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Breathing the air in all day

Indoor air quality is terribly concerning for me.  I’ve been struggling with dire allergy problems since I was but a kid.  It seems as though every season, the weather conditions change and that presents new challenges.  The pollen, mold, as well as exhaust fumes outside are not anything I can control. Inside my home, though, I have taken every precaution for creating a healthy, scrubbed environment.  I make certain to have my furnace as well as my air conditioner professionally serviced as well as tested never less than every 2 years. The Heating, Ventilation & A/C corporation accesses the inner workings in order to remove any built up contaminants.  He’s actually shown me the accumulation of dirt as well as mold growth, which could maybe enter my breathing space every time the heater or air conditioner cranks up. After a bit of research, we decided to take the more proactive approach. I spent money on an indoor air system accessory called the germicidal UV lamp.  I absolutely love it and have more than 2 UV lights which are incorporated into the inner workings of the HVAC. The UV lamps are totally silent, require nearly no service, as well as effectively targeting contaminants before they get in the home. The UV lamps concentrate on purifying the inner workings of the unit, preventing the growth of mold, mildew as well as bacteria.  The light is absolutely natural as well as much like the sun’s rays, which effectively kill microorganisms. This technology was widely used in dentist’s offices, doctor’s offices, as well as in operating suites. The UV lamps stay on round-the-clock, all the year long, as well as create a much more sanitary breathing environment. Not only is the condo much more enjoyable for me, this technology protects the capacity as well as reliability of my Heating, Ventilation & A/C system.  I pay way less in utility bills, face fewer malfunctions, while the unit should last longer.

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The rides and our a/c equipment

My husband and I love attending carnivals and festivals in our state. Just waiting in line to see an event gets my heart racing. Every Summer, we try to visit as many carnivals and festivals as possible. Last Summer, we visited over fifteen weird carnivals and festivals all within more than four hundred miles from our duplex. My favorite part about carnivals and festivals is the food. That food is on an entirely different level than normal food. In my opinion, the only downfall to carnivals and festivals is the sizzling temperature. When my family goes to a carnival or festival, we are gonna get a least an entire day of fun out of it, which means we don’t leave until the event closes. This means we are there while I was in the most sizzling part of the day. It reaches the peak during midday, and it is often unbearable. I wish they could instal an A/C unit at each location. It would be so much more enjoyable if it wasn’t so sizzline. I suppose it’s entirely not possible to have A/C at each event and place, although I very desire that it was. Rather than enduring this sizzling heat, my husband and I try to find a building that has an air conditioner whenever we want to cool down. We do not believe that this is a huge waste of time like some people. Both of us spend most of the afternoon chowing down our preferred festival foods plus drinks in anticipation for the long night of fun. I can’t wait until next summer.

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Introducing some moisture

When I bought our first house, I was a bit taken aback by the many responsibilities.  I had constantly rented apartments and trusted on a landlord to handle upkeep & repairs.  I didn’t even own a snow shovel, hoe, ladder, hose or grass mower. I had never wiped the vent on a dryer or the aerator on a kitchen faucet.  I didn’t know a thing about draining adumping hot water tank, air filters in our heating/cooling equipment, or sealing around windows. When I moved here, the oil furnace placed into the dwelling was already twelve years old.  It appeared to be in decent condition plus handled the frigid weather without any problem. Every fall, I raised the setting on the temperature control plus started up the oil furnace. Every Spring, I lowered the temperature on the temperature control plus turn off the oil furnace.  Other than putting in new air filters, I wasn’t aware I had to give any more repair. The oil furnace totally overheated, in the heart of the night, while I was in a snowstorm, when the outside temperature was twenty degrees. The Heating & Air Conditioning corporation that came to handle the repair questioned me about our repair program.  I had no clue what she was talking about. She then proceeded to explain to me the legitimately disgusting accumulation of detritus inside the oil furnace. She explained that a buildup of contaminants made the oil furnace to get too hot, which led to a break in the heat exchange. Because I’d failed on having the oil furnace professionally taken care of every year, I had to buy a whole up-to-date oil furnace.  I was forced to eek by with space heat for many nights, while in the replacement process but nearly froze to death.

There is too much pollen in my home

When my spouse, Dave, and I built our home, we  relied heavily on the ideas of the building supplier.  We should have either completed a lot more research ourselves, or brought professionals in the heating fields.  Unfortunately the building supplier just had general knowledge of plumbing, wiring & heating/cooling. We took her recommendation while investing in an electric heat pump to manage our year round temperature needs.  The general supplier told us that the heat pump should effectively & efficiently mitigate the local weather. This is definitely not the case. The heat pump is absolutely underwhelming while I was in the Summer months.  It operates so much like a central cooling system, extracting heat from the air while pumping it inside through the use of refrigerant. The device is extremely quiet and energy efficient, while it successfully reduces humidity levels.  During the cooler months of the Autumn, the heat pump is able to provide comfort. The device undoubtedly reverses itself to find ambient heat in the outside air and then convey it into the home. This process was exceptionally energy efficient, plus keeps our heating costs very low.  We get into a problem when the outside temps drop below freezing. At that point, there is no acceptable ambient heat available and the heat pump can’t maintain It won’t matter how high all of us set the thermostat or how much the heat pump struggles, our home is completely chilly. Since the heat pump keeps running non stop, it costs us a ton in our heating bills.  We’re not gleeful spending a fortune on heat plus then bundling up in coats to keep warm.

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The service took some time

My younger sister is currently in college out of state. Every few months she has a break and she generally comes home to visit. During these visits she stays with me at my house. My sister is difficult. She likes her bed made a certain way, she likes specific laundry detergent and softener and she has to have her room at the perfect temperature. Luckily a few years ago, my husband and I invested in a new HVAC system which has zone control functions. My sister can have her room how she likes it while she’s here without it affecting the rest of the house. Growing up, my sister would always change the temperature on the thermostat. She likes things very warm compared to me. I remember my mother yelling at her time and again and yet she just had to have that temperature where she wanted it. The rest of us just had to suffer through the heat. Now, when she stays with me, that isn’t even an issue. Honestly the cost and everything for this HVAC system was totally worth it just for that! I don’t know how I could sleep if she had the heat cranked up like that all the time while she was here. It takes some strain off our relationship for us to be able to both have the heating and cooling conditions we like in our own spaces. At the end of the day, we are sisters, and we do fight, but not about HVAC! I am so glad I thought of that when we installed the new HVAC system! Yes!

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HVAC system leaking on the rug

With two toddler twins and a dog to chase after all day, things can get pretty crazy around our house.  Around every corner is a ball, a cup, a chew toy, someone’s pants, or any number of other things that I am constantly picking up.  One morning, my hubby and I kept stepping in a puddle in the hall by the bathroom. We both assumed it was from the youngsters somehow and just kept throwing down towel after towel. After numerous times stepping in the puddle in the same spot, we came to realize it was the air conditioner that was dripping water. We called up our local HVAC business, not too happy about having to spend money on getting whatever was broken repaired, and were surprised when they told us to try something before having them send out a worker. The lady on the phone said to use a long “snake” like cleaning brush in the drain that was leaking and then to run some water down the cleanout cap to flush it out. Not too sure what the cleanout cap was, we tried our best to follow their directions and sure enough the air conditioner was working like new. We called our HVAC provider back to let them know and to thank them for helping us avoid an extra service bill. It was quite an awesome feeling to be able to handle this issue on our own, and not waste the dealers time doing something we were actually capable of doing. Of course the snake trick doesn’t work every time, but it’s nice to know that our  HVAC provider would prefer helping us out with a little problem more than they do getting currency out of us.

