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I was surprised

I have five children, all under the age of twelve.  During the summertime weeks, when they are no longer in school, the house is crowded, hectic and there can be lots of fights.  It’s a lot easier when the weather is sunny and warm. I send the youngsters outside to jump on the trampoline, swim in the pool, or play basketball in the driveway.  With a big yard and lots to do, it’s easy for them to get some space from one another other. Unfortunately, this past summer season was incredibly miserable and wet. It seemed to rain nearly every morning, and the youngsters were stuck indoors.  I am thankful that every one of us had made the decision to install a home cooling system the year before. Even with the rain, the humidity levels were brutal. The a/c maintained a comfortable temperature, which helped to keep nearly everyone in better spirits.  Since I work from home, I was holed up in our office, trying to accomplish something, when I started hearing the a/c cycle up and shut down. This happened nearly than five times in a row. The cooling idea would cycle on, run for less than an hour, and swiftly shut off.   I went directly to the thermostat to try and figure out the problem, and found all our children in the middle of a big fight. They were apparently fighting over the setting on the thermostat. My oldest kid would turn the temperature way down and blast the cooling system. My child would then turn the thermostat way back up, which shut the a/c off.  My younger child entirely switched the HVAC system over to heating mode. I sent them all to their rooms and poured myself a gigantic glass of wine.

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I am finally content

My spouse Jim and I moved south after our retirement, many years ago.   He and I deliberately chose an area with entirely hot year round weather conditions.  Since we had lived our entire lives in the north, dealing with the freezing snow, he and I were ready to enjoy some sunshine.  Jim bought a small house which was in need of some remodeling and updates. Jim and I are both quite handy at these things, not to mention preferring to do the projects ourselves.  We made sure that the basic structure of the house, roof, electric lines, plumbing and cooling system were in nice shape before we made the purchase. Jim and I were not at all worried that there was no occasion for heating.  Jim and I were rather excited to live in an area where heating was unnecessary. The first winter the people I was with and I lived in the new house, we had torn out a whole bunch of windows and were in the process of replacing them when there was a abrupt storm.  A cold front moved in and the area experienced an unprecedented cold front with cold temperatures down in the high thirties. We had to abruptly board up the holes for the missing windows, and try to purchase some type of space heater. Since most people in the entire area had similar concerns, it was difficult to find a heating system available for purchase.  Jim and I ended up buying heated blankets because of some tiny, entirely ineffective space gas heating systems and nearly freezing to death. After that, Jim and I decided to update the temperature control system in the house. Jim and I paid a ton of cash to have a heat pump installed, which combines both heating plus cooling capacity. Since that a single storm, we have never needed to turn on the heater.

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A wood fireplace

When my cousin Arthur and I built our new home, I insisted the two of us build a wood burning fireplace in the master kitchen.  I knew the hearth would be a fantastic focus point, and I imagined sitting in a recliner and enjoying a fire. After living here for two years, we built a single fire.  It was a disheartening amount of toil and was messy. Both of us had to drag the dirty wood throughout the house, and then it took a long time to get the fire started. The fire then spewed smoke, fumes, and ash, some sparks burned the carpet.  The fireplace was lavishly luxurious and takes up a lot of space. At this point, it’s totally not worth the effort. After a bit of research, I called a local HVAC provider for an estimate. I set an appointment to have the wood burning fireplace altered into a natural gas furnace.  This will give us an extra source of heat in the kitchen. A gas furnace is absolutely no work at all. I will be able to start it up with the touch of a button on my smartphone. I can change the temperature to my liking, and there is no need to keep buying wood. There’s no smoky, ashy mess of any kind.  Plus, there is still the look of the flames in the screen, giving anyone who looks the ambience I desired. Since natural gas fireplaces are extremely energy efficient, it will not break our bank to operate. Hopefully the refurbishing project will not be overly disruptive to our lives and will be completed hastily.  I am looking forward to my new fireplace.

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Consistent operation

Last winter, I had so many problems with our furnace.  I postponed calling to schedule a repair. I was so busy with work, not to mention remodeling the house.  My wife and I were ripping out all of the old carpeting and refurbishing the tile floors. The task was monotonous and tiring, and it created a huge mess in the house.  The two of us wore masks over our faces to breathe, and goggles over our eyes to see while doing the work. Because of the renovations in the house, I simply did not want to deal the furnace problems nor wait around for a repairman to arrive.  My wife and I just ignored all of the interesting sounds that the heating unit was making. She and I became aware that the renovated house was constantly too cold, so we kept turning up the temperature control higher and higher. I was angry with the cost of the quarterly energy bills, but I still waited until the furnace died before calling for help.  The HVAC technician took the heating unit apart to show me the dust and dirt inside. She suggested that our remodeling project had congested the furnace, blocking airflow and causing a lot of noise. The dangerous amounts of dust that had gotten inside had stopped the unit from working, so she proposed that the my wife and I be more careful by closing off the vents during any future projects.  The HVAC technician spent about half the day cleaning the several parts, then the furnace started right up and worked great. I was relieved that the I didn’t need to replace the furnace. I will need to be much more careful with future remodeling projects.

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Replacing refrigerant

My sister Leslie has this huge window a/c that she brings down from her attic every year, but the window a/c is definitely more ancient than both of us. It absolutely is heavier than the two of us too. So every year, Leslie tries to trick myself and others into her house to bring down that AC unit. She has myself and others assist her with the moving plus installation of it. Then at the end of the year, our sister needs myself and others to help her get it bring up to the attic. I abhor moving that cooling unit. It is large and heavy, plus the transferring process is difficult. The attic has tiled ceilings, so Leslie plus I have to angle our heads while carrying the thing. The stairs to the attic are extremely narrow plus small. As both of us travel down the stairs too, all the weight from the cooling unit transfers onto me. It is all I can do not to crash down the stairs with the cooling system straight behind me. I usually end up knocking our hand against the wall or catching our foot on a piece of wood. Then, our sister plus I have to carry the cooling equipment down a narrow hall. Finally, both of us reach her bedroom plus proceed with the AC replacement. It takes a couple of hours, plus it is dreadful. Logan does not even spend money to pay myself and others or act all that thankful either. So every year I tell her I am not going to do it anymore! My sister is crafty though. Every year she finds a purpose to get over to her house. Then, while I am there, she puts myself and others on the other end of that air conditioning system device.

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I hate the smell of food

My friend Carlie makes the nastiest meals. However, I joke that her number one dish is stinky feet. She cooks a soup that literally smells like somebody’s feet after running through a pig pen. However, Carlie prefers to cook fish she caught in the pond next door. Fish right out of the pond stinks pretty badly, especially when you fry it. I have tried to repair the exhausting odors in our air quality. I have tried dozens of scented air fresheners, candles, and even febreeze in the house. None of those things have done the trick though, but right now I am thinking about buying an air purifier for the house. The air purification system would fit right in our A/C unit. When Carlie turns on the A/C in expectation of cooking, the air cleaner would turn on as well. The A/C system would suck in the foul odors, and the air cleaner would destroy the odors from the air quality. It is not too lavish either. I would literally do anything to get rid of the nasty fish, stinky feet, and outdated food stink consistently sitting in the air. The question is though: do I have Carlie pitch in? Technically, the locale is mine, and she is just a friend who is living with me. She hands over the month every month, and so cooking her nasty food and polluting my indoor air conditions is her choice. But, if she did not make such nasty food, I would not have to buy an air cleaner. I don’t want her to suppose she is entitled to the device once she leaves though. The air cleaner would stay in our house.

