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They had heated floors

I eventually decided to take a weekend trip to get out of the apartment & see the pretty views before Winter time sets in. After being here for 2 nights it’s making it hard to go home, then this is not to say I don’t love where I live at all, I love our little apartment very much. It’s nothing costly, however it does pretty much everything I need & its pretty cute, but this Airbnb place is next level. It has things I didn’t even believe were real! First off, when I stepped inside there was a note to please take our shoes off in the doorway, which I was gleeful to comply. The second I did, I noticed the wood floors felt very comfortable, so much so that I didn’t even need boots. This is thanks to the house has radiant floors. I was able to walk around without shoes, which is usually impossible this close to Winter time where I live. Then when I went to take a long bath in the hot tub, I found myself soaking for a very long time After 2 hours, I was so surprised that I hadn’t run out of sizzling water, especially considering the size of the tub. But this was also part of the design of this Airbnb house. It had constant sizzling water thanks to something called a tankless water heater. Apparently since the house has a massive gas boiler–so the tenants don’t have to worry about running out of fuel, the house is able to have all of these perks. I’ve never considered myself one for the finer things, however this place with its radiant floors & warm water that never runs out is making it hard to pack for my flight.

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Our heated driveway

The brand new town my hubby plus I moved to is a sizable change of pace for me, and i did not grow up in a entirely well put together family. We simply had to work extremely hard for what little every one of us had! Until I moved in with our hubby, I was residing in older apartments most folks wouldn’t touch to get by. At the moment I live where our neighbors drive cars that are worth more than I would make in a year, however my lovely hubby has a entirely  nice task so every one of us can afford it, but plus, its a good place to raise our young ones in the next few years. While I admit, much of the finer things I don’t see the point of, there is one thing I’ve been totally coveting, and the lake house across the street from us never has any ice or sleet on it. No matter how much melting plus refrigid every one of us get over the night, there driveway is constantly clear. I learned later that its because they have a heated driveway. I looked it up, plus it seems you can get a heated driveway pretty easily. The reason it works is the same way radiant heated floors work. A heating component is installed under the driveway which you can turn on from a switch inside. Depending on the type of boiler you have, it can run off of your currently central oil furnace too. I looked into it for a while, plus I recognize our gas boiler might be the right fit to make it work. I’m going to start hinting at it with my hubby, in hopes that he’ll think about it. It would be amazing if our gas boiler could keeps us from having to cut ice, and keeping us comfortable all Winter.

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Added room heater

When my hubby decided that our various seasons porch should easily just be an additional room, I thought I was going to have a major freak out over the costs. I had no clue that it would cost that much to try plus hook up the new room to our household Heating plus A/C unit. Apparently they have to reroute three fourths of the system. I don’t understand, can’t they just run an extension? Not only would it cost more than the entire remodel, but they would also have to slash open a huge portion of our house. I told our hubby that he can have his bonus room for finally working out in. However it has to stay in our budget. I am not taking out a personal loan just so he stop finally working out in the basement. Luckily for him, my hubby was able to find a solution that fit our budget plus will job for our house. Instead of bearing with the massive cost of redoing a lot of ductwork, our hubby is installing electric heating in this room, this type of central oil furnace is an affordable device that will look just like ordinary baseboard heating, but it will be electric instead of the oil furnace. Since the room is on the shaded part of the house, it’s not going to need central AC, just a way to stay hot in the winter. The extra room will have its own control device to match the rest of the house, you’ll never even be able to spot the main difference from the oil furnace to the new electric furnace.

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Love the radiant heat system

When my lovely fiance and I found out all of us were expecting a baby, we both realized all of us had to make some changes; However, all of us never thought that one of those crazy changes would need to be our Heating, Ventilation and A/C system, and snap forward to one year later where our bad heating and AC repair man is yanking yet another toy car out of our air duct thanks to our child and our neighbor’s little boy putting toys down the vents! We thought all of us had child proofed the condo certainly well, up until that afternoon, however so, all of us used my fiance’s next bonus to solve the problem by taking the vents and air duct out of the equation entirely. Instead, all of us opted for radiant floors! Not only does this new form central heating keep the condo more comfortable, but it also is a lot easier to maintain, but this method, also called a radiant heater, works by placing the heating element directly under the floor! You then have a option of several tiles and laminate flooring which can go on top. The heat is then slowly released through the floor, heating the entire lake condo from corner to corner. Due to the fact the heating element is right under the floor, it doesn’t need pipes or air duct to move around. This means there’s no tiny holes for children to stick their number one toys into, then plus, the radiant floors are so much more ideal for our child while I was in the winter. The people I was with and I really love having play dates here, because the kids can crawl around the floor and stay certainly warm, so we’re never stressing out about turning the heat up incredibly high for them. Thanks to the radiant floors, are condo is finally child proof.