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Max setting for the a/c system

My cousin and I love to travel. Whether it is for special occasions, important events, or the two of us just want to check some part of the country out, we make sure to figure out every little detail of the outing. We have done this so often and know how to book and prepare so well, you would think the two of us were travel agents. We always prioritize having a high quality place to stay. That may seem odd, however the location you stay in can have a great effect on the trip; you do not want to arrive for a great getaway at some rundown, cheap motel on the side of the road, miles away from all the activities you want to do. The room has to be comfortable, it has to be convenient, and it must be well kept and properly accommodated. As far as I’m concerned, should I be in need of anything, within reason, I want to be able to rely on the host or hotel staff to do that thing for me. Another important aspect of our trip is the HVAC system in the room. I tend to overheat and get night sweats occasionally, so sleeping near a well functioning cooling system is a must. On one particular trip my cousin and I checked into our room, unpacked, and decided where we would head first. I automatically set my things on the bed closest to the cooling system. I go to check what the temperature is, and make sure it is turned on. I couldn’t change the temperature, and we realized the system was automated.. We could not control the temperature ourselves! I called down to the front desk to ask if there were a way to specify a desired temperature in the room. The clerk at the desk said to turn off the automated feature, we had to use a keypad near the door. I had never seen or even heard of such a complicated HVAC system. Finally, we were able to figure the thing out and set the temperature to our comfort level.

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This is a creative outlet

I am the mother of an inmate.  Yes, she did wrong in her life, although she is paying for her mistake I’m thankful her incarceration will soon be ending.  My daughter, Michaela will be released from prison soon, where she has been in this non-air conditioned site for the last 3 years.  Every month I have gone to visit her at the prison where she is held. I’ve always found it uncomfortable there, I don’t understand why it has to be so hot.  There is truly isn’t any air conditioning in that facility. Even if the inmates were the hard-core type, I would expect some type of cooling system. We are in the south and it’s summertime, so the barest minimum of cold air would help to rehabilitate these women and men.  Comfort or lack of it, as I said is understandable, however being housed in a facility that has no AC can just get all the inmates angry, and potentially cause more trouble there. Michaela just told me at our last visit that they, as inmates have sued the state to force the  authorities to add AC to this facility. They argued in court that they should be housed at a maximum of 80 degrees. I’ve been there to visit and every one of us were dripping with sweat. Of course, she’s used to not having cold air, although I am not. She tells me that the state agreed to bring AC to the facility, but not a year soon enough!  

Could not figure out the a/c unit

When I was in my early 20s I would often house sit for a wealthy couple that lived a few miles away.  They just needed someone to look after their house while they were away on vacation. It was a great job!  They had a big, ornate, and comfortable house and it was great to to have the whole place to myself. I remember one instance that I was house sitting and the air conditioning system shut down. It was a hot Summer and the A/C was essential every day and it ran all the time.  I was not sure what to do. I had the number of the home owners, so after a day of trying to cope with the Summer heat, I decided to call them and ask what I should do. They told me that they would call their local HVAC service business and have them come out and look into the issue.  The next day a service truck pulled into the driveway and I was only too happy to see it. After only about an hour the serviceman said he had found the complication and had repaired it. I could already feel the house cooling down as cool air was flowing from all the ductworks. I asked him if I needed to compensate him and he said no, that the owners of the home had taken care of everything.  I hated to have to bother them while they were on a getaway, but I was so ecstatic to be comfortable for the rest of my house sitting job.

HVAC is the first thing to change

My best friend and I loved to watch home improvement shows on cable. This “house flipping” concept seemed so simple to us, we thought we could pull it off. So after numerous years of saying we should do it, we finally did!  We followed the neighborhood auctions of delinquent tax seized homes and started to go to the auctions. Finally a home came up that we thought would make a superb flip and we purchased it! It took both of our whole savings to purchase this home, but we were confident it was a good risk. It was Winter, by the time we began renovations, though.  We knew we had a couple of chilly months of renovation ahead of us. My buddy recommend that the first thing we should do is have the whole HVAC system of the home checked out. I thought it was a superb system and called the heating and A/C service company that I used at our own home. A serviceman came out rapidly and ran a number of tests on our gas furnace and central air system. It turns out that we did need a couple repairs and a bit of a tune up on the gas furnace and a thorough cleaning of the air conditioner.  But the cost was within our budget and we knew it was going to be comfortable inside while we did our renovations. It didn’t take long during this house flipping experience for us to realize that it was not so easy as portrayed on the shows we watched on cable. We learned a great deal while in our first flip and now after 10 houses renovated and sold for a profit, we are convinced of the importance of having the HVAC system looked at very early on in the flip.

HVAC maintenance

I love the technology

An air cleaner filters out pollen and dust, helping those that suffer from asthma or breathing difficulties to breathe just a little easier. We all need good indoor air quality levels, even if you aren’t one that suffers from serious allergies  After all, we’re only human. Air is essential and life-sustaining to us all. So what about the times when you went to supper, and the place reeked of fish, even though you ordered the chicken? Or you go visit a neighbor at their house but all you smell is the rabbits cage?  It’s obvious that the family may be in need of an air cleaner, or maybe your air conditioner doesn’t kick on when you expect it to. All of these situations can affect your indoor clean air levels. If your a/c goes out in the middle of the summer, you might have difficulties breathing, so you’ll want to contact your HVAC supplier quickly.  A broken air conditioner can be an uncomfortable time for some, but at the same time, it can really be deadly to others, especially in the south, in the summertime. I have read articles where grandparents had died because they did not have a working air conditioner. All the people should be vigilant in preventative maintenance of the a/c, for the welfare of the family in the household.

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In love with her HVAC contractor

My younger sister was experiencing complications with her HVAC equipment a long time ago. She decided to call an HVAC company for help. When the HVAC specialist reached her door, he went right to work on her HVAC equipment without any complications! Well, he got everything fixed and when she asked him what she owed him, he smiled and told her it wouldn’t cost her a dime; it was on him. She was shocked so she blushed. He offered her his number, telling her to call him if she ever needed more help with her HVAC equipment or anything. That guy left a serious impression on her. In fact, he was pretty much all she talked about for the longest time. She even tried doing stupid things to her HVAC unit if only to have a reason to get that HVAC specialist over to her house. She took out the air filter once but then pretended she didn’t know what was wrong. Once she even put some dead batteries into her thermostat. Well, he has helped her out on quite a few occasions. Then one time when she asked him why he was always nice to her, he confessed that he hoped she would fall in love with him. He then asked her out for dinner, and she agreed to go. Honestly, the guy is a real gentleman and he’s good to my sibling. I believe she has gone her whole life trying to find a nice guy like him, and finally he has come into her life now! I find theirs to be an incredibly romantic story. And I absolutely love the guy; the whole family does.

