space to exercise in is actually very important to me, and that’s why I really do value my gym membership so much; before I had it, I had a really difficult time staying in a routine because I was regularly put off by the heat. I would often get overheated when I would try to run around my neighborhood, and I’d end up cutting my workout short. I believe it would be superb if all communities gave some sort of indoor fitness space that the public could use. I believe that it would be a big game changer in keeping people motivated to stay healthy! We often live  sedentary lifestyles nowadays, and it’s important to make an effort to exercise! An air conditioned space would actually help keep a lot of people sticking to their goals and maintaining superb health. I know that it’s been a real game changer for me!

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Want to update our heater

It’s hard to feel like you stack up when you know for a fact that your sibling is a better human being than you can ever be. My brother is a wizard. He can repair anything you can name, build anything, and he’s a good artist to boot. He’s a multi-talent, and he’s consistently been that way our whole entire lives. If I ever need advice or help with a project at beach apartment that I own, he’s the a single that I call because he consistently gives good feedback on the projects at hand. In fact, when I moved into my new house, I consulted with him often around that time because I had to do various renovations. One thing I had him expressly help myself and others with was choosing a new heating and cooling system to supply my whole home. The ancient Heating as well as A/C component in the apartment was getting to be totally ancient and on its last leg, so I knew that I was going to need to replace it any day. My brother didn’t even hesitate when he told myself and others that I absolutely needed to go with a radiant flooring system. He knew that putting in radiant heated floors would be a good option because he happens to know how cold I get. In the past, I have consistently complained every year about the long Winters, and I consistently had trouble keeping my little apartment at the right temperature. I guess he had put some thought into this heating issue in the past because he was able to tell myself and others all about the many positive aspects of radiant flooring systems and how efficient they are. Good thing he did, and good thing I have him. I’m lucky to have him around to help myself and others out!

HVAC installation

I think that was smart

Okay, okay, I get it! People love to make fun of me for how much I love my cat. My friends and family have even began gifting me all sorts of cat lady merchandise, including embarrassing tee shirts, key chains, plus even drink coasters. I understand, people are  exhausted of hearing about the drama with our dear old cat, however the message has been more than received. I don’t see what they’re all so riled up about, though. I didn’t think I talked about my sweet Aggie as much as everyone said until my last birthday got me wondering. I think I really started to see what people were talking about when I wound up replacing my entire HVAC system for the sake of Aggie. Before you judge me too much, give me a chance to explain how cold my poor cat was! Over a few months, she started shivering with increasing regularity! She was always curling up in blankets plus huddling up in the sun, as though she was perpetually chilled. She always was seeking out the air vents around our home so she could lay on them plus soak up every ounce of heated air as it was distributed through the ductworks, however that’s’ why I decided to give her more heat, right beneath her paws. I called the local Heating & A/C shop to inquire about radiant heated flooring, which they were glad to install throughout our entire house. Our floors are always warm and toasty now, and Aggie is comfortable anywhere in the house! Some people think what I did was crazy, but I just want my cat to be comfortable and warm! However, even I was a little embarrassed when the vet told me that it’s perfectly normal for cats to behave this way.

AC professional

The people I was with and I have great youngsters, several teenagers as well as a young girl. From they were all infants, every one of us began saving up the money they would need for their university educations. The people I was with and I are not normally the type of parents to dictate our children’s careers, however every one of us very much wanted them well-educated, as well as to hold well paying tasks. Neither of us ever had the opening to go to university as well as every one of us were aware how much of a struggle that can make in a person’s life. By the time they all became bigger kids, 2 of our sons had decided on careers in business, as well as our kid chose to be a dentist. Then one of our middle boys, Tommy, sprang a surprise upon us. He did not want to go to university at all.

            What!… After every one of us had been working hard in building his university fund for so long?… Tommy wanted to enroll in a trade university instead, to learn Heating as well as Air Conditioning technology. Putting it mildly, his dad as well as I were not at all pleased. So every one of us went online to check out what a Heating as well as Air Conditioning trade program could mean for learning as well as absolutely working. The people I was with and I were pleasantly surprised to learn that it could take less than a year for a Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialist to become an accredited technician. The thing which struck us most was that, with almost everybody relying on A/C as well as furnaces nowadays, Tommy could acquire an absolutely wonderful, affluent living from this mode of employment.

           In the end, every one of us both decided we would let the boy have his way. Of course, trade university costs a great deal less than any university so every one of us asked Tommy how he would wish to use the remaining balance in his university fund. Without hesitation, he told us he would use it to starting up his own Heating as well as Air Conditioning supply business.

