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Losing battle with the heater

My grandma never seemed to be able to get warm, when she got older.  I remember when she was younger, that she was the first 1 to lay by the A/C to go and cool off. She used to talk about heat flashes as well as how she felt as if her skin was on fire. As she aged, she started to not want anything to do with the air conditioning.  She wanted to have a jacket as well as the heater on, even when it was 95 degrees out. I used to get frustrated when I walked into her room as well as she would be resting there with the furnace on, as well as I had the air conditioning on. I would tell her how extravagant it was to have the thermostat in her room set to 75 and as the A/C was trying to overcome the heat the furnace was putting out.  The A/C was losing the battle. I even showed her how to turn the thermostat higher, so she didn’t need the heater. I turned the thermostat off totally, however for some reason, all of the usual sense she once had, wasn’t making sense to her. She forgot the straight-forward part of things, including how a thermostat worked. I wish our grandma were with us now. I miss those arguments as well as how she would roll her eyes at me. I would gladly spend money on the higher energy bills again if I could just have more time to tell her how much I adore her as well as hear her say it back. I’ve even turned on the furnace a couple of times, just to pretend she was there.

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Shopping for the best HVAC service

I was at the local fairgrounds the other day.  It is amazing how various people are there selling their wares.  They have people with their hats, sunglasses, plus all kinds of food.  I expected to see local companies, although I have to admit, that I had no idea how many different heating, ventilation plus a/c companies there were, in this whole town.  I must have counted more than nine different Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C businesses. They were all pushing their Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C equipment as well as it all looked the same brand of heating plus a/c equipment, however with many different prices. I had no idea how different the pricing could be from one HVAC business to another. I started talking to some of the businessmen and of course, they all thought their equipment was the best.  I talked to them about tonnage for their a/c units and then I asked about the SEER. Till I was done going to see all of the tents, and getting their estimates and the cost of the equipment, I was shocked. The difference in pricing was between twenty plus thirty percent. It seems the bigger the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C business name and the more widely known they are, the more they were charging. I can’t believe these people think that, all because they have a popular name, they shouldn’t be able to gouge people in this way.  I hope that anyone who reads this takes heed, plus they shop around smart before they choose their Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C business. The actual name of the business doesn’t mean they have better equipment, it just means you are paying for their name as well as name popularity.

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Portable gas heaters

The bulk of the leaves in my town are still yellow, yet almost everyone has already begun doing their annual Winter clean up. Storm windows come down, gaskets are checked, oil gas furnace tanks are filled, and then gas for section oil furnaces plus generators is gathered plus stored away, however i live in the deep north, where crazy Winter weather is not a opening, however a given… The only unknown factor is when it will all start back up. In prior years, is used to be that the first snows wouldn’t hit till September, usually around Thanksgiving, however in recent years we’ve now had our first snowfall on Halloween. This really makes people to stock up for Winter weather far sooner than you’d think. It also means almost everyone begins booking their heating plus a/c tune-up ASAP… Our local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C provider begin getting booked up for central oil furnace maintenance as early as September, and my beautiful fiance and I are always sure to book him at least three weeks in advance. This way, all of us don’t have to stress about turning the oil gas furnace on without having it scrubbed down plus ran tests on first. While my fiance stays beach house to oversee the oil gas furnace service, I go out plus look for all of the latest deals on end of summer time season camping gear. I purchase propane cans for our portable gas stove, lanterns, batteries for the flashlights, headlamps, plus anything else that looks like it’ll be great to have in a power outage. My fiance plus I can’t afford a generator, so sadly a section oil furnace will give us no benefits. However, both of us do have a pellet stove that is also ran tests on by our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C provider, but fall is always too short in the north, however at least my fiance plus I will be ready when it ends this time of year.

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Crazy amounts of ac

My roommate makes me laugh with how he scurries around trying to get ready for job every day, but unlike most people who just pop on a uniform or pick out a dressy casual outfit as well as go out the door. He is almost always split between how various layers she’ll need today. My roommate works in the medical area as his profession. Just love a big hospital or a small local clinic, the site is regularly harshly frigid no matter what the temperature is outside. She works the night shift, which is tough but he really enjoys it. My bestie can sit at a desk as well as listen to tunes while I was inputting data from medical charts and test results. While the job is self-explanatory, it’s also incredibly important to know. Oftentimes the data he’s inputting can make the difference between life as well as death. So, the last thing that my roommate wants is to be shivering because the thermostat is set only at 60, or being too tepid just because he picked the wrong jacket. She is regularly distraught that the HVAC idea will take away from doing his job well. Since she’s worked retail all his life, she’s never been at a job where your mistakes absolutely count, i asked his if he could talk to his boss about the temperature control as well as maybe turn it up a bit in their office. She looked at me love I was losing my mind Apparently, the temperature control settings are all monitored by a computer system which is then controlled by a manager, the heating as well as cooling idea has be pretty cold for the processing specimens to remain viable.


A recycling heating system

One of the biggest decisions I have ever made was to purchase this tiny plot of land way out in the middle of nowhere, and the space was going for dirt cheap on the housing market, as it’s somewhat difficult to access and only has one tiny lodge on the whole property. The place was designed to be a hunting lodge by the previous owner, so it only has the most bare bones of necessities, then when I purchased it, there was no electricity and no running water at all. The only method of HVAC was a beat up wood burning stove, which at least was better than a fireplace I suppose. The moment that I purchased the property, I went to take a look at the trees, but i knew I should have them trimmed or a couple removed anyhow, for the safety of the lodge to not get flattened by any during a Winter time blizzard, however so I had a guy from the local red energy come out and tell me what else to cut back to have effective solar, following his instruction, I was then able to add both solar panels and a decent water recycling system. The solar panels supply the lodge power, which allows for lights, a water pump, a small water heater, and heating and cooling equipment. The new ductless mini split is not only efficient and clean, however its safer too. Since the heat pump doesn’t need any fuel to run, there’s no risk of CO2 poisoning, which is super handy when you’re living in a small space for a long time. Now when I want to get away to just write and breathe, I can go out to our little lodge and just relax with all of the comforts of our little home.

The birds in our air ducts

It’s not every single you plus your partner get to try an investigate weird sounds coming from the vents of your Heating, Ventilation, and A/C ductwork, a few days ago, my partner came to me saying that the guys had been hearing spooky noises coming from the A/C vent in their living rooms! My family owns a slightly newer house than most, but I believe that it’s not the most efficient. We have a massive amount of space behind walls plus above ceilings that gets taken up by all of the ductwork needed for this forced air heating and cooling system. The central a/c has a single vent that is in the ceiling, while the heating vent is located on the floor. The people I was with and I haven’t had the a/c on in weeks, as fall has totally set in with day after day of cold, heavy rain! We’ve already turned on the furnace more than once, and unfortunately, this cold air also means pets are looking for anywhere warm and cozy to stay, and i asked our partner what kind of noise; I was upset it would be a squirrel or perhaps a racoon of some sort. Especially since I couldn’t remember the last time either of us had checked to be sure the attic wasn’t housing any guests. He said he thought that it sounded like a chirp. Unsure of who to call in this situation, I called the local pet control agency first, and the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C business hour. Animal control came out the following day, plus helped us fix up a house wren from our ductwork. The day after that, our heating plus a/c business closed up the HVAC duct plus showed us where the bird had gotten in! Now our weekend plan is just patching up the attic so every one of us don’t have anymore visitors.