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Whole home comfort

My son, Henry continues to suffer from serious allergies.  The need for fresh, high indoor air quality is something everyone needs, but many people can get away with the minimum, but not my son.  His need for air quality is essential. You know if your a/c doesn’t kick on that it will be hot and you most likely will have to spend money on a service call, but with someone like our son, a lack of indoor air quality can be debilitating.  Obviously, a simple changing of the air filter is typically needed, but it didn’t help him much, plus we’ve been habitual about changing the air filter for the health and longevity or our a/c and furnace. Our air quality concerns started out simple enough, few sneezes here,watery eyes there, but then it never seemed to end. We took him to an allergist for some tests. The doctor recommended  that we replace our HVAC system plus have an additional air cleaner installed as well. A newly installed air cleaner will help to eliminate the pollen plus the dust that is causing him harm. We instantly began searching for the right HVAC provider, found one that would replace our system, install an air cleaner, plus get the ducts cleaned out. I’m glad we found an HVAC provider from coupons we acquired in the mail, because plus this company is doing all this HVAC work on credit!  

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Messing with the HVAC was a bad idea

One day last week, I was hanging out at my dear friend’s house. We were eating snacks and playing some video games! It was upsetting when the cooling system broke down, but my friend was trying to figure out what to do about the issue. He checked the temperature control, messing around with it, but he couldn’t get the cooling system to click back on. He even went over to check the HVAC unit and the outdoor condenser unit. He didn’t quite know what he should do so I recommended that he call an HVAC business. He said he didn’t want to do that because it would cost too much money for the service call. He started looking on the internet, watching DIY repair videos for HVAC systems. Most of the videos seemed rather complicated, frankly. I told my buddy that there is a reason the professionals go to school as as to learn this trade. He thought he could still service the system himself, though. He grabbed some tools and started prodding the HVAC unit. I told him this was an extremely bad idea. Even so, he just wouldn’t listen to me! When he was taking the HVAC unit apart, suddenly there were flames! Plus the electricity in the house all went out. I told my dear friend that things like this were why it’s ideal to go with the professionals! I got the number for an electrician plus an HVAC corporation plus handed him the cell phone! He knew at that point that he had no choice; he needed to call the professionals to service this mess! The electrician had the power restored in no time flat. The HVAC technician said that my buddy shouldn’t have messed with the HVAC unit, as I suspected.

HVAC rep

I had a hard day

I know it’s been a long Winter in the part of the country I live in. When Spring finally arrived, after several months of cold weather, we were all genuinely relieved! I couldn’t wait to get all of the windows and doors open so that the fresh air could circulate through all the rooms! When it got warm enough, I went to our digital thermostat and turned the furnace off, trading it for the t“fan only” function so that I could get the fresh air to come in through the vents and go all through the ductwork of the house. Unfortunately, my sinuses have issues with the allergens that are in the air here. This year they are worse than they usually are, and I didn’t even realize this until I started sneezing uncontrollably and my eyes started itching like crazy. When I figured out what the problem was, I reluctantly went around the house and closed up all the windows and doors. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to survive with the outdoor breezes blowing and the ceiling fans going, however seasonal flu symptoms are no joke. I’m absolutely so grateful that air conditioning exists. For people like me, with terrible flu symptoms to pollen, air conditioning is a must have! As soon as I closed up the doors and started breathing the indoor air quality that had been cleaned through our air purification system, I started feeling much better. I assume I can only air out the house for a little bit at a time, as well as then I have to switch right back over to running our heating and cooling unit.

temperature control unit 

Problem with our furnace

Last wintertime my husband and I ended up having to deal with an oil furnace emergency! If you’ve never had such an emergency, then you most likely don’t realize what a large problem it can be. It’s especially problematic if you live in the northern area of the country like us. You see, it routinely drops below the freezing point in these parts, so if your oil furnace isn’t working, you could actually freeze inside your own house! As we learned, area space heaters and kerosene gas furnaces just don’t do the trick when you’re trying to heat an entire house. You need to have an oil furnace that is in working order. So that’s why this fall, my husband and I decided we would have a heating preventative maintenance safety check done on our oil furnace system. We did it before the temperatures got cold outside! When the HVAC worker came out to the house, he explained that the gas oil furnace tune-up and subsequent safety check would include cleaning the burners and pilot light, checking our heat exchanger and our main gas valve, testing out the blower belt (and replacing it if needed), checking our thermostat, our safety pilot operation, and our oil blower. When the HVAC worker finished listing off the many things he was going to check out, I felt like giving him a big hug! No way would the two of us end up cold in our house this year in the middle of winter! And from now on, I will schedule one of these heating preventative maintenance safety checks faithfully each year in the fall.

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HVAC care is my job

My preferred destination for a weekend away is my family’s cottage in the mountains! About four years ago, my younger brother and I all went in on the cottage because the two of us wanted a place to use throughout the year when we needed an escape. When we initially purchased it, we split the price two ways. Plus, we agreed to take on certain tasks so we could keep it in excellent shape. One thing that I hold responsibility for is taking care of the HVAC unit. I have to make sure that the coils get cleaned and the air filters are changed correctly. Additionally, I schedule a routine service visit with an HVAC professional once a year so that he can come out to be certain everything is in good shape overall. I’m aware that it’s pretty important to do this so that any small troubles can be weeded out before they worsen. So far, the two of us haven’t had to deal with any unexpected air conditioner troubles, and that’s a big relief since we’ve been using the cottage pretty frequently. As it’s more than three hours away from the city that we live in, the two of us alternate going up to the cottage with our families. Sometimes the two of us will plan a weekend where we’re all there together so as to spend time together as well as catch up. I am happy to take on the work of maintaining the air conditioner because it’s something I’m actually familiar with, and I’m aware of how pressing it is to keep it running well. Having it remain in excellent shape is actually vital to making sure that we can enjoy ourselves when we are able to head up to the cottage!

a/c professional

The air conditioner just won’t start

My father owns a bakery and makes custom cakes that are easily more a work of art than pastries! He’s been doing cakes ever since I was a little girl so by now, he’s good at it. The only concern that my father has had with his bakery has been the shop’s old heating and cooling system. He knew that he might end up needing to update some things in the HVAC system when he first bought the building, although he decided to try to make do with what was already installed, at least for the first couple of years. He thought he would wait and see if he could afford to replace the heating and cooling system once he started to turn a profit! Unfortunately, the air conditioning system has easily been on the blink lately, plus it’s more of a concern than you would think, you easily have to have a reliable HVAC system when you’re dealing with cakes. Otherwise, your icing get easily soft and sloppy looking, then decorations that were created painstakingly for hours just melt and it’s super discouraging. This month my father called the local heating and cooling company and tomorrow they’re coming out to do an estimate for a whole new heating and cooling system.