           Is our boy brilliant or what? I suppose we’ll have several businessmen instead of 2!

a/c tech

Waiting until the next night

Maybe I just have baby fever right now, however I have a few questions for modern women that might be difficult to answer. I want to know how they balance their work as well as family lives, because I find this to be a very difficult task. I also am super interested in the ways that they keep their head on straight with the media constantly berating us every afternoon for wanting both a career as well as children. Lastly, I am curious as to why there are so many women pregnant at this time. As summertime is approaching, the outdoor air temperature is swiftly changing lately and it will soon be completely hot and humid at all times. Living in the deep south, summertime is no joke! My concern is how on earth these women manage to keep their cool all summer long when they have another human growing in their bellies! It’s really above 95 degrees every single afternoon, with endless humidity, and frankly, the outdoor air quality is completely miserable even for people who aren’t pregnant. I simply can’t wrap my head around these tiny women with big bellies, waddling down the street in the pounding summertime sun. Aren’t their organs boiling with another human in there? Shouldn’t they be covered in sweat like pigs from all of those boiling new skin folds? How do they even leave the comfort of air conditioning for a single moment without wanting to murder most people? At the bare minimum, they should be burning with rage when their partners complain about the heat this season.

residential comfort 

Deducing the HVAC repair that quickly

I enjoy my kid sibling Nicos, despite all of his shortcomings. He has a pressing heart, is pleasant, very sincere, as well as absolutely amusing. It’s difficult to stay heavy hearted or cheerless while in Nicos’s presence. He is the proverbial black sheep or prodigal son, however he also wears a halo. Nicos is the happiest wanderer you will ever meet as well as he thinks he knows all there is to know. Of course, Nicos does not guess it all however his total lack of arrogance and conceit, as well as his eagerness to help, may convince you that he does.

             When Nicos stopped by our lake house a few afternoons ago, the children were beside themselves with glee. Then Nicos noticed how Kerry, my oldest, was coughing as well as he right away diagnosed her wheezing condition as stemming from our Heating as well as Air Conditioning ducts being dusty and dirty. And, as I thought he would, he gave to scrub them for free. Nicos based his assumption of polluted Heating as well as Air Conditioning ducts, largely on the ducts and registers as well as grills he could see, and my husband removes as well as cleans these fairly usually, however he had been away from beach lake house on contractor for several weeks now, so they were dusty..

            I knew how my sibling was not qualified Heating as well as Air Conditioning serviceman. No way was I about to supply him the opening to mess up my HVAC unit. I asked him how he would go about performing the Heating as well as Air Conditioning cleaning as well as his answer, though quite enthusiastic, was quite vague. I explained that before vacuuming, our familiar Heating as well as Air Conditioning service expert used specialized tools to dishome dirt from the ducts, because I was sure Nicos had no such tools. In the end, I asked him to scrub the return registers, which he was of course glad to do.  

          That’s my bro for you!

ac program

Beer recipe and HVAC settings

I do not have a guy cave, I have a beer cave in my residence! I can tell you it is not related to my gender in any way, because I firmly believe if I had been born a lady I would still have a passion for beer. My beer cave is committed to giving you the perfect beer drinking experience. I have a freezer in the corner just to keep glass beer mugs at the perfect level of frost. I have a pony keg loaded up in a unit that looks a bit like a fridge, with a spigot to have draft beer on tap. The thing that people rarely notice though, is that I have a special Heating & A/C machine to keep the entire room at the perfect levels of air quality. This is partially done for the taste of the beer, as it should typically be kept & served at a unique temperature level for maximum enjoyment. It is also important for the people who happen to be drinking the beer, because you can enjoy it more with the perfect air quality. Most people don’t know about how air quality messes with taste, however foul smells in the air like smoke or body odor can actually ruin the taste of an ice-cold beer. My air filtration machine typically sweeps the air clean of various pollutants & smells, while the Heating & A/C is able to maintain a perfect seventy degrees basically at all times. I put so much work into making the air conditions so perfect that we would never notice them. I don’t wish for them to be thinking about the a/c machine, however about how superb the beer tastes.

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The toilets keep dripping

When the people along with myself were about 10, our family would all gather together at our Fortress of happiness. The Fortress of Happiness was an older Log Cabin, where our family in addition to friends could meet along with enjoy our time together. The Fortress of Happiness was gently placed on Five actors of potato fields, and we even had a nice Barn to keep all of our pitbulls. Our Fortress of happiness had a very nice heating, ventilation, along with AC unit. Even though the summer temperatures were never on believable, it was genuinely nice to have the central air conditioner to help. Since our place was in the middle of a large field, the people I was with along with myself genuinely used several water wells to obtain our water and irrigation. One year, I remember when the well pump stopped working. Our whole place was without water for 3 days, well my Dad tried to get the well pump to work properly. My dad was on able to fix the well pump on his own, so he had to contact a local plumber to help. Our well pump was durable, and the plumbing professional suggested that we fix the problem instead of purchasing a brand new well pump. The people I was with along with myself for genuinely happy to hear this news, because we had feared and expensive well pump purchase was in our future. I loved living in that old fortress of happiness, and I easily believe this was one of the best times of my whole life.