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The AC is still leaking

My a/c’s outdoor air compressor leaks all over my porch. However, I have the air conditioning unit set up inside of my house. There is an outdoor portion of the indoor cooling equipment! The outdoor portion leaks water all over my porch where it stands. I have attempted to clean the entire AC unit, but it does not repair it. I also have attempted to clean the actual a/c, but it does not change it. The liquid all over the porch is really frustrating. Anytime I have people out there, I need to warn them ahead of time. Nobody wants wet socks or to accidently slip and fall. What is worse is when the AC unit is turned on. The outdoor AC equipment will literally spit and leaks out water violently. It is similar to having a mini sprinkler out there. All my porch chairs are placed as far away from the a/c. Even doing this, a single woman will still get blasted with the water. It literally flies through the air and gets you soaked. I have searched online, and all the people say this is due to a plugged condensation drain. The drain can get plugged when algae develops in it. All you have to do is take apart the cooling unit, locate the drain, and remove the algae from it. You also could install UV lights that scrub out both the indoor and outdoor equipment. It prevents all mold, fungi and mildew from forming. The problem is that I can’t seem to understand how to open the AC. I dislike having to call an a/c business although I can’t figure out where the drain is and how to get into it.

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I think my eyesight is diminishing

As you become older, a lot of things tend to deteriorate. You lose muscle mass, your brain, hearing, plus eyesight. Eyesight is the most dreadful for myself and others since I am not used to it. However, I use to have ideal vision plus would never think of wearing glasses. However now, I should put on glasses although I don’t. I get into complications from time to time with our dreadful eyesight though. I have complication at eating establishments reading the menu. I have to get our teenagers to read it for me. I can’t send a usual message since I can’t see what it says. The most dreadful is not being able to read our thermostat. I have an electronic thermostat. The electronic thermostat in big block print says what the temperature is. It also informs myself and others if it is on heating or cooling. The complication is that I can’t see it anymore. I get right next to the thermostat, press our face to it, plus periodically can make it out. I usually can figure out if it is heating or cooling. The numbers are more difficult for myself and others to differentiate. It does not matter to myself and others if it is 65 or 73 in the Winter. It does matter if our apartment is set to 50 or 81 in the Winter though. The apartment could be set way too sizzling plus ruin our heater, or way too freezing, plus the apartment is chilly. I now spend most of our day worrying if I set the thermostat wrong or if it is the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C catching up to the weather out of doors.

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I think this will work

Recently, I’ve been learning a lot about cooking.  It’s something that gets my brain of off everything else, and the end condition is that I get to eat some delicious meals!  The two of us just remodeled our kitchen too, so both of us have all stainless steel devices and a good gas stove! The two of us have a tinier home, and our kitchen is by far the best area of the entire place.  However, with the way our home is layed out and the location of our smoke alarms, I can’t cook anything in the oven separate from all of the alarms going off and making a ton of noise! I open the oven, and all the smoke climbs to the ceiling and is instantly and quickly headed towards the smoke detector.  My pet abhors the sound. and it’s particularly not wonderful for myself and others either. Not only are the smoke alarms an problem. However, the house seems to get particularly boiling when I cook as well. The air conditioning is turned on the whole time. However, it never seems to get any colder than before!  I’m not confident whether it’s our air conditioning device not able to keep up, or if maybe both of us just have to make a service call for a examination. Either way, it needs to be fixed; otherwise, I’m going to have to locate a fan for our kitchen, or I’m not going to want to bake in there anymore! After to chatting with an Heating and A/C worker, I guess our best bet is to schedule an interview for some routine service, and she said everything should be toiling just wonderfully after that!  I know the test will be our next dish of food!


I do love conversation

Owning your own home comes with tons of benefits but also many heartaches.  I enjoy that owning a home means that all of us can make all the replacements all of us want to the home to make it ideal for us, but with that also comes a lot of fiscal responsibility also.  You have to spend money for things when they become ruins plus also keep up with all the repairs that you wouldn’t normally have to stress about with a rental property. The things you operate the most obviously need the most repairing throughout the year.  The two of us regularly have to make sure to keep our appliances running properly with routine repairs. But, the most vital thing to keep up with is the gas furnace plus the air conditioning unit. Recently, all of us started having some complications with our gas furnace that all of us couldn’t figure out.  So, all of us had a serviceman out to take a peak. The two of us don’t understand anything about the repair of gas furnaces, so we called the HVAC company. As she went downstairs to the basement to take a peak, she noticed almost immediately that the ducts were clogged with dust which meant all of us were in huge need of an air filter change.  Thankfully, she brought a single filter with her plus changed so that we didn’t have to. She said the air filters for the gas furnace demanded to be changed every month to keep grime from storing up inside the air ducts plus filtering into the air all of us enjoy. However, I was blissful all of us contacted him when all of us did, otherwise all of us would have been consuming mucky air for a while not even realizing that the air filter needed to be changed!  Thankfully, none of us became ill from it.

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I just want to finish things up

Usually, when the seasons change, it’s a wonderful change of pace for me.  It’s been a couple of months since the weather has changed it up, plus I’m definitely ready for hotter weather or ready for cooler weather.  The thing I don’t prefer is when the weather changes quickly plus changes back to what it was before! This not only toys with our immune system. However, it also is a hassle on our wallets.  Every one of us are always having to adjust our control machine from heating to cooling, sometimes many times in one day! For example, yesterday. it was a comfortable 73 degrees, so I had our air conditioner running.  Then, this day I got out of bed, plus it was 45 degrees outside plus 59 degrees inside our home! I instantly had to run to the control machine plus adjust it from air conditioner to the heat. Having to change too frequently back plus forth makes it difficult to save currency on our electric bill also.  Recently, I’ve been dreaming of getting zone control for our home so that when I do have to keep adjusting back plus forth, I can just do it for the portion of the beach house that I am in the most. This would aid in saving currency plus also keep myself and others cozy during these “in-between” seasons. However, I guess I’ll give our local Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier a phone call plus see what our possibilities are.  I would definitely much rather get zone control than have to keep paying the high energy prices as well as squandering energy.

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This weather is all over the place

After watching shows on cable about the micro home movement, my wife and I decided to look into this as a possible summer season getaway for us. We lived in a spacious three-bedroom home in a quiet suburb in our area of the northeast. Now we had worked hard and long to get this far in life, but sometimes it was a fun change-up to live minimally in the tiny house for a brief while. One of my big problems with having a micro home was how to keep it warm or cool. There were options, but I did not want to have to split wood to keep a small stove running. I hated the idea of using a window unit too, since they were ugly and made too much noise! We had hired a builder to make our micro home and he recommended getting a ductless mini split to keep our tiny home comfortable. I saw how small the component was, and how it installed on an inside wall without taking up a good deal of space. I loved the fact that it could both heat and cool our tiny home, too. After several weeks of back and forth with the builder, our little house was finally ready! We had it moved to a small piece of land we owned on a lake about 100 miles from where we lived. It was exciting to go there for the first time – everything was immaculate. We loved the amount of light shining into the house from the upper windows, and we loved how the dining table doubled as a spare bed for guests. Above all, we loved our ductless mini split unit for quietly yet efficiently keeping the micro home comfortable as ever.