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Able to control the a/c

One of my very best friends wants me to join a gym with her, but I truthfully am not all that interested, it’s not that I don’t want to work out, I totally enjoy it, my favorite thing is to lift weights. I really enjoy getting our yoga routine in every afternoon, however recently, I even added a treadmill, which lets me get our running in during the Winter time season without having to deal with the ice and snow. I don’t reside in the city, so having a gym that I don’t have to make a drive to helps me out so much, and when you’re at the gym at home, you can look however you feel and not feel uncomfortable. Though the absolute best area about the gym at condo is never having to worry about the heating as well as cooling idea being too high or too low, and since I work out in our apartment I can adjust the heating to be just right for what I want to do that day. If I’m doing body building, I can leave the heat as is so I’m still nice as well as hot when I go to make our protein shake, and when I’m doing cardio in winter, I can lower the heat so there’s a bit of a chill in the air, which helps me to run. On a real cardio intensive afternoon, I’ll even bring in my favorite fan, which easily helps keep me from getting too hot. Sure, a gym membership is nice; But at condo with my very own weights, our own treadmill, as well as our own Heating as well as A/C system, there is easily no reasonable excuse not to get our workout in.

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Want a better working thermostat

I am a pretty frugal human being. I tend to question every current purchase I make; I have to assume that it’s worth the investment–that it’s something I will use everyday which will also improve my overall life, however any major purchase has to be thoroughly researched for several hours and then price matched through many retailers. However my bestie and I spent over a month researching a current temperature control for our condo. All of us wanted to be sure that the two of us weren’t paying too much cash for anything, and that the current temperature control the two of us selected had to easily help with the bills, some devices are a little dressed up just to look more state of the art than they easily are. The programmable temperature control the two of us purchased is sleek and simple. It does just what the two of us want to do, and works perfectly with our central heating and air conditioning unit, then with the current digital programmable temperature control, I was finally able to input the times the two of us job and go to sleep everyday. We particularly purchased a model that lets us do several a week, rather than 1 setting for every morning. This is so very helpful to us, as it allows our bestie and I to have a heating and cooling schedule that particularly fits my lives. All of us don’t job multiple to more than four jobs, so our schedules can vary on different days of the week, but he is usually staying late. on Wednesdays to take care of shipping and receiving, however can often leave early on a Friday. The best space is that it’s doing exactly what pretty much everyone claimed the new temperature control would do, save us cash!


Benefits of a geo heat pump device

Two weeks ago, my husband, Andy and I put in a bid on a new house. Andy and I had been searching different properties for the past year. Frequently, we thought our search was over.  Unfortunately, we kept having concerns with the homes. Andy and I are convinced that this house is perfect. We wanted it the moment we saw the listing. Andy and I are very energy-conscious, and this particular house is very environmentally friendly. The home is run on solar energy, and it includes  a geothermal Heat pump. Andy and I were not familiar with all of the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling. While we waited for the realtor to contact us with new, we did some research into geothermal heating and cooling. This type of heat pump is the most energy efficient option for temperature control on the current market. Geothermal units are very twice as efficient as a conventions heating systems. The previous owners had spent a fortune to implement the underground loop system and heat pump.  Andy and I hoped to reap the benefits for many years to come. The geothermal Heat pump takes advantage of a free energy source found underground. The small amount of electric it requires is provided by solar power, which is helpful for the environment. The solar power is best feature of the house. There are solar panels set up on the roof. They provide plenty of energy to power the entire house and all of the appliances. Andy and I have not yet heard from the realtor, and we’re getting anxious.

Hopeful for good HVAC

A few weeks ago, our dad offered me a position at his place of business. My dad is the manager of operations for a successful Heating and Air Conditioning company.  My dad has been employed by the company since before I was born, and he makes a decent wage. Once I turned 16, I decided to get a job. My dad put in a good word for me with the HVAC company, and I was hired. I was a bit reluctant to work at the same Heating and Air Conditioning company as my dad, because he can be overbearing and strict.  I thought he and I would argue all the time. My dad and I tend to argue about everything, and we disagree on most decisions. Still, he got me the job, and I was earning minimum wage for sweeping the floors, cleaning toilets and stocking shelves. I work on Wednesdays, Fridays, and every weekend. I make enough money to pay car insurance, and have a little leftover for taking my girlfriend to the movies. I’ve learned quite a bit about the Heating and Air Conditioning industry. Last week, and HVAC technician brought me along on a repair service call. I hauled his tools and the replacement parts and watched him work. I learned quite a bit about the various components of a furnace that morning, and it was interesting. I always figured I would end up at pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine. Lately, I have been more interested in learning about the different types Heating and Air Conditioners on the market.  I still have time to determine my plans for the future. I’m eager to learn about HVAC technology and the demands of the job. Right now, I’m making some money. My dad and I haven’t argued much at all, because he remains in the office.