HVAC contractor 

Need smart HVAC control

Having aging parents is never fun and somewhat frustrating. My parents moved into my small guest house last month. I didn’t have the heart to put them into a home at their age so this seemed like the best solution. They aren’t super old, however they were having troubles living alone and need care from time to time. Having them live on our backyard was a lot safer. I did not imagine all of the complications and costs that were involved in this choice. We never really used the guest house much, so we didn’t see the increase in our utility bill coming to us. Even still, it surprised us and seemed higher than we thought it should be. I asked my parents about it, but they said they used the temperature control the normal amount. I knew we needed to do something and find out the cause of the increase.  One day, while they we out with their senior group, we had an HVAC serviceman come in to help us find a solution. He was awesome and in the end he suggested we install the Smart App for the temperature control. At first I was confused but he explained that I could control the thermostat remotely from the main house and see any fluctuations in the settings. And, in the worst case scenario, I could make adjustments to the system from my phone. I felt bad spying on my parents, however I had to find out what was happening. We monitored the usage for a month plus saw how they would leave on the heating or a/c when they weren’t home. I couldn’t believe how much they used the system and changed the temperature. I started to adjust the temperature from my phone. They never figured it out, thankfully, and I got my utility bill back down!

smart thermostat

Dirty air conditioning

My neighbor Karen has major allergy issues.  Luckily, her fiance Joe is an HVAC professional and knows exactly what to do to help her breathe easier in their home, but when they first moved in together, he wrote out a whole list of ways to eliminate odd causes of allergens. He made Karen tape the list to the refrigerator! He said it’s because he likes her so much, but I know he gets sick of hearing her sneezing and complaining, but anyway, Joe told Karen that she should consistently turn on the air conditioner when it starts to get warm instead of opening up the windows and doors. Air conditioning helps to filter out pollens and molds and it makes the air inside your home not only cooler, but cleaner, too, then the fourth thing Joe suggested was for Karen to let him install a humidifier on their HVAC unit to help them control areas with extra moisture. He also said that they should change their air filters frequently, but changing HVAC air filters on a regular basis will help to keep out allergens, smoke, and dust. Joe says that scheduling proper service with an HVAC professional is also a good way to help with keeping pollen irritations at bay with your heating and cooling system. I know that Karen is pretty lucky to have found someone like Joe who can not only help keep her feeling good and dust sensitivity-free, but can also help her if her air conditioning or her gas furnace breaks down! I’m hoping to start dating an HVAC contractor and then the 2 of us can help each other out when we have heating and cooling concerns!

air conditioning system 

A bigger heater and a/c device

I am in my last few months of school and we required to write a paper on technology. While shopping with my girlfriend the other day, the topic hit me like a ton of bricks. What’s the deal with the HVAC systems in large shopping malls and why doesn’t the system work the same in different areas? iAs we walked through the stores I started to formulate my paper.  I wanted to understand HVAC systems better and know what went into the design and layout. You see, you can go from one shop to the next and feel freezing cold or boiling hot. That just doesn’t make any sense to me. It still seems shocking that there is no way to coordinate the HVAC systems and the programs that they use to cool and heat evenly throughout the stores.  The HVAC systems should be designed by the HVAC providers as they are the ones who are professionals. I think that sometimes, contractors are hired to install the systems and they just put the ductwork, air vents, and dampers where they think they should go. If the system is installed incorrectly then you can’t expect any program to run efficiently. I will have to pay a visit to my local HVAC dealer for some statistics and advice on my paper but I think it will be a grade A paper at any rate. Who knows, maybe after high school I will decide to go to a trade school and go into the HVAC business myself.  It would be a great job and I have heard that technicians are in high demand.

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Really sad there was no ac

I had big plans for my last big fling before my wedding. My friends all pitched in for a hotel room and planned on going out to various clubs then going back to party all night. As it turned out, it was definitely a night to remember, and not in a great way! The car broke down on the way to the club and we had to call an Uber, then we got lost trying to find the club. We would have thought that the driver was aware of where he was going, but, he was new in town too. When we finally arrived and started walking up to it, 7 cop cars and 3 ambulances pulled up, sirens blaring, because someone had started a huge fight over a girl and busted the place up.  We just wanted to get out of there at that point. There was no way I wanted to risk getting injured so close to my wedding day. We thought this night couldn’t get any crazier but then, we headed back to our hotel room to find out our air conditioner went out while we were gone. We started to feel like someone was trying to tell us something, like, we shouldn’t be partying like we wanted to. We called the front desk to see if someone could come help but, unfortunately, since it was around midnight, we couldn’t get a repairman to the room in a reasonable amount of time. They moved us to a suite which was the only high point of the entire evening. We stayed up most of the night joking about all the craziness that had happened. Overall, the night was fun because I had my best friends with me, but we agreed that next time we would have to focus on researching the quality of the hotel since that is where we ended up spending most of the time anyway.

cooling maintenance

I’m not worried about the money

My man gets in a terrible mood every single time that the electric bill comes in the mail. He said that he just doesn’t understand why our bill is so high when the rest of the neighbors’ bills are about half the cost of ours! I told him that I think it’s because we need to seal up all of the air leaks in the ducts in our house! My man very doesn’t think that we have any air leaks, however our house is old as well as during the winter, I can tell for a fact that cold air is seeping into our house, and if it’s seeping in during the winter, you can pretty much guarantee that the cooled air from our air conditioning is seeping out those same cracks during the summertime. I suppose that air leaks are very our  greatest problem when it comes to saving energy in our house, especially when it comes to running our air conditioner during the summer. It just makes sense that if you’re trying to cool or to heat your home, and if the air from inside is just leaking back out, then your HVAC system is going to work much longer as well as harder to maintain the temperature that you want your house to be, then not only does this waste energy, but cause your electric bills to be higher, it also wears out your heating pump, air conditioner, or gas furnace unit a lot faster than it would wear out otherwise; Until my man listens to reason as and helps me to seal up the cracks around our old doors as well as windows and electrical outlets, I refuse to feel sorry for him when the electric bill comes in the mail!

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I have a bit of baggage

When I was a kid, our mom used to give our sister and me a big list of Spring cleaning chores to do. This only happened after Wintertime was finally over and we could really turn the gas furnace off in the basement, however i’ll never forget about all of the things that she would add to her big list of chores. I always hated to see her coming with her notebook! My sister and I used to hide downstairs behind the gas furnace, but somehow she always found us and made us divide the large list of chores, but some of the things I remember her making us do in the Spring are: Turning off the gas furnace, wiping down the outside of the ventilation ducts in the basement, cleaning the interior and exterior windows, turning off the gas fireplace, vacuuming out all of the air returns and vents, wiping down the vents, dusting the light bulbs and ceiling fans, and putting away all of the space heaters from the winter, and these things were only the beginning! She also made us put away all of the heavy Winter bedding since we wouldn’t need extra heating anymore. Then we also had to scrub all the floors, scrub down the walls, and deep disinfect all the bathrooms. My mom was a tyrant when it came to Spring cleaning, especially when it came to stuff that would involve our heating and cooling system like the vents and air returns. She always said that she would never turn the air conditioning on until the entire house was in ship shape.

air and heat 

Celebrating good times

It’s been the longest Winter, it seems like. It felt like Spring would never come, but that’s how it goes sometimes in the northern part of the country where I live, then now that Spring is finally here (we hope!) it’s time for us to do some Spring cleaning. I love to turn off the oil furnace as and open up all of the windows as well as the doors and let the fresh air come into the house.  But Spring cleaning can mean something totally weird when it comes to your HVAC component in your home, that’s why, every Spring, we try to do Springtime heating and cooling maintenance. But over the years, we have found that if we commit to doing regular Springtime HVAC maintenance, it saves us money on repairs throughout the course of the rest of the year. It helps with optimal heating and cooling performance, lowered energy bills, comfortable living for your entire family, improved air quality, filtration of awful allergens, as well as a lot more. We’ve decided that if we take the time to do HVAC maintenance during the Spring when we’re doing the rest of our Spring cleaning, it benefits us with our heating and cooling units as well as our air purification systems for the entire year. It’s totally worth the time as well as effort. I would suggest calling your local HVAC company to come out and deliver you an estimate, and some of them will even deliver you a maintenance list of things that you can do yourself versus things that you should hire an HVAC professional contractor to come out and do for you.