The boat cooling unit

Less than two years ago, I made the choice to go out and pursue what I enjoyed full time. This meant downsizing a good deal of our life, as a pursuit in the arts is never really known for wealth plus fortune… So, I made the move to sell our home, got rid of about three fourths of what I owned, and then began now working from apartment plus living on the water full time. Since I task as an editor plus author, I can take my work with me no matter where I am. Living on a houseboat enables me to live the life of our dreams, without all of the high costs and maintenance that comes with owning physical land-based property on the water, and a houseboat is not only cheap, however it’s also a lot more comfortable than people give it credit for. Thanks to the newest advances in HVAC technology, our houseboat is never cold or damp! While much of our houseboat I’ve left more or less the same as when I bought it from a sailor. I took out the broken window AC units and the gas powered heater, and I installed solar panels on the roof and also a type of ductless mini chop HVAC device called a heat pump. This heating plus cooling technology allows me to keep my living space perfectly comfortable while being absolutely wash with our energy use. The heat pump doesn’t need gas or oil to run, which makes it safer in small spaces love a houseboat. It also makes it more affordable. Not only that, but the heat pump also has a humidistat, which removes moisture from the air. These new heat pumps make owning a tiny house boat easier and more comfortable as well.

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Hoping to clean our HVAC ducts

I am in love with my husband so much even though he can be super forgetful sporadically it amazes me. He is incredibly smart when it comes to what he has knowledge in. This is mostly is math and areas of mathematics I can only guess at. When it comes to everyday life he can get a bit foolish, then for example, Last month he had an extra day off from the lab due to a project getting wrapped up early so, he told to stay apartment plus be there for the heating plus cooling system guy to come by plus check on our system for our inspection. This was great, since my job at the publishing apartment needed all hands on deck to deal with a modern shopper situation. Fast forward a bit to last night when our gas furnace, that both of us had just turned on for the first time, had dust flying all over the place. My guy was pretty much shocked. he had no idea how his could have happened to us. I asked him what got done Last week by the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C dealer. He said that the guy checked out our unit, removed one tiny component that was starting to break, but the rest was fine. My guy did not tell the heating plus cooling system guy that both of us also needed our ductwork cleaned out very badly. He thought since both of us had the AC air duct cleaned back in the Spring, that the entire system was fine. I had to explain that our system uses two old air ducts. So tonight both of us are once again using a section heating system to stay warm, so that the heating and cooling system maintenance guy can return on my day off to do some ductwork cleaning.

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Need the ac in good condition

I take a good deal of pride in my job. My work, before you can ask, is a stay at home spouse and mother, and before you say anything let me really state that oh definitely this is a real job, but just due to I don’t get a paycheck doesn’t mean I don’t task as much as anyone else I know, and much more than everyone. My happy spouse might be the one who brings in the money, but I am the one who cooks, cleans and repairs things around the house. Part of what I do is consistently learning new ways to make life easier for my husband and I. That is why I started watching Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C repair DIY on the internet recently. I know it isn’t the same as going to day courses for heating and cooling repair, but my idea is to learn as much as I can from the web info. The more I know about my air cooling device, the more I can do to keep it disinfect and well-tested, and the longer it can work for us. Buying a new air conditioner is no small feat for my husband and I, so if I can prolong the life even by a few years, it is a pretty sizable deal. I already know about cleaning out the air filters, but these videos are teaching me so many more things that I never knew. I can do so many HVAC maintenance tasks now.

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Better HVAC when I cook

I have become a world known baker. This is a fun way of saying I bake for a living, making pretty cupcakes for high end stores and writing baking books in my spare time. Maybe you’ve seen me on that TV show once or twice, I do make the television stories every once in awhile, but whenever I can I stay locked up in my own home, my own family room, practicing my baking. I have always enjoyed baking treats, and now that I make cash from it I can afford those luxuriant add ons everyone cannot. It was just late last year when I had a climate conditions control method put into my private shed out back. It may sound like a not required expense to you, because basically it is, but this Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C component along with the smart temperature control I grabbed allows myself and others such masterful control over my many cupcakes! I no longer have to rely on local shops and whatever flours they carry, because I have such control over the climate and air quality I can literally get any flour from anywhere in the world. The key is to set the climate control levels to mimic the natural environment of that particular flour so that it may grown up nice. Things like flour, sugar, and cinnamon have genuinely particular requirements, and my Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C method allows myself and others to duplicate those needs down to the degree.

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The big truck’s air conditioner

When I was in school, I did not ride the bus since I lived pretty close. I lived close enough to walk or if I was spoiled, my dad would drive me.  My dad had an old pickup. My dad’s truck was rusty, clunky and always dying. He really needed a new pickup. However, the biggest thing he needed to get fix was the AC in his truck. We consistently needed the AC since we lived in the south. So the heat got to be unbearable at times. More so when all of us needed to drive somewhere a great distance. We sometimes had to drive to away games for the school and it was hard being in the pickup that had no AC. My dad always thought that he could fix the air conditioner too. My dad did not want to hire a mechanic or AC repairman when he thought he could get the job done. But, my dad simply did not have time to get it fixed yet let alone take a look at what the issue was on his own. So in the meantime my dad would just use fans with the sizable clips. He then wold hook them to the vents in his car. Not really as good as a cooling system, but it was better than nothing. Doing it this way he had some type of AC running within the small truck. Even so it was hot air blowing around it gave good amount of relief.  The fans had multiple settings and speeds as well. But my dad did not adjust those fans very often.

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Inexpensive HVAC

At 20 years old I was in my 1st apartment. I got 1 bed and 1 bath and it was just big enough for me and my very few belongings. It was so small that I was able to only need a window AC unit. I did not have to set the temperature to low in order to be comfortable. Which saved me a lot of currency. Some of the downfalls of having a window AC was the typical, annoying rattle while it ran. It also leaked water from 1 spot which left a wet puddle on the carpet. Sometimes if you got close enough you could feel a slight older of just still water. I tried to find out the reasoning of the issue but was not successfully of doing so… During the Winter it can be kinda tough. Even the the unit had a heater setting it was hard to keep the apartment comfy. The heat made it feel absolutely stuffy as well as occasionally even difficult to breath. When the door was opened just long enough for a person to push out the majority of the heat would slip right on out. So all of us consistently had to have the Heater, Ventilation as well as A/C unit running. That time of the yearly our bill was more up than usual. The next time I am lucky enough to find a current place I will be sure to find out that has central cooling and a good heater system in it as well. Portable HVAC is just not as a good as a central HVAC option.

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The airbnb had no heating

Living in the south, my family figured it would be a nice change to take a trip north during for part of the winter. We  rented a home through Airbnb, instead of booking a hotel, for the sake of comfort and convenience. We prefer staying in a real home.  The place looked amazing when we arrived. We thrilled to find it was in a prime location for us to easily reach our various destinations. It was the first my three daughters  had gotten to see snow and they were just tickled with it! On our last evening, the temperature dropped into the thirties. That was the coldest it had been all week. I was in a hurry to turn on the \ gas furnace. When I switched the thermostat settings to heating mode and raised the temperature, nothing happened. When initially booking the rental, I had double checked to be sure the listing specified a working and modern heating unit.  I sent a text to the property owner, and hoped for a positive response. Since we had stayed in the house nearly the full week before the heating became an issue, I was reluctant to file a complaint with the booking agency. I did hope for a refund. I was relieved when the property owner contacted me and apologized for the heating malfunction. He offered a full refund for the inconvenience of the furnace problem. We accepted and decided to stay for our last evening.  There seemed to be no point of packing up and moving into a hotel for the night, just to have to pack up for our flight the next day. To make it through the evening, despite the lack of a working furnace, we dug up some spare blankets from a bedroom closet. We spent a chilly final night together but overall had a great time on our vacation.