A new sink

When the two of us were teens, the two of us did a handful of undoubtedly stupid things. The two of us honestly believe pulling pranks on classmates and friends was fun. The two of us even pull pranks on total strangers, just to see people get aggravated. It seemed a stop of non Source comedy for me, though many of the people around me did not seem to think so when my parents heard about our practical jokes, they typically told the two of us that we would certainly get hours one day. They happened to be properly right, because the two of us tried to pull a senior prank when we were 16. We on doubtedly broke the university, plus decided to disconnect all of the toilets. We placed all of the toilets from the powder rooms on the Dean’s desk. I didn’t guess this connecting the toilet would be such a terrible thing, plus the two of us broke the toilet Reservoir. That damaged the pipe that worked its way into the tank. The toilets were spraying gallons of water everywhere, plus the two of us rapidly lost the motivation to follow on our prank. The two of us decided to Stuff 3 rolls of paper towels inside of the toilet. There was an assembly for our school on the following Sunday, plus our principal showed everyone a picture that was clearly me soaked in heaps of water. I was severely fortunate, because the camera quality couldn’t show my face details. The two of us got pretty lucky on that prank.

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Don’t like what happened to the HVAC unit

I am totally a child of pop culture, plus typically have been my entire life. TV, cartoons, comics, board games, what have you, I have typically been a hardcore devotee of all things pop culture, and as an adult, I was absolutely able to parlay my ridiculous obsession into a paying work, now I run my own store of pop culture memorabilia, where I get to buy plus sell the things I totally love… Recently I just picked up a collection of original puppets from the Sesame Street TV series, which was superb! But running a store isn’t all fun unfortunately, plus I have to do some grown up things also. Just the other month the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C machine in the store broke down on us, plus I completely freaked out on my staff members for not alerting me to this fact. They didn’t see what the massive deal was, because they were only slightly warm, so I had to explain to them the importance of indoor air quality and also humidity, plus how it could affect our products. The climate control machine in the store is not simply for the comfort of our clients, or ourselves, it is also for the sake of what every one of us sell! In dealing with collectables plus other older things, the air quality directly affects the quality of the products! Without the air filters plus the dehumidifiers, those puppets I just invested in could have definitely become moldy plus touched with mildew. I explained to all of my employees that if I was not actually there, they had to treat any sort of AC complications as an emergency plus call me right away so I could take care of the issue!

indoor air quality

Drains and leaking faucets

Some friends of ours suggested using an emergency plumbing contractor. The two of us generally didn’t have a lot of problems with our plumbing, as well as the two of us on doubtedly didn’t believe this to be necessary. The two of us had talked to our neighbors a few days previously, as well as they had their own horror story about a pipe bursting in the wall. It happened around midnight, when my neighbor was taking a shower before work. The pipe burst behind the shower wall, as well as the two of them were on doubtedly forced to call for an emergency plumbing provider. Both of them had to wait several hours, because there are only a few emergency plumbing providers in our little town. The two of us we’re happy for our neighbor to get the problem fixed quickly, but numerous days later, the two of us had our own Plumbing emergency. When the two of us came home from work around 8 in the evening, we were generally surprised to see a puddle of water in our bathroom. The toilet had been leaking severely, as well as the two of us on doubtedly called our neighbor to ask for the number of their local emergency plumbing provider. The local emergency plumbing provider scheduled us a late-night appointment, so they could come over and take a look at the problem in our bathroom. The plumbing provider finally showed up around midnight. Luckily, it didn’t take only a few hours to fix the severely busted pipe that was leaking.

plumbing supplies 

Making booze and thermostat settings

I used to mock wine snobs, but after that I became something just as terrible — a beer snob! I came into this merely following my love of beer to a natural, if somewhat exaggerated, conclusion. The middle of last year I decided to convert my basement into a beer cellar, plus have since used it exclusively to store plus maintain the quality of my collection of beers from around the world. I also have a compact brewery set up down there, to make my own microbrew. I haven’t perfected it yet and I believe the problem might lie within the Heating plus Air Conditioning machine I installed for the beer cellar. I purchased a climate control machine just to use for this room by itself, plus calibrated it to the scientifically proven best levels of temperature plus humidity to store beer… As it turns out, the climate control settings are a tad bit different when you try to brew your own beer. I am seriously fearful to admit it, but I don’t know if my dedicated climate control machine in the beer cellar can handle both tasks at once. My only real option will be to move the brewery apparatus upstairs, likely in the garage, where the Heating plus Air Conditioning machine won’t be an issue. That is sort of a hassle, but it is way less trouble than trying to change the climate control machine I have down there. It took a lot of serious work to set up all the air vents plus air filters, to make the air quality plus temperature level locked in at the optimum levels.

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I would love clean indoor water

More of things that I adore about having a local plumber repair service, is knowing that the office line will give us a live person over the PC. I guess this day in addition to age there are a lot of good things about talking with a live Plumbing associate on the PC. Even talking to someone with very little knowledge about Plumbing, can sometimes be a luxury. Usually different repair sites adore these types of honest plumbing companies. A lot of expensive plumbing companies will send an automated method, which has folks leaving a Voice SMS message. Worst of everything, then they ask for online consultations in addition to having people review the frequently asked questions on there own website. I entirely dislike that. Whether I’m having issues with the basement sump pump, or the laboratory toilet, I want to be sure that someone with plumbing knowledge will answer my call. Our family room faucet is often problematic, in addition to the fact that I typically choose to speak with a live operator. It seems that our plumbing consultant is always better equipped to deal with our repair upon arriving. Our plumbing professionals are quite punctual, knowledgeable, in addition to very courteous. We’ve honestly never had many problems with issues after the plumbing consultant has left. Regardless of what type of service is supplied, our plumbing company always makes sure that customer service is number one. They don’t surprise us with humongous repair fees for hidden bills. That’s honestly one of the best parts for me. I don’t appreciate being scammed at the worst possible time.