These repairs come natural to me

When me and my wife were thinking about buying a home, we looked at a lot of different ones, and we both knew that we wanted to buy an older place with some character. We just are not fans of those cookie cutter developments that seem to be everywhere nowadays. We thought at 1 point that we had found the home of our dreams. It was an 1800’s style home with a gorgeous wraparound porch and lots of trim around all of the windows and doors. It looked love something out of a fairytale! When we made the decision to go inside to check things out, most of the house looked fine. But when we made our way down to the furnace room in the basement, we saw the world’s oldest oil furnace! There was no way we’d be able to get the oil furnace out of the basement because it was large and seemed to be made of a solid piece of cast iron! I didn’t think we’d ever be able to have an HVAC dealer come in and replace the oil furnace because there was no way to get the outdated oil furnace out of there! On top of that, we noticed that all of the ductwork that we seen throughout the apartment was pieced together with duct tape. All of the ductwork had come apart at almost every single joint. We ended up not buying the house, because we just didn’t have money for a whole new HVAC plan in our housing budget.

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We’re using a big apartment building

For as long as I can remember, it has just been my dad in addition to me. Then, he got married again last year, and so my whole life has changed. I am entirely  elated for my dad, as he seems entirely blissful with my stepmom. However, I have to say it has been extremely stressful for me, mostly because of my new stepsister! She is, to put it lightly, completely awful, and in addition is making my life entirely more challenging. At first I just thought she was being annoying because that’s who she is, but now I am realizing she is just being a jerk to me. A good example is how she insists on using the air conditioner. I have awful sinuses. She knows this, and excessive use of the HVAC makes me dried out and get headaches. I swear to you that she never cared about running the air conditioner that much until she found out it bothers me, and now that she knows I get headaches from dry air, she keeps turning the A/C on in addition to decreasing the thermostat to keep it running. She will say it is because she is feeling hot. However, I suppose it doesn’t have anything to do with the cooling in our room. She just does it get to me, so I have to keep sneaking behind her and altering the thermostat back whenever she changes it. I have talked to my dad about it, however he thinks it is no big problem. Also, he just tells my stepsister to leave the thermostat alone. This air conditioner in addition to my stepsister will be the death of me.

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I shouldn’t hesitate

I hate space heaters. Yet I have one in my mother’s living room.  The first time I came into contact with a space heater was when our dad had purchased one to help supplement the heat in her house.  They were doing some remodelling but the up-to-date heating and air Conditioning wasn’t yet installed. They still have some ductwork to install, and they needed a space furnace just for the living room, where they were basically living for another week.  One evening, they were enjoying television, and Dad heard a small pop. When Mom and Dad looked over, there was fuel squirting out of the space heater. It had spattered onto the curtains over the patio doors plus it was on my mom’s slippers. Wherever the fuel landed, there were flames heading toward it. The fire was spreading.  Dad ripped mom’s slippers off her feet, and then herded her out the door. That evening, they lost the home they had lived in for almost forty years. They had worked their hearts out to finally get the house as they wanted it but because of a single little space heater, everything they had worked for went up in flames in minutes.  I was looking at the space furnace in my mom’s room, and I almost got rid of it. That’s when I read the disclaimer on the side. It had no open flames, and it never got hot to the touch. Plus if it tipped over, it would automatically turn off. I felt better about the space heater, but I know I need to get her an electric heater, even if it does cost more to use.

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There’s many parts to the heater

My fiance and I lived in this old house, and the two of us had been talking about getting a new heating & A/C system for almost a full year.  She and I had been smelling some strange smell from the air vents, and whenever the heating & A/C system turned on, the we would hear some unusual grinding sounds.  We phoned the local heating & A/C business and asked if they could come out and inspect the furnace and give us an inkling as to what we should do. When they showed up, they confirmed our worst fears.  They told us that the furnace was too old to fix, and we required a new unit. We were doing a lot of remodelling over the last year, and I particularly wanted to install central air conditioning. My fiance didn’t love the old air duct that was in the house, and she wanted to change it all out.  They were telling us about flexible air duct, and all odd kinds of furnaces, and my fiance was getting a bit upset. She had worked in heating & A/C for along time, and the two of us chose to go shopping for a new furnace and an air conditioning unit. Once we found the component she particularly wanted, we then bought it.  We had a new oil burning boiler system so we had hot water heat. We were then able to get rid of the air duct, and we would have pipes going through the apartment for the heating. My fiance and i then found a ductless air conditioning component for the house. It took him a while to install everything, but when the inspector showed up, she was impressed with the work.

oil heater 

The air conditioner is bringing the chill in

Only a few years ago, my wife and I went to a family picnic. I had forgotten my sunblock and by the time we all left the picnic, my shoulders were too sore to touch. I could already feel the tightness in my face, so I knew that I had a awful sunburn. I couldn’t wait to turn the A/C on in the car, so I could soothe my poor skin. When I sat down on the seat, I realized that the back of my legs, were also fried. When the two of us got home, plus my wife pulled out the vinegar and aloe to help soothe the burn. The A/C was on high, as she poured vinegar all over my back and legs, then patiently waited for me to gently ease myself onto my back. The vinegar went all over my chest. It took a lot of the burn out, but I believe the A/C was doing more for my burn than the vinegar. After the vinegar dried, she applied the aloe to help heal my skin. I spent three afternoons with the air conditioner on full blast, praying that nobody would touch me. I was so grateful that I didn’t need to get dressed for work, because we were on vacation. On the third morning I began to shiver, so I went to the dermatologist. I had developed sun poisoning, and I was going to need medication. She also warned me about skin cancer from getting too much sun.  I will never forget my sunscreen again! The two of us now have most of the family picnics at our home, where there is a pavillion that is totally enclosed with a portable A/C to help keep us cool.

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We’re not done here

This past winter, my family found itself in quite a conundrum. My wife and I took the youngsters out to a remote lodge in the wilderness for some peace and quiet out in nature. We adore the outside, and this lodge was far enough far away from civilization that we could all of sled, ski, and play in the snow without the bothersome of nosy neighbors or fellow visitors. My wife was stoked about the lodge’s massive stone fireplace which we could use for heating. She thought that this old fashioned heating system was really charming. I thought it was antiquated. The little wintry lodge also sported a full heating and cooling system. I happily turned the thermostat up to its maximum heat setting and ran out to play with the snow with our kids. Frankly, I was interested in skiing and sledding outside in this winter wonderland. By the time our stay at the lodge was over, I had developed more respect for the old-fashioned fireplace  There was an intense winter storm during the second night we were there at the lodge. All of the power lines were knocked out completely, and if we had not had that old fireplace to heat us up, we would have frozen. I stopped teasing my wife for adoring the fireplace and helped her light a fire in it instead. We used the already stacked wood which in the mudroom to keep us warm and cozy all night. It wasn’t a grand new furnace, but it worked!

heating and cooling 

That was tough

Kindness and patience will always be better than rudeness and impatience. This is something that I encountered not too long ago when I had my air conditioning unit serviced. My home is located in region that experiences all seasons, and we have recently entered the warmer temperatures that springtime brings. Traditionally, I do not run my air conditioning this early in the year, but I found it necessary with such warm temperatures of late, coupled with sweating around my garden every day. I typically schedule a local HVAC technician visit to give my air conditioner an intensive servicing before I begin to use it in the spring and summertime. However, this year that was not the case and apparently it had some suffered some damage in the previous season. My air conditioner was out of commission and I wanted to get an experienced heating and cooling technician to service it right away. I called the downtown heating and cooling business and the kid who answered sounded tired and slow. I could feel myself getting impatient with him as he took quite some time to record my information. The technician that ultimately arrived at my house, however, was diligent and professional. I tried my best to be nice to him and was very patient and understanding. It was actually rather difficult to be impatient with him when he took a rather long time make sure that all of his repairs were just perfect. I was thrilled with his work by the end in the day, though, and made sure he knew how much he was appreciated. It’s far more gratifying to be kind instead of rude.