Fall air conditioner use

The autumn is the most enjoyable months. There’s no doubt that I like it the best. Halloween and Thanksgiving are such fun holidays to celebrate. Plus, both my wedding anniversary and my birthday happen to be in fall! If you live someplace that experiences the four distinct seasons, you get to enjoy the leaves change colors.  In the fall, the air starts to get this refreshing chill, and I love bundling up in a sweater. It’s the perfect time of the year, right between hot and cold. Then there’s fall exclusive foods, like squash, cabbage, apples, grapes, and peppers. I love pumpkin spice flavored pies, coffee, and breads. The conditions have been a but unusual this fall, however. Despite the season, the climate has remained unseasonably hot.  There’s no chill in the air at all. Instead, the days and nights remain hot and humid. The A/C continues to run. After a Summer of extended use, I worry the air conditioner will malfunction. I’m not a fan of the heat, and always look forward to finally shutting off our cooling system in the fall. That’s not yet possible this year, and my energy bills are horrendous. We’ve relied on the air conditioner nonstop since the onset of Summer.  With how hot and sticky the weather has been this year, the air conditioner is a necessity. The excessive heat is a main reason why I had been looking forward to the fall weather. I guess I’ll have to put up with it a little longer. I hope the Air Conditioner can handle the ongoing workload. I neglected having the air conditioner professionally serviced this past spring. I am very concerned about it suddenly failing. As soon as the weather cools down, I plan to  call an HVAC contractor for an appointment.

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We have used the heater for 20 years

I’ve had the same radiator heating my lake house for the past twenty years that I’ve lived in it. I’m sure this thing was around for years prior to me moving in, which  shows just how durable this heating unit is! Aside from routine HVAC service twice a year, the radiator has only needed little to nol repairs in the time I’ve spent here. While I can praise this gas furnace all day, the facts are less endearing: the radiator is durable because it barely provides any heat! On a fairly cool night in the fall, my radiator will struggle to keep the lake house warmer than sixty degrees. During cold Winter afternoons, I usually have to sleep on the couch across from my fireplace, because it’s just too cold to sleep in my bedroom otherwise! I absolutely can’t stand how cold it  is in this house, which is saying a lot coming from me. I grew up down south, so the cold is still preferable to the heat! After some deliberation with friends and family, I decided it was time to replace the radiator, now that I knew I was searching for a replacement to act as the home’s gas furnace, I now had a much more daunting task ahead: which heating unit will I install, and why? There was nearly a dozen choices to choose from, and that was based on the little information I know about each gas furnace. I could go cheap and just buy a space furnace or several to keep in my home, but I’ve heard too many horror stories about these things catching fire! Truth is, I’m just paranoid about picking an option, as I tend to focus on the negative qualities of each potential heating unit I could have installed. Whatever I choose, I need to option fast – Winter will be here in several weeks, and I need time for the installation to be complete!

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the office a/c failed on us

Ask any of my friends, and they’ll tell you all about me and my obsession with staying cold. It’s not because I  enjoy being cold, but because it’s the only way to avoid my excessive dripping with sweat! It seems I’m one of three percent of the population that has a condition called hyperhidrosis, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. My sweat glands are constantly working in overdrive, so it’s easy for me to dehydrate, and even easier to sweat through my clothes. After years of working in warehouses, traninterestation hubs, and even public and private swimming pools, I finally have a comfy desk job where I can dress nice, the best part, though? That would be the excellent air conditioning  system that never fails! My work has an HVAC repair plan. We see the HVAC repair van show up outside our office every three months, Whenever we see that van, we know we’re going to notice an uptick in the air quality inside the office. For me, it’s such reassurance to work in a office where my “condition” will go unnoticed, as the temperature in the office is constantly kept at 75 degrees. Though some of my coworkers complain that this is too cold for them, I quip that they can drape a blanket over them, even though I can’t take off my skin! Thankfully they don’t put up a argument about it. I like the  cool air conditioner while I save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. If I had known this job would be so easy and garner so much praise, I would’ve pursued it years ago!

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AC stupid repair

My Mom has always had a saying: “People will walk right up to you plus tell you they’re stupid.” He used to tell me this all the time, whenever I whined and moaned about a classmate causing trouble or someone at task being a problem in the office, however at first, I didn’t understand what he meant. Why would anyone want to tell me they’re dumb? Well, as time carried on, I began to see exactly what he meant, but people’s actions and words would truly show their intelligence. And she was particularly right to think that was a mantra to live by! To this morning, the phrase echoes in our head as I deal with people that make me scratch my noggin. One amazing example of this would be the past weekend, when I had our always busy heating, ventilation & A/C repair, but the main cause of this semi-annual check-up was to look for potential problems, plus repair small issues before they get even bigger. The business they sent out was an astute young guy who was easily polite, plus happily answered any questions I had for him, and sadly for us, my nosy neighbor was also close and he decided to occasion the business’s brain about anything he could think of.  He wouldn’t do it to see if the Heating, Ventilation & A/C business knew his stuff – he did it to try and make himself look intelligent, which I found terribly cheeky. At one point, he asked the business if he actually knew what the “V” in Heating, Ventilation & A/C stood for. The business plus I just looked at each other, and I couldn’t but smile wide as our neighbor insisted it stood for “variable”! Eventually, my neighbor strolled off to bother some other terrible soul, so the business plus I could carry on with the repair. At the end of his check-up, the business gave me a full and detailed list of all issues, where he observed warning signs of them becoming worse in the next two months; Before talking off, the business also asked what our neighbor was trying to accomplish, with a shrug, I just told him: “Look, some people will walk right up to you plus tell you they’re stupid”.

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A larger HVAC unit

Every December, hundreds of science fiction fans gather downtown in the convention center for a weekend of sci-fi related events. There are usually celebrity appearances, booths with souvenirs and lots of people dressed in costume play, or “cosplay”. The convention center is always decorated with a theme for that year, so there are wild displays all over the venue. This year’s theme was section related, so the place was made to look love a starship from a cable television show.  Event though our winters here in the southern section of the country aren’t very cold, it is usually chilly enough that they have the heat blasting in the building. This year was much chillier than they had initially predicted, which I assume some of the attendees in costumes wouldn’t mind. It was warm and toasty inside, and I truly liked the touch of how they decorated the air conditioning ducts to look like they were section of that section ship. The vents were even painted to look like a few of the aesthetics of that show. Normally the vents and ducting from the Heating plus A/C method are open and hang from the ceiling, which gives the place an industrial vibe to it. The whole Heating plus A/C method is undoubtedly large, and can heat or cool the entire convention center undoubtedly easily, so the guests are always comfortable when they attend the expos or concerts here. This year I am super stoked that I decided not to wear the heavy costume I intended to, as I guess with the heat inside the building it might have been just a little too warm for my preference.

Warm drinks and heating

My house is a small beach house that is about three blocks from where I work, so most mornings I just walk to work. Typically I will leave my beach house about fifteen hours early and stop by the little pop shop near work, they are a small local business, but lots of people stop by there each morning. On typical days it is nice to rest in their lounge section and catch up on the daily crossword puzzle and love some coffee. On more chilly days, they have a little wood burning stove that they use to heat the shop up, but my husband and I go there on the weekends when it’s cold out to use the little stove. There are a lot of dead trees that right behind the building that the arborist repair cleans out every month. As a kind jester to each other the pop shop supplies pop to the workers and they give the pop shop firewood, but i guess it is a great relationship they have going. I sure love the heat that it provides in the winter season. There is something peaceful about that time of the Wintertide when you can literally smell the burning logs in the air and hear the crackle of the sparks as you love your coffee. I don’t have much of a porch to rest out on in our house, but if I did I guess that it would be nice to have a single of those little wood-burning stoves out there to rest by on a cold night and love the evening air.