drain service 

HVAC professional was not that professional

I am a substantial fan of meeting new people. I really like to find out their life stories, to get to know all about their families, and to understand what they do for work. Sometimes it’s easy to learn about someone’s job, but other times it seems nearly impossible. My next door neighbor, for instance, said that he used to be an HVAC technician. And I thought that I knew what an HVAC technician actually did. I thought that I had a solid understanding of the tasks that come along with being a professional heating/cooling expert. But then, the more I talked to him, the less I thought I knew! You see, I was under the impression that most ventilation experts perform detailed upgrades and regular routine Heating plus A/C service throughout the year. I figured that you’d have to switch out ancient air filters, examine the ductwork, and make sure there were no small motor problems in the system. And so that’s why it was so confusing last year when I mentioned an upcoming Heating plus A/C service appointment we had coming to our neighbor. He responded to me with complete confusion, and he kept asking for clarification. He wanted to know what routine heating plus cooling services needed to be performed. And then as I tried to explain these undoubtedly basic maintenance services to him, he only looked more confused. He asked me if our air treatment plan was acting up on us. But then he only shook his head when I told him it was preventative maintenance to keep our Heating plus A/C unit in great shape and to keep our energy bills low. A few afternoons ago I ran into his wife at the store and I asked her about her hubby’s past as an air quality serviceman. That’s when the truth came out: she said that he only held the position for 2 weeks before he had been fired.

HVAC component

AC is just not working

I was so thrilled last year when I finally found a great location to set up my arts and crafts shop downtown; I had been looking for a shop location, but due to my chronic anxiety it took me a while to find a storefront that met all of my needs. After nearly two years of shopping around, I finally discovered a studio space I loved, located on the top floor of a two story building in a popular shopping district downtown. I was so overjoyed with it throughout the Fall plus the winter months while I was busy renovating the entire inside of the facility. I even got all new modern Heating, Ventilation and A/C equipment installed in there with an advanced ventilation system to help us deal with the subpar air quality that was coming in from outside. I thought everything was perfect with my modern space: it was big, it was attractive, and it was so comfortable in there with my all my brand new oil furnace plus air purification system! The only problem was that I’d only worked in there during the cooler parts of the year. And boy, did I have  a rude surprise coming my way when the summer hit. The studio inexplicably began to get hotter and hotter during each afternoon until it became an almost unbearable temperature! It was so blaring hot inside day after day after day, and no matter how low I turned down the AC unit, it stayed hot in there. I was very puzzled, because the air quality was so truly hot. However, it lacked the humidity that outdoor air has so it was really a mystery. It took me more than 3 days of toiling in the heat and running electric fans from the corners of the workspace to finally realize what was happening in there. Turns out that the storefront below us was a hot yoga studio, and their hot yoga classes combined with the sunshine coming in through the windows was just way too much for my AC equipment to handle and keep the area cool!

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Signing up for a HVAC program

I may not be a brilliant woman, but i think how to give people what they hope for. I have this supernatural sense of figure out exactly how to reel people in, how to secure their business, as well as how to receive their continued dependence for years to come;.That’s why people bring myself and others in to save their dealerships all over the world. I’m continually traveling to this corner of the world as well as back, saving local dealerships as well as restaurants for folks who demand a helping hand. I guess as though it’s my duty in life, as well as I take my supernatural gift seriously,even when it’s taxing to. My most recent customer that I helped was a small Heating as well as A/C company situated just on the edge of a retirement complex. The distressed shop owners had been doing everything in their ability to round up up-to-date purchasers for their heating as well as cooling dealership. They were literally advertising their HVAC company in magazines and newspapers across the state. They provided superb deals on central heating as well as cooling updates and contracted maintenance programs for all of their heating and cooling equipment. The only concern was they never seemed to bring in up-to-date clients for any of their Heating as well as A/C programs. They knew that they were trustworthy and knowledgeable, and they figured that if the community was introduced to them, they would be well off. I met with a few of the men who lived in the retirement complex next door, as well as I instantly had an idea. That’s how I’m currently manufacturing a brand new, full color, 12 week calendar of certified Heating as well as A/C workers in tough spots.