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That was a great choice

Sometimes I particularly make a fool out of myself, plus I have to swallow some strenuous truths… Usually it’s when I’m dealing with my fiance plus we’re in the middle of a bickering session, plus I get all riled up losing my head. Then I spout some senseful facts that are really factual, but I have to prepare for the fight of the century. The trouble is, every so often, I’m really terribly wrong. This happened recently when my fiance plus I were battling over control of the climate control equipment one day, but for whatever reason, she was particularly hot that day, plus I was as freezing as ever, however both of us already had the climate control equipment set to 70 degrees, plus I felt as though the air conditioner was quite adequate considering every one of us were just casually lounging around the house. Still, my girl insisted that the A/C get turned up higher, so she could fully cool down. I gave in hard, plus we had the air conditioner running on full power, for an hour or so, when she finally said I could turn the temperature up a bit if I was too cold. Thank god, as I was about to turn into an ice cube! I then proceeded to the control equipment plus pushed the respected buttons though nothing happened. The temperature control device’s screen didn’t even respond to me as I fanatically tried to increase the air temperature… At that point I began to get pretty confused and anxious. Suddenly it dawned on me, my fiance had locked the control unit! It was so obvious, she was totally messing with me! I barged into the room with a full head of steam ready to let her know how upset I was, only for her to follow me to the control equipment sigh, press a few buttons, plus show me that I had accidentally turned the front panel from the on position to the off position.

nerthling A/C 

The furnace is still working

There are a few things that I’m absolutely passionate about in this world. A few of my passions are spreading suicide awareness within our local communities & advocating for critical mental health reform; Another of them is civil rights around the world & supporting progressive social change. However probably my biggest passion is raising guinea pigs. Sounds odd right, but let me tell you how it all started. About 5 years ago I got my first guinea pig, Prince Albert. She was an adorable long haired furball who resembled a hair-piece more than a living critter… Soon, I got Albert a friend to kick with, & named my new guinea Papua. Pretty soon, I figured that they both needed more companionship in the form of a female guinea. And so, with that addition, my guinea pig farm was born. At this point I have expanded from a few to more than two hundred domesticated guinea pigs. I couldn’t be happier with my things, except for they are continually outgrowing their habitat & costing myself and others more money in home renovations. Currently the biggest issue facing my bank account is the need for a superior Heating & A/C plan for the guineas. See, guinea pigs are honestly susceptible to cold air & cool drafts, so I never considered much about our indoor heating before. As of now though, I’ve learned that baby guineas thrive when they are in a toasty yet moderate artificial heating environment. As such, I’ve set up an up-to-date heating room, which I would also like to install radiant heated flooring into. Then the little guys will have accurate & reliable heat right under their cutesy feet. The room will need zone controlled heating, so I’m also installing a smart temperature control to operate the heated flooring. However, for whatever reason, when the Heating & A/C serviceman was inspecting my home, she also insisted I get an up-to-date air purification unit & HEPA air filters for my indoor critter farm. I’m not quite sure why though.

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I want more information

My sibling and I were talking the other day about the games both of us used to play as youngsters, when the topic of hide-and-seek came up. The two of us used to play it all the time, and she asked about one certain instance where no one was able to find me. She wanted to learn where I was hiding, and fortunately enough, I remembered the precise moment she was talking about. The two of us had the whole beach house to hide in;however, knowing my sister didn’t like the basement, I thought it would be wise to hide down there. I searched around and discovered a small closet that contained a giant metal object I now suppose was a furnace. I managed to shut the door to the small closet with me inside and squeezed myself back behind the wall and the furnace, cramming myself into this cool hiding spot I had located. However, at the time, it was in the end of December, so our parents had the heating on in the house. It didn’t take much time to learn that this area was a supply for heat, even if I didn’t comprehend how a furnace operated, because the closet-like spot I was in felt absolutely hot. I thought about leaving the spot behind the furnace, but I heard footsteps close by. My sister had braved the basement to look for me. I stayed as still and as quiet as possible, distraught that any movement would thud the metal furnace and reveal my spot. I finally heard her going back up the stairs, however if she was agreeable to go into the basement one time to look for me then she would definitely come back if I made a peep. I must have sat there right next to that steaming, hot furnace for more than an hour before our parents began to call for me. Needless to say, I won the little game of hide-and-seek; however, I never used that spot ever again.

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I can’t believe my flight is delayed

Of all the reasons for a plane to be delayed, one of the craziest reasons in my opinion is to hold everything up over an insane little broken AC. Honestly, I understand wanting to ensure passenger comfort; however, being forced to sit in an airport for hours while something as irrelevant as the a/c is fixed isn’t exactly comfortable either. I was there to catch a flight for work, an hour-long flight so it wasn’t even over a long distance, and yet I couldn’t catch the plane on time due to its unreasonable delay over the AC. It threw off my entire schedule! I was stuck in that airport for 9 hours, with no form of reimbursement for the time wasted, being given only a “sincere apology” from the staff as they assured almost everyone the plane would be ready in no time. 9 hours isn’t no time. I could have driven to my destination in that amount of time. I genuinely hope everyone on that flight appreciated their AC and all the trouble it caused. I actually ended up closing my AC vent, as the chilly air blowing directly in my face the entire time was too cold and unpleasant for my tastes. The only decent thing to come of the delay is that, due to my complaints to the airport staff, I did manage to get moved to first-class. So even though my AC vent was uncomfortable, I did savor the extra leg room and softer seats. It didn’t exactly make up for the 9 hours spent sitting in the hard airport chairs, however it was something.

climate control unit 

I really hope this never happens again

It is not the same temperature in every room of our house, so I do not find the settings on the programmable temperature control very beneficial. I do not feel the need to send air conditioned air through the house when each room has different temperatures. For example, my kitchen has high ceilings with floor to ceiling windows, and even with the air conditioner comes on at a certain time of the afternoon, every afternoon, the kitchen is always hot.  On the other hand, a smaller room down the hall, with a smaller window is usually cool, even without air conditioning, and downstairs rooms are always cooler than upstairs rooms.  We all assume that basements are usually the coldest part of the house, even without air conditioning and don’t even get me started about the stifling heat in the kitchen when I’m trying to cook.  All of these odd types of rooms and their sizes makes it difficult to keep the whole house to my preferred temperature control. Because  my Heating as well as A/C does not have zone control, or many systems to heat or cool each room individually using many temperature controls, it is impossible to maintain my preferred temperature control.  That dilemma caused me to research odd types of temperature controls.  I’m interested in the type of temperature control that has a remote sensor that will sense the added heat from the window, or from the oven, and send more conditioned, cooled air into a particular room that needs the air conditioner, instead of all of them. 