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A storage freezer

The other week I volunteered to help at a small non-profit charity & they put myself and others to task doing inventory. They sell a lot of merchandise to raise funds & someone was required to go into the store room & count the items & put price tags on them for an approaching drive. That someone turned out to be me unfortunately. Being a non-profit, they use every inch of space so I should not have been shocked to discover that the store room was behind the kindle room & the kindle room is kept at a cold 70 degrees. Thinking I was going to be now working in a immense warehouse, I had dress in shorts & a t-shirt so I was chilly now working next to the kindle room all day long. I worked fast in order to keep warm, however as the afternoon was wrapping up I found my manager & told him that I was finished up. She asked me if I would be back tomorrow & I told his that I was completely finish & he couldn’t believe it. No a single had ever finished so fast. I explained that it was the cold air conditioning that prompted me to work so hard & we both had a bit of a giggle. She joked that he would turn down the unit even lower next time job needed to be wrapped up & it might get done even faster. I was thankful to be heading apartment though. My car had been parked in the hot sun all afternoon & was like an oven inside: a nice and comfortable oven.

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My sister is an air conditioner lover

My sibling loves his a/c and he claims that keeping the body cool has all sorts of health perks. She says that it aids in maintaining a healthy weight, glowing skin, in addition to keeping germs at bay! I do know that it helps keep germs from spreading although I don’t believe about the rest of that chatter. Needless to say, when I visit our sibling, I dress like I’m going to the rain. Well, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration although I do constantly wear long pants in addition to take a coat. I made the mistake of trying to sleep over at his apartment once in addition to it was so frigid that I didn’t get much rest whatsoever. I don’t believe how he stands it; His a/c must be set to about 55 degrees year round. I don’t know if she’s ever used his gas furnace; Last time I was over I was looking at his sad apartment plants and he told me he doesn’t understand why he can’t keep plants alive. I told his that they froze to death. She laughed as though I was joking. I wasn’t, there he was in his shorts and tank top with the cooling system blasting away in addition to I had our arms crossed in addition to my sweatshirt on cold. I once asked his about his electric bill and, although hers is about $200 more a month than mine is, it seemed like it should be a lot higher. She explained that he has an energy efficient A/C and has had all kinds of HVAC duct sealing and window sealing and also many other things to save energy in addition to keep the cool air in. Well what do you know.

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Humidity control with the ac

People always talk about dry Winter skin but for me, it is the Summer season when my skin gets the worst. Average electric gas gas furnaces do not remove the moisture from the air, but sure, the chilly makes my skin dry out a little but only if you spend a lot of time outside.  It is the air conditioning that swipes out all of the humidity from the air. So, even in the humid south, the indoor air pollen levels is crazy dry and drying. The hotter it is outside, the more the cooling unit runs and the more humidity is swiped from the air, and my drip pipe runs enjoy a faucet all Summer long because of all of the humidity being removed from my house. As a result of this, my skin is usually really dry plus itchy in the summertime. I’m consistently putting on lotion but it doesn’t really help. I really wish there was a way to cool the air separate from removing all of the humidity but I guess that’s just not the way that compressors work. When I was talking about this with my heating plus air worker neighbor he told myself and others that they can hook up humidifiers directly to the Heating plus Air Conditioning unit now. They join up to the water pipes in your house so there is no filling water pan or anything similar to that! You just set the percentage of humidity that you want and your heating and air conditioners do the dirty work. I’m totally going to have to look into something like that. I despise those little portable humidifiers. They get so dirty and unhealthy.

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HVAC in the barn

After a crazy day working with the horses I like nothing better than to get inside and get out of the elements. It doesn’t matter if it’s tepid plus humid outside or freezing cold, the horses still need to be fed, watered, brushed.. As a result, most days I spend between 2 to 4 hours outside, however during the Summer months, I really look forward to the a/c afterwards, there is nothing in the world like enter the home warm a dripping in sweat plus feeling the cool air conditioned air seep chill you to the bones. It doesn’t work so nice when you come in from the cold. The gas furnace still feels nice when you come inside however it does not pack such a punch as the a/c does. Because our Heating plus A/C is so important to me, I make sure to take great care of it! Just like my lovely horses, our heating plus air need typical care plus service to stay their best. I’m a farm boy so I do most of the job on my own. I switch the filter, disinfect out the HVAC duct, plus look everything over. Despite this, our a/c went down. I looked at everything I could think of and could not figure it out still. It was time to call out the professionals. The Heating plus A/C specialist who came out was more than happy to show myself and others just what was wrong plus even let myself and others watch as he fixed it; Now I will know for next time. And more crucial, now our Heating plus A/C system is now working like new again so I can get back to now working for my horses.

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Creating another HVAC division

After struggling for so long while our business was new, our air conditioning repair supplier has taken off.   I have finally reached a breaking point with a Heating & A/C supplier where I cannot keep up with so many of the heating, cooling and ventilation clients that I have recently garnered.  In fact, now I can tell you with complete confidence that the air conditioning repair supplier biz has many more years of Heating & A/C repairs lined up. Currently, every one of us have a great many Heating & A/C clients in our own area and now the neighboring counties as well, and yet we are still growing.  It is time now to create a new division for our Heating & A/C provider biz that will be for newly installed commercial heating, cooling and ventilation clients. This new department is already growing so abruptly, we’ve had to add several licensed Heating & A/C industry corporations to the payroll in order to keep up with all the business.  I’ve been absolutely working closely with a new developer the past several years, and our Heating & A/C installations have more than tripled through absolutely working with him. Most of his new Heating & A/C installations are for residential developments, however he’s getting ready to develop a immense tract of commercial grade land, and our Heating & A/C supplier will be his provider for all of his heating, cooling and also ventilation needs.  Once we’ve completed the first section of this commercial land tract, including 2 restaurants and a grocery store. There will still be 3 retail stores all will need Heating & A/C, with still more Heating & A/C business coming. This same builder has four more outparcels in front of the greatest a single, so our Heating & A/C supplier is ready to break ground on all this new development as soon as the paperwork and plans are finalized.

AC for thinking straight

I have this wild imagination of my own plus everyone question where I get our ideas from.  I can take a very easy Cinderella story plus turn it into the most unofficial horror story you ever want to not imagine.  I appreciate trying to imagine the unimaginable. I appreciate writing children’s stories all the time plus some of our best books are written in the same order as following the dots.  I just go right on in odd instruction. The only thing that can stop myself and others from being highly creative is when it is too tepid in the room. I need to have our air conditioning.  If our own little fingers are freezing plus almost numb, I am able to know at our finest. I make sure our very own unit of air conditioning is down low. When it is too warm, I get tired plus I am unable to easily focus.  So, here I am in our little room, the air conditioning is set to sixty, plus everyone stays out because they get too cold in my place. Maybe that is another nice reason to keep the air conditioning turned way down so low. No a single wants to come in plus interrupt when you are now working on your own.  Actually, I just can’t handle it when it is hot. Like I said, I get sleepy particularly quickly at that point plus I tend to lose focus of what I am doing. If the air conditioning is set above seventy-two or more, I end up staring out into area plus I can’t get task done. Now I realize when someone asks myself and others where I get our ideas from, I properly tell them it is a reaction to brain freeze.  Not the brain freeze that comes from accidentally eating too much freezing stuff, but from having the air conditioning turned down so particularly low.