Fixing the real estate

All of my friends were generally surprised to find out that we were going to have triplets. My fiance as well as myself were generally nervous about the triplets, because our small Bungalow was barely large enough for all of us at the time. All of my close friends had a few ideas about the situation, which included looking for a new grand residence. It generally seems like a pretty good idea to both of us, especially when we found out about a real estate auction that happens every quarter. It was a few weeks away, as well as all of my close friends were already invited to go. When a house without a heating, ventilation, as well as A/C component went on the Block, there were few people generally interested in the grand residence. It was five bedrooms with three bathrooms, which meant a very Hefty Bill to replace the heating, ventilation, as well as A/C component. Lucky for the two of us, because one of my close friends from high school was the manager for a local heating, ventilation, as well as A/C provider. He told us to bid on the house as well as not worried about the problems with the heating, ventilation, as well as A/C component. A few weeks after all of my close friends moved into the grand residence, my bestie was able to help us afford a new 5 ton heating, ventilation, as well as A/C component. It was a hefty bill for the replacement fees, but my best friend got us prices at wholesale value.

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We all want better skin

I was easily not born with the best type of skin, so I easily spend multiple hours every day making sure that I stay properly groomed. It’s important to maintain a proper appearance, especially because I happen to work outside of the Victorian style Cottage. When we were looking for multiple ways to help with our skin related issues, a wonderful documentary lead us to believe that there were multiple ways to help your skin. One of those ways is controlling your intake in addition to diet. That might seem easier said than done, but multiple people struggle with this every single day. Another idea really seem to surprise me, which was controlling the humidity with your heating in addition to A/C device. Particularly during the warmest Seasons, the heating in addition to A/C device can easily be the Skin’s best friend. The climate control system helps to make sure that the indoor air doesn’t wreak havoc on the skin. It’s important that the humidity levels inside of the victorian-style are easily maintained. The heating and addition to A/C device has climate control features that also control a dehumidifier in our Heating in addition to A/C device. By using the thermostat remote control, we can easily detect if the levels have gone up or down. Then we can adjust the heating in addition to A/C device, so that the humidity levels are perfect for better skin. It seems to be working well, because we haven’t noticed very many blemishes over the past 6 or eight months.


I’m honestly pretty happy

Some of the people are honestly born with great skin and good looks. Some have difficult times and require the use of many products in order to maintain that appearance. The people I was with and myself believe that there are a single ways to help keep the skin disinfected and clear. One of those is enjoying a healthy diet of excess water. Excess water helps your skin and the overall health of the body. There are other issues that are pressing additionally, like staying out of direct sunlight. Most people should be treating the skin love a costly suit, and the people I was with and myself have honestly found that a heating and cooling unit can work well. If you don’t overuse your A/C unit, it can help to decrease some of the excess humidity in your home atmosphere. The people I was with and myself always care for our indoor Atmosphere, by making sure to maintain our A/C unit in addition to our climate. We invested in a wonderful Smart Control thermostat that helps us control the climate in our country cabin. Our smart thermostat tells us what the humidity levels are inside of our home, and the people I was with and myself are honestly conscious of which levels are best for our skin. Being able to control the climate is very important, especially if you have numerous types of health or skin issues. The people I was with and myself honestly believe this helps our Beauty treatment regimen. Better indoor climate absolutely leads to much better and healthier looking skin.

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Climate control helps skin

Some people are born with great skin that never blemishes, others have to work hard and use a lot of products to maintain their appearance. I have personally found that one way to help keep your skin clean and clear is by watching your diet. A healthy diet and lots of water is not a guarantee, but it really does help your overall health and your skin in particular. Something else that is important is keeping out of excess sunlight. In general, you need to treat your skin like an expensive suit, and take good care of it all the time. I have found that a good HVAC system can help, especially during the summer. It is the hottest and wettest season, and all that extra humidity and heat really wreaks havoc on indoor air quality. Staying drenched in sweat for long periods of time is not good for your skin, so don’t be shy about using the air conditioning. Be careful that you don’t overuse the AC, though, because extremely cold weather will help to close up your pores which could lead to problems. The key is to stay comfortable, without overdoing it on the AC. For best results I recommend using a smart thermostat, so you can program in your ideal climate control settings and not have to worry about it. A smart thermostat can monitor the air quality, the humidity, and the temperature. It will also tell you when the air filters need changing, which can help keep the air quality in your home fresh and clean.

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I’m happy with my residence

Just one every one of us have currency in our currency account, everyone of us have an issue that requires us to empty our currency account. Recently, everyone of my friends had a tire blowout on the side of the road. We had to pay for a tow truck to retrieve our vehicle, plus we had to buy two new tires for the front of our vehicle. We spent all of the currency in our currency account a few months before that happened, everyone of us had to replace the oven in our kitchen. Now, the two of my friends are easily feeling upset, because the heating, ventilation, plus A/C equipment in our grand residence is no longer working. I’ve had it up to my neck with problems that drain my bank account, and now every one of my friends have to fix the heating, ventilation, plus A/C equipment. It’s going to cost close to $1,000 to make the necessary repairs, and that happens to be twice as much money as everyone of us have saved. Every one of us had barely any choices at all, as the temperatures outside were already quite cold, plus there was no way we could live without the central heating, ventilation plus A/C equipment. Our heating, ventilation, plus A/C supplier easily provided us with financing for the repairs, but that is still money that will have to come out of our pocket every single month. Every one of us hope we can eventually get ahead Plus stay in that position.

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What a mess we found ourselves in

As soon as a few dollars pile-up in our pocket, the people I was with and myself always have several problems that seem to happen at the same problem. Whether it happens to be an emergency dental procedure, or tires for the new truck, something always depletes the money in our brand bank account. The people I was with and myself had a pretty fat stack, when we found out that our oil furnace needed to be replaced. The people I was with and myself were hopeful that the oil furnace could be repaired, because it wasn’t even a decade-old at the time. Unfortunately, the people I was with and myself found out that the oil furnace needed too many repairs. It would cost nearly as much to repair it, as it would cost for the people I was with and myself to replace it with a new oil furnace. Luckily, the people I was with and myself had several oil furnace options, which hour heating technician explained to both of us. The people and myself didn’t have as much money as we needed, but they had a pretty decent financing program. Since we had pretty nice credit, the people I was with and myself were able to get a new oil furnace with a 2.9% interest rate. Our payments are very low, which should help the two of us to start stacking fat dollars in our bank account again. There’s no way we could be without our oil furnace, because cold weather is looming on the horizon. Thank goodness our trusty oil furnace repair shop was able to finance us a great deal.

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The surprise is being ruined

When the two of us seem to find a way to get everything paid, something always happens to get rid of all of our money. The two of us spent $500 recently, when the two of us absolutely had to buy multiple tires for our Jeep. The two of us depleted our savings, which was supposed to take the two of us on a week-long vacation to the desert. When the two of us had managed to add several hundred dollars back into our bank account, the two of us had to have emergency dental surgery. This absolutely cost us multiple hundred dollars, as the two of us are without very good dental insurance. As soon as the two of us had absolutely cleared multiple hundred dollars in our bank account again, the two of us absolutely had to repair the heating as well as air conditioning component in our Victorian Cottage. There was no way for the two of us to go without the heating as well as air conditioning component, because it was only 16 degrees outside when it stopped working. The two of us don’t assume what we will do anymore. It would be a whole lot cheaper to live in a trailer, in the middle of nowhere. When the two of us contacted our regular heating as well as air conditioning component provider, they absolutely provided us with multiple troubleshooting areas to look into. When the two of us could not find out the problem with our heating as well as air conditioning component, the two of us contacted our supplier for service. The two of us were absolutely happy to find out they could help.