HVAC repairman

Forced air heating system

My sweet little boy isn’t doing so well, and I’m fretting about him constantly. I knew immediately as he screamed from his crib for food and comfort that something was not going well. When I went to get him up and out of bed, he was all huddled up in blankets as if he was freezing and suffering. I lovingly awoke him. However, the distressed baby didn’t desire to expose his chilly little body to the chilly air around him. However, once I grabbed him, I realized that he was burning up completely with a fever. Of course, this couldn’t be ignored in the least sense. It needed immediate action, and I figured I was going to stop at nothing to help make our newborn child more comfortable. That’s when I opened our PC and started doing some discovering on current heating methods for residential duplexes. I hadn’t been undoubtedly thrilled with our forced air furnace for many years now, but I didn’t believe that I had the money or the energy to replace our entire HVAC unit. I put up with the fickle furnace, the pricey energy bills, the drafty house, and the uneven temperatures for about 10 years before our newborn child finally supplied myself and others with the motivation I had to have to update the aged furnace. I suddenly found out that there were large developments in the heating and cooling industry in the past many decades. Many HVAC supplies didn’t endorse forced air heating anymore, and many people were buying radiant heated flooring for more effective heating. It was even noted that babies tended to care about the sizzling floor beneath their toes! Well, that’s all I had to learn. My Heating and A/C work begins next week.

heating service

Regional HVAC system

I have always wanted to travel the world, even while I was a small child. After high school, I took a gap year before college and traveled to multiple countries. After this, I was confident that this would be my life long desire. When I was twenty-eight years old, I was contracted by a research dealer. It seemed like a difficult job, but one of the perks was that I would constantly be traveling all over the world, so I quickly accepted the offer. Ever since then, I have traveled to nearly thirty countries per year. This job has made my goals of traveling a reality! I spend a ton of time in airports now that I travel frequently. It almost feels more like a home to me than my actual home. One downfall that I have realized about almost every airport in the U.S is that they are kept quite frigid. It feels like the airport is more frigid than the weather outside in the Winter.. I don’t know if they have the AC running year round, but it sure feels as if they do. I get so frigid in airports that no matter what season of the year it is, I constantly bring a coat or thick sweater with me. It’s humorous to me that I have found airports in foreign countries to be literally the polar opposite of those in the U.S. Airports in other countries seem to constantly be entirely tepid. I am pretty sure they don’t even own air conditioners. I traveled to Asia last year, plus I distinctly remember that one of the airports I transferred into was so tepid that I was dripping with sweat just strutting from one gate to another. I’m not sure why they can’t seem to keep airports at a comfortable climate. At least I have a lot of experience in preparing for them!

heating and a/c

Breathing the air in all day

Indoor air quality is terribly concerning for me.  I’ve been struggling with dire allergy problems since I was but a kid.  It seems as though every season, the weather conditions change and that presents new challenges.  The pollen, mold, as well as exhaust fumes outside are not anything I can control. Inside my home, though, I have taken every precaution for creating a healthy, scrubbed environment.  I make certain to have my furnace as well as my air conditioner professionally serviced as well as tested never less than every 2 years. The Heating, Ventilation & A/C corporation accesses the inner workings in order to remove any built up contaminants.  He’s actually shown me the accumulation of dirt as well as mold growth, which could maybe enter my breathing space every time the heater or air conditioner cranks up. After a bit of research, we decided to take the more proactive approach. I spent money on an indoor air system accessory called the germicidal UV lamp.  I absolutely love it and have more than 2 UV lights which are incorporated into the inner workings of the HVAC. The UV lamps are totally silent, require nearly no service, as well as effectively targeting contaminants before they get in the home. The UV lamps concentrate on purifying the inner workings of the unit, preventing the growth of mold, mildew as well as bacteria.  The light is absolutely natural as well as much like the sun’s rays, which effectively kill microorganisms. This technology was widely used in dentist’s offices, doctor’s offices, as well as in operating suites. The UV lamps stay on round-the-clock, all the year long, as well as create a much more sanitary breathing environment. Not only is the condo much more enjoyable for me, this technology protects the capacity as well as reliability of my Heating, Ventilation & A/C system.  I pay way less in utility bills, face fewer malfunctions, while the unit should last longer.

qualtech HVAC 

The rides and our a/c equipment

My husband and I love attending carnivals and festivals in our state. Just waiting in line to see an event gets my heart racing. Every Summer, we try to visit as many carnivals and festivals as possible. Last Summer, we visited over fifteen weird carnivals and festivals all within more than four hundred miles from our duplex. My favorite part about carnivals and festivals is the food. That food is on an entirely different level than normal food. In my opinion, the only downfall to carnivals and festivals is the sizzling temperature. When my family goes to a carnival or festival, we are gonna get a least an entire day of fun out of it, which means we don’t leave until the event closes. This means we are there while I was in the most sizzling part of the day. It reaches the peak during midday, and it is often unbearable. I wish they could instal an A/C unit at each location. It would be so much more enjoyable if it wasn’t so sizzline. I suppose it’s entirely not possible to have A/C at each event and place, although I very desire that it was. Rather than enduring this sizzling heat, my husband and I try to find a building that has an air conditioner whenever we want to cool down. We do not believe that this is a huge waste of time like some people. Both of us spend most of the afternoon chowing down our preferred festival foods plus drinks in anticipation for the long night of fun. I can’t wait until next summer.