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AC during the dinner

For the longest time, my guy was begging me to come over for dinner at his parent’s house, i finally agreed and said we could have dinner, then so when I went over to the house, I was absolutely glad about meeting them, the thing that was crazy was when I walked into the house. It was entirely overheated. I particularly looked at the control unit thermostat and it said 85 degrees! I figured maybe with them cooking the food, the home just got overheated from the stove or something, however well, when we started eating, it truthfully felt like it was just getting hotter. I finally worked up the courage to ask about the HVAC unit thermostat control settings, but my guy’s father asked what I meant by that. I said it was uncomfortably hot inside of the cabin and everyone acted as if I was absolutely nuts. That’s when his mother busted out laughing and apologized. She said they were just playing a joke on me and that they constantly do this with their daughter’s guys. She said they had rapid heating and cooling and the place would be cool in a matter of seconds. So she adjusted the thermostat settings and I felt that immediate rush of cooling air fill the site. I couldn’t believe how fast it cooled down in there and I found myself laughing with everyone about the joke. They particularly got me, that’s for sure! At the end of the evening, I said I told him that he would love them really well.

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When will the HVAC die?

For the longest time I have been asking my partner to replace the HVAC system, however i always try to tell him how newer models are a lot more energy efficient and that we would save a whole ton on the utility bills, and but no matter what I tell him, he always says that we are going to use the outdated HVAC unit until it dies. I’m to the point where I’m legitimately thinking of ways to destroy the unit so that he will have no choice but to get a new one, although I realize that would be wrong, so I could never do that. Our HVAC system is incredibly old, but at least it still does it’s job with the heating and cooling of our household. Even though the utility bills are a bit higher than I would like, I know we can deal with it! We do get HVAC maintenance still twice per year and the HVAC worker hasn’t said that we need an upgrade, it actually seems to be just me. I have to admit that I am jealous because most of our friends have actually nice heating and cooling systems; My neighbor brags all the time about his upscale radiant heated floors! I would die to have that type of heating method inside of our house, although I think that our partner would die before paying that kind of money for a gas furnace. I assume I can dream and perhaps hope that our HVAC unit eventually decides to die so that we can get something actually nice!

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Sudden cold and heating

My mom called me on my way home from class, frantic, telling me to come over right away. I just stopped over to have dinner and avoid the laundromat… But as enjoyable as it is, I did not go right to the washer and dryer when I pulled into my parent’s driveway last week. I went out back then started bringing potted plant after potted plant. I count 34 by the time I was done, and that was not including the ones our mom was carrying, and she’d always had quite a few plants, however this was absurd, then the entire dining room was full of plants! There must have been 45 of them, plus some were the size of a small tree. She told me as I got our laundry started that it was dropping below 40 tonight, so it was time for all of the house plants to live inside again, however as soon as we shut the door, he turned the oil gas furnace on. I heard the familiar gentle whirr of the radiators coming to live as hot air travelled through the entire air duct, but when our dad got home, he asked where the dining room went. Then I got a lecture for not being careful about the plants–I had put them too far against one wall and that ended up jamming the air flow to the air duct via one of the radiators. I told him it was our mom’s doing, then went back to doing dishes in front of the little air duct opening that keeps your feet warm. It truly got really cold last night!

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A nice space heating system

Dealing with the Winter season out here in the northwest often calls for backup! The best solution that I have ever found is to have a relaxing space heater. I keep my home undoubtedly well sealed to keep the tepid warm air in… Unfortunately, emergencies can happen, especially if we run out of power, or worse–an oil furnace fuel delivery gets delayed due to a nasty storm, but fortunately, I found the best section space heater cash can buy that both keeps me moderate warm and comfortable even in extreme weather, however an infrared section space heater I assume is the best type available today. Unlike other models, infrared heats separate from putting out dry air. This means that the home doesn’t get any drier than it already is, which keeps is both safer and cozier for myself and my family. Infrared is also incredibly energy efficient–it doesn’t pull a lot of wattage, so it doesn’t run up the utility bill. In fact, I hardly even notice a difference in the electric bill when I use it; Once I found out all of this useful information, all I had to do was find the right space heater for the square footage. I ended up buying 1 for the home office, and 1 for our master bedroom. The space heater is also safe for our boys, as it is cool to the touch and nearly impossible to tip over. I’m undoubtedly grateful to have such relaxing little space heater to combat the freezing Winter time weather efficiently, as well as safely.

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Spends a fortune on air quality

My cousin Jessica lives in a lake house on the edge of this beautiful, pristine lake. They’ve recently started building a few manufacturing facilities close to the lakes, as the nearness and convenience of the water supply is a boon for the industrial businesses! Everyone in town seems to be excited about the new companies in town, except for Jessica. She’s not too thrilled about this new development of industry near her home whatsoever! She says that it ruins the nice beach-like atmosphere of the lakeside community, and it has also taken a toll on the indoor air conditions inside his home. I guess the manufacturing plant ends up having a lot of smoke and smog coming from all the pipes and chimneys in the building! It makes Jessica furious, since the air quality at the lake has always been fantastic in the past. She has been so angry and perturbed over the pollution that she decided to call her local heating and air conditioner contractor to come out to his beach house and install one of those extravagant, super overpriced air purification systems in his home, right next to his Heating and A/C system in the basement. The funny thing is, Jessica has no intention of paying for the the air purification system herself. She told the Heating and A/C service tech that he could send the bill to the manufacturing plant and they could pay for it themselves, since it was their fault that he needed help with the indoor air conditions in his home in the first site! I can’t know that he did that, however I also don’t blame her! I would be mad too, if someone came and started ruining the air quality inside our beach house with a bunch of smoke!

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The air cleaner is not doing anything

I am now convinced that I have the worst allergies of anyone in town. Seasonal changes cause my flu symptoms to go haywire, as if they have a mind of their own. I’m allergic to mold, dust mites, pollen, and bees! Well, maybe the last one isn’t an allergy if I react when I’m stung. Anyway, I can’t ever keep my windows and doors open at home – If I did, I’d be sneezing and coughing throughout the days and nights of this entire seasonal change! I hardly ever open windows for that reason, and usually have the local heating and air conditioning contractor come out to do a Heating and A/C service check. Keeping the Heating and A/C equipment in check is critical to keeping my allergies in control! While they were here most recently, I talked to them about getting an air purification system installed to go along with our central air conditioner and heating units. We talked about the various options as far as air purification systems go, and they provided a couple of quotes on units that would work with our Heating and A/C system. I thought that the pricing was reasonable given what the air purifier accomplishes, and the Heating and A/C service technicians knew that an air purification system would help immensely with my allergy troubles. I made an appointment for them to come back out in a couple of weeks, and hopefully get the air purification system installed. That, along with all of the new gas furnace filters and the air conditioner filters that they installed this week, should get my allergies to a tolerable level of control. If not, I guess I’m just going to have to deal with my allergies for life. At least my air quality will be far better than before!

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Heating and air stopped working

Everyone in my life does their best to conserve energy where they can.  Now, I believe there are some real genuine people who desire to conserve in all areas to assist ecology.  But to be honest, I mainly conserve energy to try to hold down my utility costs. The way that food, shelter and power gets more and more high-priced without wages rising is getting tougher to budget.  I looked at a budget from just several years ago. There was a whole bunch more currency in there than there is now. The utility bill takes up far more of the budget than it used to. The heating, ventilation and A/C is the main culprit I target for savings.  This year, I have tightened up the home by sealing any visible cracks and re-weatherstripping entrances. I also put in a smart thermostat to better manage the heating, ventilation and A/C unit. The automatic shades inside were also synched to the smart thermostat to hopefully mitigate direct sun heating; unfortunately, an example of an area where I attempted to save additional currency was by foregoing the semi annual heating, ventilation and A/C check up.  I told the heating, ventilation and A/C repair business this year to skip the maintenance. This was a needless mistake. Last week, in the middle of a severe heat wave, the heating and cooling unit stopped working. I checked the power and made sure there were no vent or return obstructions as well. I even double checked the filter to make sure it was clean. It was apparent a maintenance call would be necessary for me. I was genuinely quite embarrassed to even call the heating, ventilation and A/C guys for help.  A heating and cooling pro came out and resolved the issue, which was great. To my chagrin, it was something that would have been caught during semi annual maintenance if I hadn’t been so cheap.