Extended warranties

My wife suffers from exhausting seasonal dust irritations including dust irritations allergies.  I constantly tease her for being so sensitive to things in her everyday environment.  However, when she told me about the labor conditions in the warehouse she works I honestly felt sorry for her. She told me that there are these large industrial fans on the ceiling that spin all year round, which at first did not sound too serious, but then she told me that the fan blades are so covered in dirt and dust that you can’t honestly see the fan blades themselves and that you just see the thick heavy layer of grim and dust.  To make matters worse, she works in a warehouse that has a concrete floor and concrete walls, so there is dust in every corner. Consequently, my wife   has no way to escape the high allergen levels while at work.  I personally suppose that if her boss refuses to clean those fan blades then the least she could do is have an air purification plan installed into the building. That way it could maybe help filter out some of the allergens for her employees.  My wife can’t be the only one who works there and who has a problem with dust irritations.  I honestly don’t believe that my wife’s boss is putting the health and well- being of her employees into consideration because if she did she would have installed an air purification plan years ago and maybe even a cooling plan as well!

furnace repair 

That was easy

My husband and I decided not to tackle the living room remodeling idea.  There have been so many troubles with the other rooms that we worked on, that we put the living room off for another year.  I love to bake, so I don’t care if the heating doesn’t work in the living room. We at least have air conditioning to keep cool when our oven is going.  The ductless multi-split Heating plus A/C unit we installed, has the entire condo feeling so cool and comfortable, that we wish both we had found out about the multi-split Heating plus A/C, years ago.  The odors from baking, or the steam from canning fruits and vegetables, is no longer lingering for days. We had a couple of cooler nights last week, when the hot and cold temperatures went down into the forties.  The multi-split was easy to switch over to heating and it had our kitchen heated, in a matter of 15 minutes. We didn’t have to switch to the furnace, or use the fireplace, which is nothing but a mess to clean up afterward.  We cringed when we first saw the cost of installing the ductless multi-split; however, it is so convenient, and it works marvelously. We each have the zone control and only need to use the air conditioner or the heating in the rooms we occupy.  It is also energy efficient and inexpensive to use. I saw our energy bill go down last month, instead of going up, and that in itself is a sizable plus for us.

I am wondering about the options

My wife and I have been discussing the option of purchasing a heat pump.  Our preference would be the type that go in the ground. We have friends that put in a heat pump, and they recommended the same for us. Our friends also use the chilly water from their pond to help with the cooling, which seems a bit over the top.  While doing some research on the underground heat pumps, I found drawbacks with the system and remain cautious. For example, we reside where the climate is frigid consistently during the winter months. Rarely, do we get temperatures above the single digits. The heat pump would not toil under these conditions, so an alternative heating source must be utilized to heat the house. We spoke to our HVAC repairman who told us that without supplemental heating, the heat pump would be running non-stop and it wouldn’t generated enough heat to warm up the house.  He said that if we were looking for something to help with the air conditioning during the warmer weather, or the transitional phase where the temperatures are in the forties or fifties, a pump would be a wonderful way to save money on our energy costs. He suggested that we get electric heat strips for the frigid periods. He stated that heat strips are the most efficient when they are proportionally sized for the room they are in, and they are energy star rated for lower energy use. We are still taking everything under consideration while researching the best heat pump for our needs.

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I am happy with the house I bought

Because of the demands as well as responsibilities of my task, my life is harshly hectic.  I work unquestionably extensive hours, and seldomly have an off day. I am often obligated to travel for several weeks at a time.  I do not have any possibilities of relaxation at home. With my stressful schedule, I’ve needed to simplify my workload. I buy all of my groceries online and they are delivered to me.  I maintain a packed suitcase in the trunk of my automobile as well as my passport in my purse. I’ve enrolled in a service program to handle the necessary upkeep of the heating, cooling, electrical as well as plumbing systems.  I set aside two afternoons a year to schedule appointments for servicing all of my home’s essential equipment. Every Autumn, a Heating and A/C technician cleans as well as adjusts the oil furnace, drains the water heater, along with inspecting the integrity of the ductwork system.  Every Spring, I carefully check the cooling system, clothes dryer, wiring as well as drains. This investment of time helps to prevent malfunction, failure, energy consumption, safety hazards, increased running costs. To make life even easier, I’ve upgraded my home’s control unit. I now have a wireless control unit which allows access from anywhere.  This is greatly convenient because I often forget to make adjustments to temperature before I leave home. Through my cellphone, I can increase or lower temperature, as well as make sure everything is running efficiently. I stopped wasting money on heating or cooling an empty house. I constantly come home to perfect comfort.

cooling equipment 

Wear and tear on our unit

Living in the northern part of the country, one of the most important appliances in the house is the heating system.  With uneven temperatures well below zero and brutal windchill, the heating equipment carries a heavy load. I’ve lived in several homes with weird styles of heaters, and I believe that the hydronic heating is the most cost-effective.  I also recognize that boiler and radiant heating delivers the most benefits, including superior comfort. It is helpful that radiant heating allows for independent temperature control in several zones. My family can customize temperature in their bedrooms to their personal preference.  I’m able to keep the living area a bit warmer than other rooms and avoid maintaining empty rooms at the perfect temperature. Because there are no vents pushing heated air into the room, the temperature is more evenly distributed and gentle. Using boiler and radiant heating, I am able to set the thermostat more than 2 degrees lower to separate from sacrificing comfort.  The heat is kept closer to the floor, where it is the most powerful, I save a great amount of money on biweekly energy bills. There is nothing more extravagant than warm floors on a winter’s day. I can get out of bed in the day, walk barefoot and remain totally warm. There are no frigid bathroom tiles when I get out of the shower. Radiant flooring infuses the house with heated air, warming all the surfaces inside the house, which prevents losing body heat.  While the plan was fairly high-priced to purchase and install, it has actually paid for itself.

heater tune-up 

This is harder than I thought it’d be

My wife along with my children could see the reflective gas waves that floated off of the dark Street pavement. They seem to think they’re pretty colors were quite amazing. I knew that it was clear evidence that the outdoor temperatures were genuinely above 100 degrees. The two of us had been on numerous vacations in the past, but this year was entirely new. The two of us sought out on a long track across our state, which is entirely the area of about 800 miles. The two of us had malfunctioning cooling equipment in our company truck, but there had been numerous issues for months. The two of us genuinely figured the cooling equipment would likely last forever. That was entirely not the case, and the two of us were stranded on the side of the road when our cooling equipment gave out. The two of us research a cooling equipment provider in the area, plus made plans to stay at a local bed and breakfast overnight. My wife along with the children were happy with our accommodations, especially when they realized we had access to our own air conditioning unit. We both slept for a comfortable evening of rest, plus I found out that our cooling equipment was expensive to fix in the morning. That was news we could have done without, but there was nothing we could do but pay the bill. The cooling equipment had to be repaired in our truck, in order for my family plus myself to comfortably finish our family trip across the Prairie lands.

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I’m mentally tired

There are people who would call me a hoarder, although I like to see myself as more of a collector of random objects. I used to try and limit my collection to one room in the house, but as it grew, my partner informed me that it was either my collection or her. She just doesn’t understand how worthwhile other people’s junk can be. For example, I found this ancient box of baseball cards once that had a Burt Williams rookie card in it! It would have been big money if it had been in good shape, but that just goes to show you how uncommon items can fall into your lap.