ac repair plan

Introducing some moisture

When I bought our first house, I was a bit taken aback by the many responsibilities.  I had constantly rented apartments and trusted on a landlord to handle upkeep & repairs.  I didn’t even own a snow shovel, hoe, ladder, hose or grass mower. I had never wiped the vent on a dryer or the aerator on a kitchen faucet.  I didn’t know a thing about draining adumping hot water tank, air filters in our heating/cooling equipment, or sealing around windows. When I moved here, the oil furnace placed into the dwelling was already twelve years old.  It appeared to be in decent condition plus handled the frigid weather without any problem. Every fall, I raised the setting on the temperature control plus started up the oil furnace. Every Spring, I lowered the temperature on the temperature control plus turn off the oil furnace.  Other than putting in new air filters, I wasn’t aware I had to give any more repair. The oil furnace totally overheated, in the heart of the night, while I was in a snowstorm, when the outside temperature was twenty degrees. The Heating & Air Conditioning corporation that came to handle the repair questioned me about our repair program.  I had no clue what she was talking about. She then proceeded to explain to me the legitimately disgusting accumulation of detritus inside the oil furnace. She explained that a buildup of contaminants made the oil furnace to get too hot, which led to a break in the heat exchange. Because I’d failed on having the oil furnace professionally taken care of every year, I had to buy a whole up-to-date oil furnace.  I was forced to eek by with space heat for many nights, while in the replacement process but nearly froze to death.

There is too much pollen in my home

When my spouse, Dave, and I built our home, we  relied heavily on the ideas of the building supplier.  We should have either completed a lot more research ourselves, or brought professionals in the heating fields.  Unfortunately the building supplier just had general knowledge of plumbing, wiring & heating/cooling. We took her recommendation while investing in an electric heat pump to manage our year round temperature needs.  The general supplier told us that the heat pump should effectively & efficiently mitigate the local weather. This is definitely not the case. The heat pump is absolutely underwhelming while I was in the Summer months.  It operates so much like a central cooling system, extracting heat from the air while pumping it inside through the use of refrigerant. The device is extremely quiet and energy efficient, while it successfully reduces humidity levels.  During the cooler months of the Autumn, the heat pump is able to provide comfort. The device undoubtedly reverses itself to find ambient heat in the outside air and then convey it into the home. This process was exceptionally energy efficient, plus keeps our heating costs very low.  We get into a problem when the outside temps drop below freezing. At that point, there is no acceptable ambient heat available and the heat pump can’t maintain It won’t matter how high all of us set the thermostat or how much the heat pump struggles, our home is completely chilly. Since the heat pump keeps running non stop, it costs us a ton in our heating bills.  We’re not gleeful spending a fortune on heat plus then bundling up in coats to keep warm.

electric furnace 

The service took some time

My younger sister is currently in college out of state. Every few months she has a break and she generally comes home to visit. During these visits she stays with me at my house. My sister is difficult. She likes her bed made a certain way, she likes specific laundry detergent and softener and she has to have her room at the perfect temperature. Luckily a few years ago, my husband and I invested in a new HVAC system which has zone control functions. My sister can have her room how she likes it while she’s here without it affecting the rest of the house. Growing up, my sister would always change the temperature on the thermostat. She likes things very warm compared to me. I remember my mother yelling at her time and again and yet she just had to have that temperature where she wanted it. The rest of us just had to suffer through the heat. Now, when she stays with me, that isn’t even an issue. Honestly the cost and everything for this HVAC system was totally worth it just for that! I don’t know how I could sleep if she had the heat cranked up like that all the time while she was here. It takes some strain off our relationship for us to be able to both have the heating and cooling conditions we like in our own spaces. At the end of the day, we are sisters, and we do fight, but not about HVAC! I am so glad I thought of that when we installed the new HVAC system! Yes!

heating and cooling 

HVAC system leaking on the rug

With two toddler twins and a dog to chase after all day, things can get pretty crazy around our house.  Around every corner is a ball, a cup, a chew toy, someone’s pants, or any number of other things that I am constantly picking up.  One morning, my hubby and I kept stepping in a puddle in the hall by the bathroom. We both assumed it was from the youngsters somehow and just kept throwing down towel after towel. After numerous times stepping in the puddle in the same spot, we came to realize it was the air conditioner that was dripping water. We called up our local HVAC business, not too happy about having to spend money on getting whatever was broken repaired, and were surprised when they told us to try something before having them send out a worker. The lady on the phone said to use a long “snake” like cleaning brush in the drain that was leaking and then to run some water down the cleanout cap to flush it out. Not too sure what the cleanout cap was, we tried our best to follow their directions and sure enough the air conditioner was working like new. We called our HVAC provider back to let them know and to thank them for helping us avoid an extra service bill. It was quite an awesome feeling to be able to handle this issue on our own, and not waste the dealers time doing something we were actually capable of doing. Of course the snake trick doesn’t work every time, but it’s nice to know that our  HVAC provider would prefer helping us out with a little problem more than they do getting currency out of us.