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Our ductwork is filled with dust

I am the chief housekeeper of our family.  It is not a task I sought out but rather one thrust upon me.  My children nearly have to be flogged to get them to just put away their clean clothes.  Getting anything more from them is a wasted proposition. My elegant husband attempts to pitch in but rarely has the time or inclination to clean.  So, it’s on me alone. Lately, as I have been cleaning, I noticed the dust has been getting worse and worse everywhere. I simply could not stay ahead of it by any conceivable measure.  Perhaps, I was falling down on my duties or the frequency with which I was cleaning. Then it dawned on me. I looked at the air conditioner vents only to discover the source of all that dust.  The AC vents were filthy. Next, I inspected the air filter. Shockingly, it was great and did not need to be changed. The dust was coming from our HVAC ducts themselves. On a whim, I went to the attic to have a look at the ducts up there from above.  I could see there were a few which had gaps in between the joints. I inspected downstairs in the basement and found a few duct segments which were sagging and causing large gaps. Not absolutely knowing what to do, I called our trusted heating and AC guy.  He felt sure I was right on about the source of the all the growing dust. He told me to to just hold tight and he would have their separate duct cleaning contractor call to make an appointment to clean the ducts. The duct cleaning crew showed up just a few days later.  They were truly professional and went about their task with a particular fervor that I haven’t seen before. The amount of debris removed from our HVAC ducts was shocking. There was literally bags of stuff hauled out. But, now when I do the dusting around our house, everything stays clean much, much longer.  

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Glad the HVAC runs better

The head of our community Homeowners Association slid by my condo a few evenings ago.  I use the word slid pretty accurately, as this guy is just the oilest slickster you could have ever seen.  He’s all slicked back gelled hair and colorless teeth. Kinda one of those guys that you just want to smack in the face.  Anyway, he oozed into the condo all smiles and gentle shoulder pats. But, I knew this wasn’t a social visit in the least.  And, I was right on the head of the nail. It appears my new “buddy” next door has officially complained to the HOA board about my heating and cooling system.  Not only is the condenser faded from the sunlight, however it makes a little noise when it runs. So, Mr. Nice Guy himself wanted to bring this to my attention in an effort to broker better neighborly relations.  My HVAC equipment is less than two years old. I really took the news of my horrid HVAC much better than I would have ever expected. I didn’t even seethe at it. Mr. Nice Guy finished his usual spiel with more smiles and easy handed shoulder pats.  Before he left, I invited him to come outside to where the evil HVAC condenser lived. He was, of course, nonplussed by my request and somewhat hesitant. But this time, I was the shoulder guy. Not so much patting as clinching with considerable force.  The two of us journeyed around the condo to find the HVAC viciously attempting to cool my dwelling at a normal volume. It was so “loud,” we were able to rest next to it and converse in normal voice volume. I then asked him what he wanted me to do about it.  After a studious look, Mr. Nice Guy commanded I transfer the HVAC condenser to the other side of the condo, which of course, will never happen and is against HOA rules, ironically. And, maybe have someone come to paint it, he managed to sputter out. I commanded he and my buddy nextdoor might prefer to take turns kicking each other in the groin for a few hours.  Mr. Nice Guy’s oily smile vanished in a flash. I went on to advise him that if this issue went any further or escalated, perhaps my attorney would care about getting involved. He oozed back to his car without another word.

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terrible a/c at the camp

How many people can say they went to sleep away camp and came out as a better person? I’m being dramatic of course – Sleep away camp is a great site to make friends outside of school, however it’s not the best site in the world for enjoying modern comforts! When I was a girl, my parents put me in Summer camp as a change from the daycare I used to go to. My parents assured me that Summer camp was a cool, wonderful site where I’d love nature and make memories for life. However the reality of Summer camp was different! It was absurdly sizzling outside every afternoon of camp, so my only reprieve from the heat came at evening when we retired to our cabins to sleep! Our cabins were equipped with window mounted A/C units, so we had adequate cooling and superb air quality when we slept. It was rough during the afternoon, as our outdoor activities dragged on for long hours–the indoor arts and crafts facilities weren’t properly air conditioned! Don’t get me started on the actual camping experience, either! All I remember about camping in tents in the woods was pouring sweat into my sleeping bag, either from how sizzling I was or how scared I was of the wildlife. Then looking back on those memories, I wouldn’t dream of sending my daughter to something like that over the summer! Instead, the child care service he’s in runs all year long. Their facilities also use excellent central forced AC to stay cool. Most of the time, the classroom my daughter is in is cooler than the law firm I work at! Their air quality is also superb, since they use a humidistat to keep the facilities at the ideal humidity, and a media air purification system to ensure the air is disinfected for children with sensitivities. I have friends who joke that people are too lax on kids this week, although I don’t feel so – I feel people are finally treating kids the way they need to be treated.

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Air conditioning during the final

One of my worst fears came true for myself and others when we were in our last year of medical school. Then I was sharing an apartment with three other med students; all of us were so slammed by our senior coursework that none of us practically ever saw each other… While I was anxious that my social life had practically disappeared, I knew that it was worth it for myself and my classmates to finish out school ahead of schedule and begin our career goals fresh out of school. But as the final weeks of my Spring term trudged on, I had this recurring nightmare of trying to learn in an apartment that was really burning down around me! I remember hearing my flatmates yelling for me to get out while I still could, but I would just say that I had to stay if I wanted to succeed… However how prophetic, right? If that wasn’t enough of a subliminal undertone to describe the state of my social life, that dream practically came true in a week’s time! That was the point in which our apartment’s central air conditioner plan had broke down, plus our landlord was out of the country for three weeks with no number left to call in an emergency. For more the twelve days leading up to final exams, all of us had to try to cram and complete final essays in a apartment that constantly had a thermostat reading between eighty plus ninety degrees inside! My flatmates and I had every single window open, every oscillating fan blowing, plus any possible portable cooling component was put to use. My classmates and I even tried to recreate an evaporative cooling plan by draping wet towels in front of the box fans around the apartment, which worked for a while. Four mornings in, I had enough! I went to the department store plus used the little balance I had left on my debit card to buy a window-mounted air conditioning component for my room. It was the greatest feeling when I blocked the window air conditioning component in plus ran it for the first time. My room dramatically cooled down in under an hour, plus I wound up having to open my bedroom door to let the frigid air flow out into the rest of our quaint apartment. I’ll never speak ill of a window air conditioning component again!

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A faster HVAC contractor

There used to be a joke in the real estate office that employs me. It was an inside joke for sure, yet none of us realized how much trouble we’d get into if anyone found out the meaning behind it! Not that it was anything worth calling human resources about, but it ended up costing us in other ways… See, both of us have this incredible heating and air conditioner service specialist that tends to our office when both of us make service calls. Then this tech was incredibly fast plus efficient in his work, something of a savant as far as heating and AC service plus repair would go… He was also kind of a strange man, though not dangerously eccentric. The joke came when he said his last name was “Cool-Ice”, in what both of us thought was an effort to be funny. In reality, the joke made most of us cringe plus turn his bad joke into our own joke. If the oil furnace seemed to be burning more than it needed to plus creating a strange burnt-rubber stink, we’d say “time to call Mr. Cool-Ice”. If pollen plus dust was showing up in immense amounts by the air duct plus under registers, we’d again say “time to call Mr. Cool-Ice!” You get the picture. Well, as much as both of us enjoyed the joke, our laughs came at a price one day when both of us were given the invoice from his contractor for his services…. However one of the employees in our accounts payable department decided to list the specialist as “Mr. Cool-Ice” on our invoice copy. Then it was caught by a manager in our building. After a few calls were made, Mr. Cool-Ice was stopped during his next visit plus scolded by our management–for providing a false name that appeared on an official invoice. The two of us didn’t see that HVAC specialist again – actually because he was mad at us. The two of us still feel awful about it to this day; every HVAC technology specialist we’ve had since him was nowhere near as skilled.