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What a mess we’re in

Just when it seems like our bills are caught up, something honestly breaks. I honestly installed modern tires on our new Jeep last week. That honestly set myself in addition to others back a cool $500. Then, I got a pretty nice bonus at my job. I was happy with the money honestly in my savings, because I wanted to find a way to take a bath hey me and vacation later that year. A week after my first interest statement, the washing machine in addition to dryer broke down. Then I had to have an emergency root canal. Things just keep adding up one after another. Just when I was sure that the bills were up to date again, the furnace inside of the house bit the Dust. Now I just feel like I want to sell the house in addition to live in a mobile trailer. When I contacted the heating in addition to A/C professional, they said it would be at least $1,000 to replace the system. She could send someone out to provide us with an estimate on a furnace repair in addition to a furnace replacement. I knew I could never afford that, but the lady on the phone said they had a financing program with a modest interest rate. I didn’t want to be in more debt, but I needed a furnace repair in a hurry. Since the weather outside is getting frigid, it’s important that my furnace will work in the cabin. Numerous items seem to honestly pop up, and addition to the fact that I will never have a single Dollar in my savings account.

HVAC service plan 

A financial mess

Just when I think I am finally on top of my bills, something else breaks. I just had to install new tires on my car. That set me back $500. Then, I got a bonus at work. I put it in my savings but I really was hoping to take a vacation to the Bahamas some time this year. Of course, a week later my washing machine died and need to be replaced. Then, I found out that I needed a root canal. My dental insurance isn’t the best, so that sets me back another $400. Then, Christmas time rolled around and I had to buy presents for all of nieces and nephews. I just finally thought I had gotten a hang of my bills, when my furnace decided to bite the dust. I just don’t know what to do anymore! I am thinking of selling my house and just living in a trailer out in the woods and living off the land. I called an HVAC technician for a quote on my furnace and he said that it would be $3000 to fix it or $4500 to just go and get a new one installed. I don’t have that kind of money, I told him. He said I could finance it at a fairly low interest rate. Great, I thought, what I need is more debt. I guess I won’t be going to the Bahamas anytime soon. It’s starting to get very cold and I don’t have a heating system. I thought maybe I could get by without one for a while, but next week it’s supposed to get below freezing and if my pipes freeze, it could end up costing me thousands more in repairs. I am just going to have to get the furnace installed and go into more debt.

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This should be helping us

When I first moved to this country, I was genuinely impressed with all the incredible technology everywhere. I couldn’t know that practically every location I went to, there was heating and cooling technology available at all times. In my former country, having Heating and A/C technology in location was only for the richer people. I actually wasn’t complaining, as this was really an amazing thing. I was really so fascinated with Heating and A/C technologies that I wanted to learn a great deal more about it all. I decided to go to a local trade school to study about heating and cooling. I thought it would be a fantastic idea to eventually become a certified Heating and A/C worker. I knew that since heating and cooling technology was pretty much everywhere in this terrific country, there would consistently be a lot of company in this particular field for us to work for. It took me awhile to finally become certified as an Heating and A/C professional. The journey was actually well worth the time though. I never would have guessed how complicated this technology legitimately is until I went to school for it then. The difficult area for me was the hands on training. It took me quite some time to legitimately understand what I was doing, but in due time, I became quite a fantastic worker at repairing Heating and A/C systems. I would actually request that all people have respected check ups on their Heating and A/C device because if you neglect it, you are putting your investments at risk. You wouldn’t want your expensive devices to fail on you just because you were slacking on getting a professional service. It is also not wise to work on your Heating and A/C plans yourself if you haven’t been respectfully trained to take care of it!

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For the love of my country

When I first moved to this country, I was very impressed with the incredible technology. I couldn’t believe that practically every locale I went to, there was heating and cooling technology available. In my former country, having Heating & A/C technology in your locale was only for rich folk. I definitely wasn’t complaining, as this was genuinely an amazing thing. I was entirely fascinated with Heating & A/C technology that I wanted to learn a fantastic deal more about it all. I decided to go to a trade university to learn about heating and cooling. I thought it would be fantastic to eventually become a Heating & A/C worker. I knew that since heating and cooling technology was pretty much everywhere in this attractive country, there would typically be a lot of corporations in this certain field. It took a few of us awhile to finally become certified as a Heating & A/C professional. The journey was very well worth it in the end. I never would have guessed how complicated this technology honestly is until I went to university for it. The hard section for myself and some others was the hands on training involved. It took me personally quite some time to honestly understand what I was doing, however in due time, I became honestly quite good at working on Heating & A/C systems. I would very suggest that all people have the correct check ups on their Heating & A/C equipment because if you don’t, you are putting your investments at risk. You wouldn’t want your high-priced equipment to fail on you just because you were slacking on getting professional repair. It is also not wise to work on your Heating & A/C plan yourself if you haven’t been officially trained to take care of it yourself!

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We’re checking the air conditioner

When I first moved to this great country, I was entirely impressed with all the incredible technology. I couldn’t think that practically every place I went, there was heating and cooling technology available. In our former country, having Heating plus Air Conditioning technology in place was only for the rich people. I wasn’t complaining, as this was easily an amazing thing. I was so incredibly fascinated with Heating plus Air Conditioning technology that I wanted to learn all I could about it all. I decided to go to a trade school to study heating and cooling. I thought it would be great to eventually become a Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist. I knew that since heating and cooling technology was pretty much everywhere in this lovely country, there would constantly be a lot of company in this unique and desired field. It took myself and a few others a little while to finally become certified as a Heating plus Air Conditioning professional. The journey was entirely well worth it however. I never would have guessed how complicated this technology entirely is until I went to school for it. The hard area for myself and others was the hands on training. It took myself and others quite some time to entirely understand what I was doing, but in due time, I became entirely great at undoubtedly working on Heating plus Air Conditioning systems. I would entirely request that all people have official check ups on their Heating as well as Air Conditioning device because if you don’t, you are really putting your investments at great risk. You wouldn’t want your high-priced devices to fail on you just because you were slacking on getting the professional repairs. It is also not wise to task away on your Heating plus Air Conditioning plan yourself if you haven’t been properly trained to take care of it!

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I love this country

When I first moved to this wonderful country, I was truly impressed with all the incredible technology. I couldn’t understand that practically every place I went to, there was heating plus cooling technology available. In my former country, having Heating plus A/C technology in place was only for wealthy people. I absolutely wasn’t complaining, as this was actually an amazing thing. I was really so fascinated with Heating plus A/C technology that I wanted to learn a great deal more about it. I decided to go to a trade school to learn about heating plus cooling. I thought it would be great to eventually become a Heating plus A/C professional. I knew that since heating plus cooling technology was pretty much everywhere in this beautiful country, there would consistently be a lot of suppliers in this particular field as well. It took myself and others awhile to finally become certified as an Heating plus A/C professional. The journey was absolutely worth it though. I never would have guessed how complicated this technology particularly is until I went to school for it all. The hard part for myself and some others was the hands on training. It took me quite some time to even understand what I was doing, however in due time, I became particularly fantastic at working on Heating plus A/C systems. I would absolutely suggest that all people have regular check ups on their Heating plus A/C component because if you don’t, you are putting your hard earned investments at risk. You wouldn’t want your costly components to fail on you just because you were slacking on getting professional service. It is also not wise to work on your Heating plus A/C system yourself if you haven’t been officially trained to take care of it!