air conditioner program

Max setting for the a/c system

My cousin and I love to travel. Whether it is for special occasions, important events, or the two of us just want to check some part of the country out, we make sure to figure out every little detail of the outing. We have done this so often and know how to book and prepare so well, you would think the two of us were travel agents. We always prioritize having a high quality place to stay. That may seem odd, however the location you stay in can have a great effect on the trip; you do not want to arrive for a great getaway at some rundown, cheap motel on the side of the road, miles away from all the activities you want to do. The room has to be comfortable, it has to be convenient, and it must be well kept and properly accommodated. As far as I’m concerned, should I be in need of anything, within reason, I want to be able to rely on the host or hotel staff to do that thing for me. Another important aspect of our trip is the HVAC system in the room. I tend to overheat and get night sweats occasionally, so sleeping near a well functioning cooling system is a must. On one particular trip my cousin and I checked into our room, unpacked, and decided where we would head first. I automatically set my things on the bed closest to the cooling system. I go to check what the temperature is, and make sure it is turned on. I couldn’t change the temperature, and we realized the system was automated.. We could not control the temperature ourselves! I called down to the front desk to ask if there were a way to specify a desired temperature in the room. The clerk at the desk said to turn off the automated feature, we had to use a keypad near the door. I had never seen or even heard of such a complicated HVAC system. Finally, we were able to figure the thing out and set the temperature to our comfort level.

HVAC equipment

This is a creative outlet

I am the mother of an inmate.  Yes, she did wrong in her life, although she is paying for her mistake I’m thankful her incarceration will soon be ending.  My daughter, Michaela will be released from prison soon, where she has been in this non-air conditioned site for the last 3 years.  Every month I have gone to visit her at the prison where she is held. I’ve always found it uncomfortable there, I don’t understand why it has to be so hot.  There is truly isn’t any air conditioning in that facility. Even if the inmates were the hard-core type, I would expect some type of cooling system. We are in the south and it’s summertime, so the barest minimum of cold air would help to rehabilitate these women and men.  Comfort or lack of it, as I said is understandable, however being housed in a facility that has no AC can just get all the inmates angry, and potentially cause more trouble there. Michaela just told me at our last visit that they, as inmates have sued the state to force the  authorities to add AC to this facility. They argued in court that they should be housed at a maximum of 80 degrees. I’ve been there to visit and every one of us were dripping with sweat. Of course, she’s used to not having cold air, although I am not. She tells me that the state agreed to bring AC to the facility, but not a year soon enough!  

Could not figure out the a/c unit

When I was in my early 20s I would often house sit for a wealthy couple that lived a few miles away.  They just needed someone to look after their house while they were away on vacation. It was a great job!  They had a big, ornate, and comfortable house and it was great to to have the whole place to myself. I remember one instance that I was house sitting and the air conditioning system shut down. It was a hot Summer and the A/C was essential every day and it ran all the time.  I was not sure what to do. I had the number of the home owners, so after a day of trying to cope with the Summer heat, I decided to call them and ask what I should do. They told me that they would call their local HVAC service business and have them come out and look into the issue.  The next day a service truck pulled into the driveway and I was only too happy to see it. After only about an hour the serviceman said he had found the complication and had repaired it. I could already feel the house cooling down as cool air was flowing from all the ductworks. I asked him if I needed to compensate him and he said no, that the owners of the home had taken care of everything.  I hated to have to bother them while they were on a getaway, but I was so ecstatic to be comfortable for the rest of my house sitting job.

HVAC is the first thing to change

My best friend and I loved to watch home improvement shows on cable. This “house flipping” concept seemed so simple to us, we thought we could pull it off. So after numerous years of saying we should do it, we finally did!  We followed the neighborhood auctions of delinquent tax seized homes and started to go to the auctions. Finally a home came up that we thought would make a superb flip and we purchased it! It took both of our whole savings to purchase this home, but we were confident it was a good risk. It was Winter, by the time we began renovations, though.  We knew we had a couple of chilly months of renovation ahead of us. My buddy recommend that the first thing we should do is have the whole HVAC system of the home checked out. I thought it was a superb system and called the heating and A/C service company that I used at our own home. A serviceman came out rapidly and ran a number of tests on our gas furnace and central air system. It turns out that we did need a couple repairs and a bit of a tune up on the gas furnace and a thorough cleaning of the air conditioner.  But the cost was within our budget and we knew it was going to be comfortable inside while we did our renovations. It didn’t take long during this house flipping experience for us to realize that it was not so easy as portrayed on the shows we watched on cable. We learned a great deal while in our first flip and now after 10 houses renovated and sold for a profit, we are convinced of the importance of having the HVAC system looked at very early on in the flip.

HVAC maintenance

I love the technology

An air cleaner filters out pollen and dust, helping those that suffer from asthma or breathing difficulties to breathe just a little easier. We all need good indoor air quality levels, even if you aren’t one that suffers from serious allergies  After all, we’re only human. Air is essential and life-sustaining to us all. So what about the times when you went to supper, and the place reeked of fish, even though you ordered the chicken? Or you go visit a neighbor at their house but all you smell is the rabbits cage?  It’s obvious that the family may be in need of an air cleaner, or maybe your air conditioner doesn’t kick on when you expect it to. All of these situations can affect your indoor clean air levels. If your a/c goes out in the middle of the summer, you might have difficulties breathing, so you’ll want to contact your HVAC supplier quickly.  A broken air conditioner can be an uncomfortable time for some, but at the same time, it can really be deadly to others, especially in the south, in the summertime. I have read articles where grandparents had died because they did not have a working air conditioner. All the people should be vigilant in preventative maintenance of the a/c, for the welfare of the family in the household.