Getting your business online

Lately, I’ve gotten into a regular fitness routine. I always get up very early in the morning before the sun rises so I can get in my daily jog. I love getting up early and running out there when it’s nice and cool before the sun heats everything up. It’s difficult for me to get my jogging in when it’s sizzling outside. I really can’t manage to do this exercise in the heat of the day. Sometimes when I am not able to get up so early, I instead run on my treadmill. While this isn’t as nice as running out in the fresh air, it is nice that I am able to crank up my A/C while I am exercising on the treadmill. I also have a total gym machine that I use often which I probably wouldn’t use all the time if it weren’t for my exceptional climate control system. Because I do workout a lot inside my home as well, it’s important for me to keep up with my heating and cooling equipment. This is why I have enrolled myself in an HVAC system maintenance plan. I get two essential tune-ups per year and up to 4 repairs per year. I get basically all of the important maintenance done for a reasonable yearly fee. I must say, the only thing I love better than getting a good workout, is saving a great deal of money! This is a great way to save so I would highly recommend a good HVAC system maintenance plan for anybody else who loves to save!

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This could be the end of the world

I don’t know what the end of the world would be like, but this past week felt like the end of the world for us. First of all, the climate control system in our car failed in the midst of a heatwave. I can’t tell you how miserable it is to have to drive around in such intense heat. While it was nice to be able to escape the heat in the comfort of our house, then the A/C in the house broke down as well! We had no choice but to open the windows hoping for some sort of cross breeze. We had all the ceiling fans going at full blast and a bunch of stationary fans. We called for HVAC system repair but we had to wait for a whole week to get an HVAC technician out to our place! Even with the car, I had to wait a few days to get in to have the climate control system taken care of. I’m sure the actual end of the world would be so much worse than what we experienced, but it did feel like we were in the fires of hell it was so hot! We kept going out to eat at various places though to escape the heat when we could. The drive to get to those places while the A/C in the car wasn’t working though was rather brutal. Near the end of the week before we had our climate control system fixed in our house, we were seriously lacking in motivation to do much of anything. We would take turns putting our heads in the freezer and we bought a bunch of ice that didn’t last very long. One thing is for certain, I will always make sure to keep up with regular maintenance of our climate control systems so that we never experience this again!


Marketing an HVAC business

My husband Carlos and I made the mistake of buying a house that is too big. Carlos and I decided to retire and move down south for good. We should have bought a little one story shack. We don’t need a lot of room. Instead, we both got too excited by the deal with a giant two story home. Now, Carlos and I have two floors with five bedrooms and three bathrooms. Two people don’t need that space. Retired people don’t need that type of work either. What Carlos and I are planning on doing is just closing off the upstairs. We want to seal the upstairs away from the downstairs completely. It will not only lessen the work, but also lower the energy bills. Right now, Carlos and I are running the central HVAC for a two story home. The central heating and air has to provide temperature control for five rooms and three bathrooms. If we successfully close the house, the HVAC will only need to take care of one room and bathroom. What we could do is close the air vents that are connected to the HVAC ducts. The upstairs ductwork could be closed off. Then we would just close all of the doors. Instead, I think what Carlos and I should do is rip out the central HVAC. Ductless HVAC is more efficient and would work better for us. We could just have one indoor air handler downstairs. One device and one thermostat to run and have repairs on. The cost of that little ductless mini split will be hardly anything.

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Lighting control system

My wife and I live in a very nice neighborhood. We have a 4 bedroom house with 3 bathrooms, and a giant fenced-in backyard. We have a beautiful inground pool that is surrounded by palm trees and giant cactuses. Unfortunately, my wife and I are often away from our home for business. We usually spend a week at home, for every week or two that we spend away. Last year, my wife and I went out of the country for a month. While we were gone, someone broke into our home and stole a lot of our possessions. That’s when we decided to install a lighting control system. The lighting control system will allow us to appear to be home. The lighting control system is an automated program. Our lighting control system is set up to turn on our exterior lights, kitchen light, and back porch light all at 8 p.m. This looks like there is someone in the house at night. The lighting control system is set to turn off at 2 in the morning. The automated lighting system is supposed to detract burglars. My wife and I have not had as many problems, ever since we installed the automatic lighting system. I hope that we will never come back to our house again, and find a mess like we did last summer. After having someone break into our home, it was difficult to leave our home for a significant amount of time. The automated lighting system gave us a great deal of peace. I think the lights deter any would be robbers, from our home.

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I shouldn’t mess with that

Having pets in the beach house undoubtedly for me is a single of the  greatest joys in my life, but for 30 years, deliver or take, I had kids in the beach house with me, plus while obviously  there is no replacing the joys of children, this joy comes pretty close. For the most part, pets are much lower service than kids… It’s not even like you can just leave out bowls of food plus water for the kids plus go away for a weekend. There undoubtedly are some little differences that can all add up to make a important expense to you, though. For example, I never thought that having pets would have more of an extreme impact on my climate control method than kids do, and animals can’t mess around constantly with the control unit, after all, something my kids have done on numerous occasions that I know of, and what does happen is all that dust plus dander caused by pets can eventually lead to beginning to hastily clog up your air filters; Once the air filters are running poorly all the time, it puts extra strain on the entire Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system, plus that strain  is when you run into the real expenses. A modern air filter every week only maybe costs you a few bucks, unless you get a single of those super lavish air filters at high end places, even though I never do. That little cost each week can end up saving you more than hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars in major Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system repairs!

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The heater is running poorly

Having pets in the home entirely has been one of the  greatest joys in my life. For 20 years, give or take, I was blessed to have kids in the home with me, and while there is no replacing the maternal joys of children, this comes pretty close. For the most part, pets are so much lower maintenance than kids… if you think about it, it’s not like you can just leave out bowls of food and water on the floor for the kids and go away for a weekend… There are some little differences involved that can all add up to make a sizable expense, though. For example, I never once before thought that having pets would have more of an impact on my temperature control plan in the house than kids do… Animals can’t mess around with the temperature control, I mean, after all, something my kids have done on many occasions, then what does happen in this case is all that dust and dander caused by pets can start to swiftly clog up your innocent little air filters, and once the air filters are running poorly, it puts extra strain on the whole entire Heating and Air Conditioning system, and that is when you most definitely run into the real expenses. A new air filter every month only costs you just a few bucks, unless you get one of those super costly high functioning air filters, however I never do. That little cost each month can easily end up saving you hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars in major Heating and Air Conditioning repairs over time, but pets can cause this, but it’s not entirely their fault in the end, because they don’t understand temperature control systems, and you do; So go ahead, change that air filter, and don’t blame your pets if you forget to do it!