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I love this country

When I first moved to this country, I was very impressed with all the incredible technology. I couldn’t believe that practically every place I went to, there was heating and cooling technology available. In my former country, having HVAC technology in place was only for rich people. I certainly wasn’t complaining, as this was truly an amazing thing. I was actually so fascinated with HVAC technology that I wanted to learn a great deal more about it all. I decided to go to a trade school to study about heating and cooling. I thought it would be great to eventually become an HVAC technician. I knew that since heating and cooling technology was pretty much everywhere in this wonderful country, there would always be a lot of business in this particular field. It took me awhile to finally become certified as an HVAC professional. The journey was certainly well worth it though. I never would have guessed how complicated this technology really is until I went to school for it. The hard part for me was the hands on training. It took me quite some time to really understand what I was doing, but in due time, I became really good at working on HVAC systems. I would definitely recommend that all people have regular check ups on their HVAC equipment because if you don’t, you are putting your investments at risk. You wouldn’t want your expensive equipment to fail on you just because you were slacking on getting professional maintenance. It is also not wise to work on your HVAC system yourself if you haven’t been properly trained to take care of it!

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That was so much fun

Just last weekend, I took my partner to this mountain hiking trail. It was a lovely national park. It was a perfectly sunny afternoon, plus it wasn’t even that humid outside. We walked for hours and just enjoyed the marvelous sites. After a while, it was starting to become a bit sizzling out there. I suppose it was all the hiking that was starting to wear us out. I saw a souvenir shop, so we went inside. We were welcomed into the shop with perfectly chilled air from the appealing A/C system. That cool air was such a pleasant surprise. I observed that the shop had a lot of people inside. I figured that everyone was trying to escape the heat of the afternoon and enjoy some air conditioning. I had to compliment the people about their A/C system, and they told me that since it attracted so many people inside, they kept the temperature down lower than normal to compensate for all the body heat inside the store. I thought that was wonderful planning. I purchased a few souvenirs for my partner and I. We were hesitant to leave the shop, but we wanted to see a few other sites then head back home. The A/C was nice while it lasted, and at least we were able to cool off quite a bit. I bet that souvenir shop gets a lot of business.

I would love to be an impressive guy

My wife and I love to go to see a new film every month, if possible. We love to keep up on the latest hit film releases and really do enjoy seeing them. One of the most crucial things we’ve come to notice from all the different theaters we’ve been to is the variations on the heating and cooling systems. I remember one time we went to one nearby and had a bad experience. It was as hot as a furnace in the room and a bad smell as well. We could barely make it through half the film before we were forced to get up and leave. It felt like the heat was turned on instead of the air conditioning. And the awful aroma was most likely from the disgusting indoor air pollen levels. Something in the air was putrid, causing my wife’s dust allergies to act up like never before. We noticed that others were leaving right behind us!  The following week, we went back to the same theater and they had at least eliminated the terrible odor. The air conditioning was working great and the allergens were gone! We asked the director what had gone wrong, and they said that the Heating and A/C system was messed up and needed major repair. This is what caused the heat and the smell, and he also mentioned that they got an air purification system installed to combat the poor air quality. We were certainly glad to hear that the problem was fixed. If it hadn’t, we would certainly not be going to that theatre again! Now, let’s enjoy the film!

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I truly have always been a home body

Last week I was getting what was supposed to be the first sound night’s sleep I had in ages. But all of a sudden I heard this loud, unsettling noise coming from the basement! Descending the steps to the basement, it turned out to be what I had feared – the very old gas furnace that came with the house. After all the years of living here, I never even gave it a thought that a furnace needs attention. But the noise was quite a wake-up call.  After a sleepless night of listening to the noise, I called our local heating and cooling business, hoping that they were able to work on my old furnace. Thankfully, they were. Before long, an HVAC technician arrived to take a look. He told me that my problem was quite simple, and it was what I suspected. The heating system was long overdue for maintenance. He worked immediately went to work on it, replacing some parts, cleaning others, and generally looking the furnace over for other issues. Once he finished, he informed me of future maintenance and yearly plans that they offered. One thing he did mention was that if I didn’t start regular maintenance procedures, that things could get pretty ugly. Eventually, he said, it would get to a point when it would no longer be able to be repaired. At this point, I couldn’t afford a new gas furnace. So I was very agreeable to sign up for their maintenance plan, having learned what could have been a disastrous lesson.

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This heater does work great

My family and I enjoy skiing at ski resorts each winter. Typically,  we do this in January. It’s usually incredibly cold, but of course, that comes with the territory. As seasoned skiers, we know how to bundle up with lots of layers before heading out to the slopes.  After a long day of skiing fun and getting totally exhausted, we call it a day and go back to the resort. We enjoy a defrosting session, as we call it, by sitting in front of the very large fireplace. As the evening fades away and fire gradually goes out, we go to our room and crank up the heat. But this year, the furnace wasn’t working well at all. We couldn’t it. So we contacted the front desk folks, who apologized and assured us it would be fixed soon. The heating technician looked things over and announced that it couldn’t be serviced that night. So after about an hour of huddling under blankets, we were reassigned to a new room with a very warm heater. It was wonderful and the thermostat indicated that the room was a toasty 76 degrees. Everything worked out fine and we enjoyed a wonderful night’s sleep. All in all, we had a great time, despite the mishap at the beginning of our trip.


The heater did die on us

I have a pretty nice gym at my house and always love to get a daily workout in. The other day, my muscles were actually sore from my recent intense workout! I asked my husband if he would give me a massage, and he did. He does fantastic messages. I was so incredibly relaxed, and was enjoying it a lot, when abruptly the A/C suddenly shut off. It quickly started to heat up inside our house. This killed the moment for me and my husband. The massage was fantastic while it lasted though. I actually did feel a whole lot better. I knew that I couldn’t possibly get any future workouts in anytime soon without the cool air from the air conditioner. I called up the local HVAC business to come out for repairs. They were able to send a serviceman out that day. I was so ecstatic that they were able to arrive so hastily. They inspected the heating and air conditioning unit. The serviceman hastily got to the root of the problem. I was surprised at how fast he had our heating and air conditioning program going. Before I knew it, the perfectly chilled air was cooling down our warm house once again. Then my husband asked me for a massage, so I got right to it. The cool air actually did motivate me even though my muscles were still a little bit sore. I was thinking that I would get a nice workout in the very next day. There’s nothing like lifting weights while being in the cool air from the A/C.

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How do you clean air ducts?