             In the end, I got a storage unit for my collectibles, but before I signed the contract, I made sure they had the protection I needed. There is a security plan installed with motion sensors and automated lighting after dark. If the alarm is tripped, a call is instantly made to the police to respond. In addition to that, they have a keyless entry system and they let tenants use their own locks on the units. It’s all-around quite a nice setup and I feel sure that I can keep my rare collection in there without fear of theft.

         Speaking of our collection, yesterday I came across an Indian penny from the 1790s! Unfortunately it turned out to be a phony, but nevertheless, there are good treasures out there just waiting to be discovered. My partner told me to get help, although I don’t know where to find an apprentice to help me collect.

security system repair 

A big crack in the foundation

Growing up in a small neighborhood I have regularly loved the appeal of quiet streets at night, close community, as well as the security of knowing who your neighbors are. I also love the neighborhood with its wonderful nightlife as well as never resting feel. That is easily why I chose a middle ground for where I would call my own home as well as purchased a household in the suburbs. I have been out here for close to a year now as well as suddenly our nice little quiet housing track is going through chaos. It all started with a mild earthquake that occurred a few weeks ago. Earthquakes are uncommon, however not entirely unheard of in this area. It wasn’t too bad as well as nothing seemed to be damaged, so all of us all just went about our everyday business as well as didn’t put too much thought into it. Then, a few weeks back our friend Susanne put her household on the market. She had some interest right away as well as within a month had the inspector in there to check everything over. That’s when the problems began. Susanne had a bunch of radon gas in her basement that wasn’t there a year prior. After telling a bunch of us about it at a barbeque I was rather concerned as well as purchased a radon detector from the local hardware store, plus my levels were also high! It turns out that this was the case for basically everyone who owned a household. It would seem that the earthquake knocked some foundations loose as well as radon gas is rampant in this area. It won’t be too challenging to have fixed, however it could have been a great deal worse.

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A whole system failure

After several years of pinching every penny, my wife and I are finally making the large leap and becoming homeowners! It is something that I have desired my entire life. My wife could truthfully take it or leave it, however as long as she’s supportive of the venture, that is fine by me. Over the course of several months, we searched in vain to find the perfect dwelling for both of us. We looked in the city, in the housing tracks of the suburbs, and even far out in the country before we eventually found the perfect locale. It is out in the country, however close enough to the highway that the commute to and from my workplace won’t be terrible. There’s a bunch of land with a nice portion of forest. This essentially means we’ll have a great shot at bagging some excellent game to eat over the course of winter. We even have an inground pool and a deck in the backyard so parties with family and friends will definitely be happening. The only issue that we actually came across with our new place was an issue with radon gas. As a part of the buying experience, an inspector comes in and checks everything from the roof to basement. One of those things that she inspects is testing for the presence of radon gas. Unfortunately, the levels were incredibly high, however we negotiated that both parties would split the cost of having a sub-slab ventilation system installed for radon mitigation. That along with sealing all of the cracks in the foundation worked to solve the problem.

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I really do love my heater

I generally have family members that live near rural types of areas. They choose to live in an area with considerable distractions. My family member has a small television, but there is only a an antenna outside that provides local stations. My family members only use the television in times when the news or weather is of importance. My mom had a VCR setup for the grandchildren, but it stopped laboring a long time ago. For entertainment, my mom has a beatbox that gets a few radio stations in the local listening area. During our last summer visit, the silence was incredibly terrible. We had decided to take our electronic devices to a fast food steak house that had Wi-Fi connectivity. I walked around for a few moments, as well as realized that the indoor temperature seem to be just as warm as the outdoor temperatures. That was when after numerous 8 I happen to realize their air conditioner was not laboring. It left us with quite a decision, but my family as well as myself ended up going back to our family to talk about the indoor air quality conditions. She talked about the fact that the heating as well as AC component was in general disrepair. That was when my mom decided that it was time for a change in her indoor air quality. My mom asked us to labor down to the hardware store as well as find one of those window heating as well as AC components. She also gave us the password to the Wi-Fi access router, which we didn’t even know existed.

I’m going to build a new house

Being a “Navy Brat” is very a bizarre lifestyle.  All of us had to get used to my mom being away for more than five months at a time which made her time at the house very special.  She used to tell us stories of all the faraway countries that she visited while she was away plus she would bring us gifts from far away lands, and the coolest thing about my mom’s job was that she spent those more than five months on a submarine.  I am not sure if I could ever that, but she says she couldn’t even imagine doing anything different… I asked her how they got fresh air when they were so far below the surface. She explained to me that the Heating & A/C on the sub was designed to not only control the temps but to give fresh air too.  The air that is pumped through the filtration is fed oxygen from tanks then the carbon dioxide is trapped in a different system. This balance must be tested frequently in order to ensure the health plus survival of the entire crew. If something goes wrong with the system, the sub must surface so the sub can bring in fresh air and remove the old from the decks below. It is a very complicated life when you live hundreds of feet below the surface of the sea.  It is not a life for everyone although I am happy that people like my mom can make the sacrifice to serve our country in that way.

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Mom is finally returning home

My Dad has been in Florida for a month now.  He went shopping almost every day, plus she kept telling me how boiling hot it was down there.  He had the air conditioner on in the day time when he took his nap. She had the air conditioner on when they were sitting at the table playing games.  You get what I’m saying; she was bragging about needing air conditioner. While he was enjoying sunny mornings, I sat here chilly. The temperatures were always in the twenties or thirties.  Every one of us thought we were having a Tropical heat wave when the rapidly changing temperatures got into the fifties. Next week my dad is returning home. The temperature would have had him ecstatic this week, because it finally got up into the seventies.  I played with the idea of putting in the air conditioner, despite the fact that I finally decided it was too early. Next week, when it goes back into the sixties, he will be walking around with a jacket on, plus complaining about how chilly it is in his room. While he was gone,I cleaned his gas furnace and made sure his room was clean for his arrival.  I’m hoping that he doesn’t use his heater too much, because over the last month, I have seen a decline in our utility bills,and I’d love to see it stay that way. I think I can keep our fingers crossed, or talk him into keeping his door open. My spouse has suggested I was with and I hide the space gas furnace so he can’t use it, I couldn’t do that.

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This is what your heater does

As a consultant, I am on the road most of the time! Actually I think I travel more than I work. I do sleep more in a motel or hotel room more than I sleep in my own bed at home. My paychecks are very attractive and the benefits are simply amazing, not to mention the frequent flyer miles along with other travel perks I am racking up each day goes by. But however, my  greatest complaint is about the air conditioning and heating system at the motels I visit. It just doesn’t appear to matter if it is 2 star or 5 star motel or hotel. The cooling system is constantly incredibly loud as well as upsetting! Why are cooling systems so loud?! They also often blow an uncomfortable chilly breeze in all directions. I thought that if I booked a room in newer motels, my cooling system concerns would be vanish, however unfortunately, for to the contrary. , The cooling systems at even brand new motels and hotels are super loud as well as stressful. I don’t think I have ever slept in a hotel where the air conditioning was almost silent. I’d bet you that is the top complaint at all hotels too. You would think by now the hotels and motels would want to buy better cooling systems in order to attract more clients. heh?. I heard that number one  reasons as why they have these terrible types of air conditionings is because they are inexpensive to install and maintain. I can’t wait until someone, someday, invents a better and cheaper way to cool down a hotel room!

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