Some real expenses

Having animals in and around the home really is a single of the  greatest joys in my life, for 20 years, I mean, give or take, I had boys in the home with me, and while there is no replacing the absolute joys of children, this comes pretty close. For the most part, pets are much lower maintenance physically than boys, however it’s not care about you can just leave out bowls of dry food and water for the boys and go away for a weekend! There are some little differences between the two that can all add up to make a big expense, though. For example, I never honestly thought that having animals would have more of an impact on my temperature control system every day than boys do. Animals can’t mess around with the control unit, after all, something my silly little boys have done on many occasions, then what does happen is all that circulating dust and dander caused by pets can start to suddenly clog up your air filters, once the internal air filters are running poorly, it puts extra strain on the entire Heating, Ventilation and certainly the A/C system, and that is when you run into the real expenses. A current air filter every week or three only costs you a few bucks, unless you get a single of those super high end and overpriced air filters, however I never do. That little cost each week can end up saving you easily hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars in major Heating, Ventilation and A/C repairs, but indoor pets can cause this, however it’s not really their fault because they don’t have any clue or understand temperature control systems, and you do, then so change that air filter, and unless you’re an idiot, don’t blame your pets if you forget to do it!

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Getting medical, dental, and vision insurance

My wife and I thought our son would never find his way. He graduated from high school about 5 years ago, and just finally found a full-time job. He worked in fast food for a long time, and he also worked as a trash collector. Neither one of those jobs were very satisfying. For five years, we have tried to convince our son to go to school. It didn’t matter what he decided to learn, but we wanted him to find something that was interesting. A couple of months ago, one of our friends decided to give him a break. They got him a job working at a local garage. Our son is learning how to fix domestic and foreign cars. He absolutely loves the job, and he comes home every day with a smile on his face. A couple of days ago, he called me at work. Since he never calls, I was worried. He sounded really happy, and asked for my social security number. He needed my information to fill out his life insurance policy. He was so excited, because this was the first time he ever had a life insurance policy. He also has medical, dental, and vision insurance. My son wanted me to know that I was the beneficiary on his life insurance policy, just in case anything ever happened. It’s funny really, because having life insurance seemed to make our son feel more proud. I hope he will stick with this career, because he seems to be very good with his hands. He has already received a raise and a promotion.

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What is going on with the grocery store?

My Mom and I were shopping at the grocery store last week. We were in the produce aisle, where the manager was stocking fruits and various vegetables. My Mom was browsing the bananas, trying to find a firm bunch to take home. She turned the corner, and feel on the floor. My Mom slipped on the floor, and fell on her rump with a loud thud. I looked down at the floor, and noticed grape juice everywhere. Since there was a produce manager in the area, I didn’t understand why the floor was wet with juice. When my Mom got up to her feet, she had twisted her ankle. It was very swollen and red, and she couldn’t walk on it at all. The store manager took us back to the office, where we filled out an accident report. The manager asked us if we intended on calling a lawyer. To this point, a lawyer had not even entered my mind. As I sat there thinking, I wondered if the store was at fault of the accident. I told my Mom not to sign any paperwork, until we could consult with a friends of mine. My friend is a personal injury lawyer, with an office in town. I called Jim and explained the situation. Jim offered to take the case, and started performing some research. We found out that the produce manager walked by the juice three times, and never cleaned up the mess. Our lawyer proved that the manager was negligent, leaving them responsible to pay of rall of my Mom’s injuries. If we had not hired a lawyer, my Mom would have been stuck with a huge doctor bill.

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Testing the house for radon

One of the things that I never entirely thought about when both of us were buying our new house a few years ago is radon, and i don’t guess if you’ve ever even heard of radon before – it’s this stinkless,white gas that comes from the ground as well as it can get into your house as well as cause all kinds of physical problems if left untreated. It’s a naturally occurring gas that is stereoactive, as well as so it can cause lung cancer! Pretty spine-chilling, right? It comes from the natural breakdown of something called Uranium that’s found in rocks as well as soil as well as it can make its way into the air you breathe inside your home. It gets there through cracks as well as holes as well as other ways that it can find through your home’s walls, floors, as well as foundations; Radon is legitimately spine-chilling when you think about it, because it can be there for years as well as you would never even guess it. Radon is the minute leading cause of lung cancer here in our country, minute only to smoking, then and you guess how excruciating smoking is for you! After I found out about all of the dangers of radon, I had radon testing done in our home; Luckily, the radon levels in our basement were non-existent as well as so both of us didn’t have to have a radon removal plan installed. But since radon can show up at any time, I’m planning to do radon testing at least twice a year from now on! When something is that dangerous, I just don’t think it’s worth the risk to leave it untested! Do you?

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Testing for radon

One of the things that I never really thought about when we were buying our new house a few years ago is radon. I don’t know if you’ve ever even heard of radon before – it’s this odorless, colorless gas that comes from the ground and it can get into your house and cause all kinds of physical problems if left untreated. It’s a naturally occurring gas that is radioactive, and so it can cause lung cancer! Pretty scary, right? It comes from the natural breakdown of something called Uranium that’s found in rocks and soil and it can make its way into the air you breathe inside your home. It gets there through cracks and holes and other ways that it can find through your home’s walls, floors, and foundations. Radon is very scary when you think about it, because it can be there for years and you would never even know it. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer here in our country, second only to smoking. And you know how bad smoking is for you! After I found out about all of the dangers of radon, I had radon testing done in our home. Luckily, the radon levels in our basement were non-existent and so we didn’t have to have a radon removal system installed. But since radon can appear at any time, I’m planning to do radon testing at least twice a year from now on! When something is that dangerous, I just don’t think it’s worth the risk to leave it untested! Do you?

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The a/c should be powered up

My child really knows how to push my buttons sometimes. I don’t know if you have kids of your own, but if you do, you know how things can be. You love your child to death and will do anything for them, but sometimes they make you feel like you’ll just tear your hair out – or theirs! Most recently, my little girl lost her glasses. This is the second pair that she has lost, and it’s driving me nuts since I don’t have money to just throw away on pair after pair of glasses! The other thing that she tends to do on a regular basis is waste the heating and air conditioning in our house. It sounds kind of ridiculous, I know – but she does! She leaves her windows in her room wide open while the air conditioner is on, though I remind her all the time to close them while the A/C system is running. She will run in and out of the kitchen a hundred times a day, letting the cool air flow right out the door with her into the backyard. She doesn’t seem to understand or care that we don’t need to try and cool the entire neighborhood! I’ve told her over and over, but it’s as if our nice, cool, air conditioned home just magically becomes that way to her. She doesn’t understand that her dad and I have to spend hefty amounts of money on utility bills each month, just to keep the A/C and the heating system going. When you’re a kid, that’s just how it is! You don’t really worry about stuff like that – that’s “grown-up” stuff. I will just have to keep on letting the issues with our Heating and A/C and utilities go because she’s just a kid. Still, I’m going to start making him work to earn money for replacement glasses!

Paperwork overload

This past month has been a nightmare.  I have been going from one doctor to another with my mother-in-law and trying to get her help with a medical condition.  She doesn’t like to drive anymore so I am happy to help in that respect. However, dealing with very personal information can be difficult.  She has trouble understanding the doctor sometimes and is forgetful of instructions. This means that she needs a second set of ears and eyes to help her out.  Filling out form after form at each of the offices is crazy. One of the forms that is crucial is her HIPAA permission form. This allows her to grant access to her medical information to whomever she lists.  Without this permission, no one can call the doctor and ask questions about her treatment or tests results. Since she is in a state where she forgets things, it is imperative that there is a back up person. I just wish that there was a network that would allow an across the board HIPAA agreement.  I suppose that could be dangerous too though because it would grant too much access to her personal information. Each office needs to have a signed HIPAA form on file due to strict regulations. This is for the benefit of the patient as well as to cover the physician office legally for any accusations of misconduct. In a world where your personal information can be breached easily by people wishing to do you harm, it is important to fill out these permission papers.  I know it is necessary but I just wish there were a way to eliminate some of the piles of paper we have to fill out each time we visit a new doctor. It is confusing to my mother-in-law because she thinks she already did that.

HIPPA risk assessment