I work in the business office at a local private university.  Right now, I basically don’t possess any sort of title. I am just out of grad school trying to find a way into the educational system, I  have learned that you take what you can get. I’m pretty much the go to lady for people who absolutely need help from the business’ office. Well, this week, I was given an assignment off the charts insane. I did a double take when they asked me to do this particular assignment, however there wasn’t any getting out of it.  The HVAC equipment was as old as the building itself. Nobody even knew if they were having proper repairs done and/or quality checks. I had to research all of the HVAC providers in the local area in order to find the most cost effective provider for a situation for a university. It took me several weeks of interviewing HVAC companies, reading their reviews, and following up on those reviews. The university didn’t have money to waste on this venture. It’s a single take only. I finally picked the best HVAC provider, and they came out to the university with a team of techs to assess the entire university. I knew that it was going to take more than an afternoon, but I was shocked when it took them more than a week. They went over every single vent on the property, took readings from all of the furnaces and a/c’s and drew a completely detailed review of their findings.  We were correct in our thinking. The current heating and A/C system was so outdated that it wasn’t giving off the right temperatures.

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A very small heating system

I cannot wait until I am able to live on our own. I totally loathe roommates.  First, I was the the baby of 7 siblings. I was consistently forgotten and my voice meant nothing, and then I went to college and lived the dorm life. I actually found myself wishing I lived back at home with my family after that experience! Now, I’m in grad school so I have graduated into having roommates.  While, I have a lot more independence, I am a victim of other people’s poor habits. How difficult is it to remember to turn off the a/c or heat when you are leaving the home when no one else is home? Is it entirely necessary to freeze out the whole household with ice cold a/c when it is not even hot outside?! I tend to run cold, and I am not kidding. I’ve been known to run a heater, even in the summertime. I have zero tolerance for overzealous thermostat abusers, but what’s worse, is that we split the utility bills four ways. So, while I would prefer the a/c off, I have to pay for it! I came to the conclusion that I needed to find a way to be more comfortable in my room while at the same time getting back at the others in the house. I purchased a portable electric heater. Whenever any of them turn on the a/c excessively, I close the vents in my room and turn that heater on high!

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Effective air filter

The Pure Air Filter System is this relatively new product on the market for the medical field.  It’s a particular type of air filter that was been designed particularly for hospitals, operating rooms, clean rooms, and as of late doctor’s offices, Those areas are clearly at the greatest risk for major infection.  Hospitals came together many years ago and asked for a current and much more effective air filter system. The Pure Air Filter System is the result of that request. Now, people are asking how they can go about getting them into their own homes and/or offices. Our entire environment is more polluted than has ever been seen before in history. Allergy sufferer numbers are increasing at an alarming rate, to the point that doctors have been baffled by the increase for years. The Pure Air Filter System could possibly be the solution to bring into people’s lives to help filter out the pollutants in the air that are making them sick. While it’s debated that the costs are rather high for this Pure Air Filter System, the results are supporting the fact that you have to change air filters much less than before.  While the upgrade may be costly, you’re going to see the extreme savings in your future heating and/or cooling bills. I am here to tell you that you have to try out this program before you dispel it, and you just don’t know how lucky you are have this available to households right now!

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I am sure training will go well

Part of my job working with the state involves recertification every year. I am an electrical engineer and responsible for many of these systems that are used in newer construction. It always seems I spend more time behind the desk than in the field. However, I’m required to take certain safety classes every year to maintain my license! Some of these are online courses and are easy to complete, while others are conducted in a classroom and can be truly hard. A good example of one of those kinds would be the one last week! The training was entirely held in a classroom in a building where there was no electricity going as of yet. The training was set for late July and the weather was already harshly warm. They wanted us to have a hands-on experience as to what the construction crews dealt with when getting ready to put up a building. Dealing with it firsthand was quite different than looking at it on a diagram, and I assume I got their points as to why they have it there. I could not believe that we had to sit in the extreme hot sunlight all day without any form of air conditioner to keep us comfortable. Again, I assume this was to make us more sympathetic to the people who entirely had to work with our plans. They wanted us to experience what it would be like to walk in the shoes of the people we were asking to build what was put down on paper. I am sure that those at the training who were responsible for designing the HVAC system absolutely got a different view of what it was like. I can say that we have a much higher level of respect now for those who are doing this type of job!

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I realized what we needed

When I was in my late teens it seems that my parents and I never seemed to agree on anything, whether all of us were discussing what classes I should take in school or how I should fold the laundry, it didn’t matter. I had the opposite opinion that they did.  When I finally had enough of the crap, I decided to get a home of my own at age 18 so that I could do things my own way; The concern was, many of the things I decided to do, turned out to be a disaster, however i will never forget the time that my heat went out in my home and I decided to try to repair it myself. This was a major mistake on all different levels. My first mistake was the fact that I knew nothing about HVAC systems, but before even bothering to call the contractor, I decided to take the outside casing off of the furnace and see if I could figure out what was wrong. When that didn’t work, I made my other mistake which was calling my dad. When he arrived and realized what I had done, he immediately lectured me on the safety of toiling with electrical things when I don’t have any experience, and he then proceeded to contact the HVAC contractor to see about getting the heat fixed. My landlord however was not glad that I had dismantled the front of the furnace prior to calling an HVAC contractor. She was pissed that I now had voided the warranty on the device but lucky for her, the contractor was understanding of what I had done. He was able to repair the heat in a matter of moments and I promised to never attempt to repair something like that again on my own!

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A new cooling system

I always check out the latest tech magazines and by doing this, i’m always learning about modern innovations. Is simply amazing that people come up with these days to make our lives run easier. I was studying the latest issue of one of these magazines in and they were talking about what people have discovered to keep us cool, and now you might think in the middle of winter, that would be the last thing that people would want to think about, but, these inventions take time to get on the market. They even have websites for inventors that are trying to get funding to put their products out there for the consumers. These entirely interest me. This one had invented a way to provide consumers a personal cooling system that they could take along with them on picnics or getaways. It could either be run by batteries or plugged into the wall, and it even had Bluetooth capability. It had a sort of water reservoir but worked more as an evaporator more than your traditional cooling system. The built-in fan would force the air across the cooled water and once it evaporated, it would provide the comfort of a small cooling system. The concept is entirely original, however the supplier is far from getting the funding needed to put such a unit on the market. I am not sure how well it would sell anyway because if you were sitting in the hot sun or a hot room, you would only have a small portion of yourself cooled by such a tiny machine. Still all in all, I find it fascinating that people are inventing things everyday to make our lives easier or more comfortable.

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My house has dirty water

Our backyard is basically a swamp! I do hate to phrase it that way, but it is undeniable. However, my fiance doesn’t agree with me when I tell him that if we just planted a bunch of trees in the backyard, their roots will help to suck up the water. I also told him that it would help to keep the sitting water at a minimum. Still, he simply refuses, saying that the roots would just end up ripping up our plumbing beneath the house. To me, that excuse is almost laughable, because we have the world’s worst exterior plumbing plan already. The everpresent pond in the backyard isn’t even supposed to be there in the first place. My fiance has this strange submersible pump hooked up to it to suck the water down into the drainage pipes. But on top of that, the pipes leading to our basement are located directly below our deck and they’re consistently getting congested with leaves, mud, and muck. My fiance got so exhausted he decided to call our plumber to come out and snake our pipes. And he ended up buying us our own drain snake. I do find it rather odd to have this commercial grade plumbing tool sitting on the deck, but my fiance says that it will start to pay for itself soon. He may be right, but I believe that my solution makes more sense. Not only will planting trees get rid of some of our water problem, but trees are significantly cheaper than emergency plumbers or drain snakes!