HVAC provider 

In love with her HVAC contractor

My younger sister was experiencing complications with her HVAC equipment a long time ago. She decided to call an HVAC company for help. When the HVAC specialist reached her door, he went right to work on her HVAC equipment without any complications! Well, he got everything fixed and when she asked him what she owed him, he smiled and told her it wouldn’t cost her a dime; it was on him. She was shocked so she blushed. He offered her his number, telling her to call him if she ever needed more help with her HVAC equipment or anything. That guy left a serious impression on her. In fact, he was pretty much all she talked about for the longest time. She even tried doing stupid things to her HVAC unit if only to have a reason to get that HVAC specialist over to her house. She took out the air filter once but then pretended she didn’t know what was wrong. Once she even put some dead batteries into her thermostat. Well, he has helped her out on quite a few occasions. Then one time when she asked him why he was always nice to her, he confessed that he hoped she would fall in love with him. He then asked her out for dinner, and she agreed to go. Honestly, the guy is a real gentleman and he’s good to my sibling. I believe she has gone her whole life trying to find a nice guy like him, and finally he has come into her life now! I find theirs to be an incredibly romantic story. And I absolutely love the guy; the whole family does.

HVAC dealership

Whole home comfort

My son, Henry continues to suffer from serious allergies.  The need for fresh, high indoor air quality is something everyone needs, but many people can get away with the minimum, but not my son.  His need for air quality is essential. You know if your a/c doesn’t kick on that it will be hot and you most likely will have to spend money on a service call, but with someone like our son, a lack of indoor air quality can be debilitating.  Obviously, a simple changing of the air filter is typically needed, but it didn’t help him much, plus we’ve been habitual about changing the air filter for the health and longevity or our a/c and furnace. Our air quality concerns started out simple enough, few sneezes here,watery eyes there, but then it never seemed to end. We took him to an allergist for some tests. The doctor recommended  that we replace our HVAC system plus have an additional air cleaner installed as well. A newly installed air cleaner will help to eliminate the pollen plus the dust that is causing him harm. We instantly began searching for the right HVAC provider, found one that would replace our system, install an air cleaner, plus get the ducts cleaned out. I’m glad we found an HVAC provider from coupons we acquired in the mail, because plus this company is doing all this HVAC work on credit!  

mini split AC 

Messing with the HVAC was a bad idea

One day last week, I was hanging out at my dear friend’s house. We were eating snacks and playing some video games! It was upsetting when the cooling system broke down, but my friend was trying to figure out what to do about the issue. He checked the temperature control, messing around with it, but he couldn’t get the cooling system to click back on. He even went over to check the HVAC unit and the outdoor condenser unit. He didn’t quite know what he should do so I recommended that he call an HVAC business. He said he didn’t want to do that because it would cost too much money for the service call. He started looking on the internet, watching DIY repair videos for HVAC systems. Most of the videos seemed rather complicated, frankly. I told my buddy that there is a reason the professionals go to school as as to learn this trade. He thought he could still service the system himself, though. He grabbed some tools and started prodding the HVAC unit. I told him this was an extremely bad idea. Even so, he just wouldn’t listen to me! When he was taking the HVAC unit apart, suddenly there were flames! Plus the electricity in the house all went out. I told my dear friend that things like this were why it’s ideal to go with the professionals! I got the number for an electrician plus an HVAC corporation plus handed him the cell phone! He knew at that point that he had no choice; he needed to call the professionals to service this mess! The electrician had the power restored in no time flat. The HVAC technician said that my buddy shouldn’t have messed with the HVAC unit, as I suspected.

HVAC rep

I had a hard day

I know it’s been a long Winter in the part of the country I live in. When Spring finally arrived, after several months of cold weather, we were all genuinely relieved! I couldn’t wait to get all of the windows and doors open so that the fresh air could circulate through all the rooms! When it got warm enough, I went to our digital thermostat and turned the furnace off, trading it for the t“fan only” function so that I could get the fresh air to come in through the vents and go all through the ductwork of the house. Unfortunately, my sinuses have issues with the allergens that are in the air here. This year they are worse than they usually are, and I didn’t even realize this until I started sneezing uncontrollably and my eyes started itching like crazy. When I figured out what the problem was, I reluctantly went around the house and closed up all the windows and doors. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to survive with the outdoor breezes blowing and the ceiling fans going, however seasonal flu symptoms are no joke. I’m absolutely so grateful that air conditioning exists. For people like me, with terrible flu symptoms to pollen, air conditioning is a must have! As soon as I closed up the doors and started breathing the indoor air quality that had been cleaned through our air purification system, I started feeling much better. I assume I can only air out the house for a little bit at a time, as well as then I have to switch right back over to running our heating and cooling unit.

temperature control unit