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This is a problem

There’s been a problem with our heating and cooling system as of late, plus it has become really aggravating. It looks like the device has been freezing up based on what we found online while trying to figure out what the problem might be.  Apparently, the problem is not as unusual as one would think. After doing tons of research we realized that there are a few different causes and solutions for the issue. According to the many articles online, the first thing you need to do if you notice that your HVAC system has been freezing up is to turn it off then let it defrost. However, once you have done that, be sure to check to make sure that there is air flow as well as wash all of the components on the device to make sure there is no dust or debris on them. When we did that, we found that it took a lot longer than we thought it would, not to mention, we were without our a/c for most of the day. I was skeptical as to whether this was going to make a difference or not, but after we completed all of the cleaning and turned it back on, it did actually seem to work fine.  I still placed a call to our local HVAC supplier so that they could come out and fully inspect the device because I simply did not want to have any further problems. The last thing I needed was to be stuck in hot house with all the kids complaining. I was happy that we went online to try to find a solution, but I still trust the professional opinion of our heating and cooling company much more than personal opinions.

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A virtually free source of energy

My family owns close to a hundred acres of vineyards.  We’ve been involved in the grape farming industry for a long time.  My ancestors were grape farmers, plus the business and land have been handed down through generations.  We’ve traditionally sold our grapes for jams, jelly, and juice. I’ve tried making wine, and have gotten superb at it.  It’s grown to the point that we really need to build a facility. We can’t manage our operation in the basement of the house anymore.  The winery needs adequate space for the wine making, and needs to protect the integrity with superior temperature control. The reason we grow grapes in this area is the weather.  The long winter and humid summers make perfect conditions. However, the swing between below zero temperatures and triple digits are awful for wine making. We needed a compact heating/cooling method that runs on electricity plus yet doesn’t cost us a fortune to purchase and install.  I did some research online then spoke with a local Heating, Ventilation and A/C dealer. We found a ductless mini-split for the perfect solution. A ductless mini-split is made of an indoor plus outdoor unit, that are connected by a conduit. The conduit requires a three inch hole in the exterior wall.  The unit mounts high on the wall then is controlled by a remote. It features heating plus cooling capacity, operates very quietly, plus is energy efficient.

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Carbon monoxide problems

When my furnace hastily quit, I expected a minor repair.  The heater was only three-years-old at the time. I’d invested a bit of money into the purchase & installation of the furnace & had diligently changed the filter.  I didn’t bother with annual service from a professional HVAC dealer. It seemed like a waste of money to me. I thought the furnace would continue to run reliably for at least several years.  It failed without much warning, in the middle of the weekend, when the outside temperature was twenty degrees. Since my small apartment started getting cold and uncomfortable, I instantly called for repair.  The specialist checked the entire system & told me there was a big crack in the heat exchanger. At that time, I didn’t realize the importance of a heat exchanger. It’s the biggest line of defense against combustion byproducts entering the home.  Combustion byproducts include some carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and sometimes formaldehyde. They are deadly. A heat exchanger is more expensive to update than the entire heating system. I had not kept up with professional service, so my warranty did not cover the problem.  I took out a loan to purchase & pay for a brand new oil furnace. This time, I enrolled in a service plan so as to fulfill the requirements of the warranty. An HVAC specialist cleans, troubleshoots, and adjusts the furnace every year, removing buildup of dust, which leads to overheating as well as cracks in the heat exchanger.

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I’m having a lot of fun

Most of my family is located down south, where we don’t see snow and run our AC all year round.  A few years ago, my sibling Jim moved north for a job opportunity. He begs me to visit him to see the snow. I resisted until last year, when I visited for several days.  Stepping off the plane, I knew I’d made a mistake. It was the coldest I’d felt in my life. Walking to Jim’s car was pure torture. It snowed like crazy, and the temperature was freezing cold.  I sat shivering, with the heat blasting, while Jim spent minutes brushing off snow and scraping off ice. Even when we arrived at Jim’s apartment, I couldn’t get hot enough. He turned up the control unit, and I sat directly in front of the vent.  Although Jim loaned me warm clothes, fuzzy socks, and a coat, I couldn’t get warm enough for the cold temperatures. I didn’t want to step away from the furnace to do any winter sports. I didn’t want to leave the apartment for any reason. I wanted to stay by the heat.  I’m sure Jim pays huge bills, just to heat the tiny apartment. He can’t breathe fresh air, because the weather is so cold. We rushed to get inside to the heat everywhere we went.

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What a tropper

When you live in the southern area of the country you tend to be prepared for harsh storms more than others around the country! My family typically has a supply of freshwater in the basement and plenty of batteries on hand for flashlights. This past summertime has been worse than most and we all have had several power outages that have lasted four or five days. My dad finally caved in and contacted our local heating and cooling  company about installing a whole home generator for just such occasions. They have been advertising for quite a while about different specials that they are running and he finally decided to take advantage of one of them. All of us have a portable generator that must be run out in the yard and have to typically added to it, but with the installation of a whole home generator, we will no longer need to do that or worry about the carbon monoxide poisoning it comes from a portable a single. The new generator will run on natural gas and will not be reliant on electricity to operate it, however with regular ventilation this is the best thing that all of us can do to prevent the spoilage of food or lack of a heating and cooling system while I was in these times. When the power goes out we lose the ability to heat or cool our home depending on the time of year and that can be detrimental as well.  During the summertime is simply means that you will be uncomfortably warm but if it is winter season time, the lack of heat in your home can cause problems both with the home itself and your health.

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Is this the best plumbing choice?

I’ve decided to make our kids start cleaning the lavatories in our house. The two of us have many full lavatories & the fact that I have six children means that all the lavatories are always getting dirty! A few weeks ago, both of us ended up having to get a plumbing supplier to come in & completely re-plumb all of the pipes in our downstairs lavatory, however it’s the lavatory that gets the most use in our house, really because it’s in between many of the kids’ kitchen & the TV room. I’m pretty sure that our youngest son, our seven year old, has taken a liking to flushing random things down the toilet, but my plumber told me that when she flushed out all of the pipes, she found things like a baby blanket, a stuffed toy bear, a lego, a ping-pong ball, & a sock. However, she also found a whole bunch of baby wipes & she said that there is entirely nothing worse for plumbing pipes than baby wipes. But, after the plumber finished all of the plumbing service work on the lavatory, she handed me the bill, and when I saw how much it was going to cost me, I decided right then & there that our kids were going to have to start taking responsibility for the lavatories in the house. I showed them the bill too, & they were a little bit shocked when I told them the cash would be coming out of their getaway fund! Now, our 5 older children disinfect the sinks, the toilets, the bathtubs, & the showers in our house. My youngest son, who has been banned from using baby wipes, helps in the lavatories by getting the laundry & the trash together. His siblings watch him like about a hawk now, too, just to make sure she doesn’t “accidentally” flush anything.

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We have a lot of plumbing work to do

I’m ready to have our lavatory remodeled, however our partner disagrees; We’ve lived in the same condo for the past twelve years, and the two of us have never once done any remodeling on the lavatory in our master bedroom. When the two of us first moved in, the lavatory seemed to be something out of a magazine. I loved it! It had a substantial garden bathtub with brass faucets, a separate shower stall, two pedestal sinks and a private toilet area. The walls were done in this different golden color that looked nice with the faucet hardware, and I had no problem with leaving the lavatory just like it was when the two of us moved in. Over the years, though, your taste in interior decorating changes just a little bit. At this point, I would definitely love to get rid of those two pedestal sinks because there is unquestionably no storage at all in the lavatory. Sinks like that are freestanding, and so there is no counter space or cabinet space at all in our lavatory. The other thing that I’m weary of is the shower stall and the sliding shower doors installed on it. I would prefer to put in a shower with a single of those extravagant overhead shower heads and I’d love to have a shower stall that has enough space for two people to sit down in, and lastly, I would want to paint the walls and then replace all of the bright brass lavatory plumbing hardware with something less flashy; I’d love to have faucets and handles with a brushed nickel finish instead of that shiny gold color.


Doing some plumbing

I cannot understand why my dad thinks that he has to tackle every single new home improvement project in his apartment himself! There are professionals out there that do certain things for a living, like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, plus carpet installers, and why not call those guys when you need something done? I understand the need to save currency, but my dad is pretty well set up with a good retirement income. When he decided to completely remodel his living room plumbing plus bathroom plumbing at the same time, I told him how ecstatic I was to hear it, because his apartment easily could use some updating! I asked which plumbing company he was going to use and he said, “Ha! Who needs a plumbing business? I’m going to take care of these plumbing projects by myself!” Right then and there, I knew that there was going to be trouble! Sure, my dad was capable of taking out a faucet handle or fixing a clogged toilet, but he was no plumbing professional, i knew that and re-plumbing the living room sink plus the water filtration system, he was also planning to upgrade everything in the entire bathroom. I couldn’t even imagine him doing an involved task like installing a new bathtub, shower, toilet, or sink. I easily hope he comes to his senses plus calls our local plumbing company to come over and do the upgrade or at least to supply him an estimate on the plumbing job. I’m afraid that if he tries to do all the plumbing himself, I’ll come over to visit plus the entire apartment will be underwater!

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The pipes need to be clean

Last month when the marble sink in our powder room abruptly messed up plus flooded the entire powder room, I called our local plumbing company to come out plus do an emergency plumbing repair visit, i knew that an emergency plumbing call would cost more than just a normal plumbing repair visit; however, in this situation, we honestly needed a professional plumber to come to the current home instantaneously. See, my wife had been trying to repair a leaking faucet in our powder room, plus she was trying to do it all herself, and she had looked up a couple of videos online plus she was following along with their instruction on what to do to repair the faucet! Well, I don’t believe if these videos were meant to be a joke or if my wife just didn’t follow the guidelines respectfully. However, not only did we have a leaky faucet – we had an entire flooded powder room! My wife had messed with the wrong pipe plus somehow, she had forgotten to turn the water off to the powder room plumbing before she started the task, then as I threw towel after towel into the powder room to try and save the hardwood flooring from the unexpected flood, I yelled at my wife that she could go and get a liferaft to live in or she could call the plumber. She rolled her eyes at me as she mopped up water from the floor plus then she told me to call the plumber because she was just too embarrassed. I don’t honestly blame her. It was pretty embarrassing when I had to explain to the plumbing company that my wife flooded our powder room while doing something as simple as repairing a leaky faucet.


Setting up the heater

My wife, Phillis and I have a couple of children, many pets, one dog and a rabbit.  The two of us also have full-time tasks and an undoubtedly large house to take care of.  All of our teenagers are involved in various activities and extracurricular stuff. The two of us are so busy that the people I was with and I spend the majority of our time in the car, and barely eat a meal at our living room table.  It is just about impossible to keep up with necessary tasks, such as laundry, grocery shopping, and general upkeep. We’ve needed to do everything possible to simplify our lives and eliminate troubles, disruption and wasted time. One of the smartest things Phil and I ever did was to get a new smart thermostat.  The smart thermostat provides perks above and beyond simple temperature control. Because the thermostat is connected to our home’s internet, the people I was with and I now have access to the heating and cooling method from wherever the people I was with and I happen to be. Whether the people I was with and I are resting in the bleachers at a hoops game, stuck at our jobs, or hanging out in the car, the people I was with and I can monitor and make changes to the gas furnace or a/c from our smartphones.  Even if Phillis and I forget to adjust the thermostat prior to leaving for our jobs, the people I was with and I can simply turn up or turn down temperature to conserve energy. There’s never a need to maintain an empty house at the perfect temperature. Plus, the thermostat has really acquired our usual schedule and automatically adjusts now. It also sends us alerts in the event of an issue, temperature fluctuation, service issues, or need for a filter change. The two of us can track our energy usage and take advantage of great tips to trim costs, which has saved us enough cash to pay for the new thermostat.  

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How important is this temperature control?

I am dedicated to physical fitness, plus have set up a gym in our residence.  I converted 1 of the greater family rooms into an open area where I can exercise whenever I have the time.  I typically spend 1 to several hours per day in our beach house gym. I’ve invested in a wide variety of equipment, including free weights, a jump rope, kettlebells, weight bench, treadmill plus rowing machine.  Because of the weather in the area where I reside, I am only rarely able to open the windows plus allow in some fresh air. The drastic year round climate insists on some type of heating or cooling most of the time.  Many years ago, I upgraded our heating plus cooling system to zone control, which allows myself and others to set great temperatures in each room of the house. I maintain our beach house gym at a much cooler temperature than the rest of the home.  This not only increases comfort, but saves myself and others quite a bit of cash. However, the smell in our beach house gym is an issue. Without ventilation, the smell of sweat became rather intense plus unbearable. After consulting with a local Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation, I had a whole beach house ventilation system put in.  The ventilator brings in fresh outside air to upgrade the stale, gross indoor air. It helps with excessive humidity during the summertime plus combats overly dry air in the colder months. The ventilator is the equivalent of opening a window without the energy losses. In the winter, it really uses the warm, outgoing air to preheat the fresh, incoming air, which saves myself and others cash.  

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We’re distraught

For a long while, I never provided any thought to the condition of the air ducts put in our home.  I was scared about the furnace & air conditioning, & made sure to schedule respected upkeep a couple of times per year.  I completely forgot about the duct system & simply expected it to continue to operate wonderfully. However, this led to issues with comfort, energy waste & unnecessary costs.  I first witnessed a problem with the air quality in our home. Because of the weather conditions where I reside, the house is sealed tight for the majority of the time, with no option to open the doors.  I depend heavily on the furnace & undefined, & pollutants get trapped & continually pushed around. I am undoubtedly aware of the cleanliness & health of our home, because of our flu symptoms. When there was a ton more dust floating around & building up on surfaces, our symptoms got worse.  I was waking up in the afternoon with extreme headaches, & spending our nights coughing, sneezing & suffering a scratchy throat. After changing the air filter, & finding an unusually extreme buildup of stuff, I called our Heating & Air Conditioning supplier for an appointment. The serviceman checked the furnace, & found no issues.  She then checked the duct system & discovered multiple gaps. These leaks were allowing heated & cooled air to get out, causing energy waste, higher utility bills & greater strain on the furnace & air conditioning system. Plus, these gaps were drawing in outside air & distributing allergens, bacteria & other things throughout our space.  The Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman recommended duct patching, which was a surprisingly costly, non-invasive & quick process.

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