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Good a/c in the hotel

I was out to supper Last month at one of my number one Italian locales downtown. There was this guy at the table next to me making complaints about the hotel room that he was staying in a few blocks over… I couldn’t help but overhear him talking to his supper companion, because he was entirely complaining super loudly. And I had to listen to it the entire time I was eating my spaghetti plus meatballs with marinara sauce! This guy stated that when he checked into his hotel room the other day, the indoor air quality in his room was less than adequate. He called the front desk plus they sent up an A/C appliance maintenance guy to check out his room’s heating plus a/c unit. The A/C appliance maintenance guy couldn’t even find anything wrong with it. The A/C maintenance guy said that the mini Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C appliance looked fine plus well-inspected in his opinion, although he went ahead plus changed out the air filters on it regardless. The A/C component ran alright plus started cooling the room down to the desired temperature, but it made a bizarre ticking sound when it was running. The air coming out of the air vents also odored bad plus that’s why the indoor air quality of the room was especially lacking. I don’t really know what this guy is going to do about his hotel room’s A/C appliance, but the way that he was talking at supper, he might just end up changing hotels entirely. He was easily upset about the entire thing. I think he must not have gotten much sleep the evening before, because he was super cranky!

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Art project and indoor air temperature

My child is completely obsessed with making slime. I don’t know if you have youngsters or not, however if you do, you’ve absolutely been involved in the slime craze in some way or another. My child wants to buy slime, make slime, & watch videos about slime pretty much all of the time. It’s driving my hubby deranged because in order to make slime, you have to use some pretty messy ingredients, including glue & cornstarch & glitter… The cornstarch seems to be the worst offender of all the ingredients, though, as cornstarch is totally messy! It’s a little bit like flour, sort of. It particularly gets everywhere, especially when you have a child messing with it & getting it all over the dwelling… Well, this past month my hubby finally got sick of the cornstarch & the mess everywhere & he has outlawed slime-making in our dwelling entirely. You see, the cornstarch somehow was spilled down into one of our a/c appliance return vents & the cornstarch got sucked right into our Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C appliance through all of our ventilation ducts. This ended up making the worst mess that you have ever seen before in a house. That’s because any time the temperature control unit made the heating or the a/c appliance turn on, the cornstarch would actually be redistributed throughout the house again so both of us ended up with cornstarch coming out of every heating & a/c appliance duct in our house! Thanks to our Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C unit, there was cornstarch over basically every available surface in our entire dwelling. Talk about a mess… Both of us had to call our local heating & a/c contractor to make an appointment for them to come & scrub all of our air vents & to do maintenance on our Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C appliance.


Repairing our a/c unit

Living on the shore was not at all what I expected it to be. Coming out here for a few weeks every summer time offered me the impression this region was a major party town… I thought there was consistently something exciting to do, with attractive people in swimsuits hanging around throughout the entire year, but this is not the case in the least. I was just here during the busy season, in addition to the other 9 months of the year it is basically like any other town. I love it here, don’t get me wrong, however I still live for the summer time. Partially, for the fun, but mostly because I am a Heating in addition to A/C service worker in addition to I get most of my business during those few months. When people are on a nice vacation they either don’t really know or don’t care how much things cost, because I am able to charge double for air conditioning appliance repairs what I can charge the local folks the rest of the year. The locals will just tell me where to stick my Air conditioning repair prices, but tourists will easily hand me their debit card to charge whatever my bill ends up costing. If I could charge all the people for heating in addition to cooling repair what I charge the tourists, I could likely retire in 5 or 10 years… Of course I cannot do that, so I have to charge what I can when I can to keep the Heating in addition to A/C equipment company afloat for the rest of the year. Air conditioning appliance service may not be the best task in the world, however I truly do love it mostly.

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HVAC should be for all sports

My absolute favorite thing to do is to go to live sporting events. This goes back as far as I can recall, because my Mom was a big sports fan as well as took me with her to more games than I can count. Football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, even professional bowling as well as golf (which don’t truly count as sports in my book), the people I was with and I went as well as saw them all! Now that I can afford tickets all on my own, I go to numerous live sporting events, sometimes alone, occasionally with friends, although I always appreciate the experience! One thing that I appreciate less as well as less with each passing year is the air quality in these sites. It is nice if they happen in an open-air stadium or site, so I can enjoy natural ventilation, but when closed in a small section with hundreds or thousands of other sports fans, the air quality becomes absolutely awful, as well as makes it hard for me to breathe. To circumvent then, I always try as well as get a private box with personal climate control anytime possible. If the arena doesn’t have natural ventilation or private climate control, then easily I don’t care to go. Why bother enjoying sports if I am just going to be worried about the A/C appliance or the humidity levels throughout the whole game? Granted it costs a lot more to pay for private boxes, especially those ones that have personal climate control equipment in them, but for me it is totally worth the cost. I appreciate sports, but have to admit I appreciate a/c quite a bit more.

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Never struggled with HVAC

As a child of technology, I cannot fathom how anyone could stand to live out in the country, or on a farm. Please don’t get me wrong I am not talking trash on anyone here. Farmers are the backbone of our economy, so this isn’t me taking a shot at them. I am merely saying I would rather die than have to live out on a farm. This fact was hammered home with wonderful impact while on a field trip I took with my son’s seventh grade class! It was rather neat for the children to see a real farm up close, plus it was a fairly fun trip, however I never want to go back. I absolutely love temperature control, more than most people, even. I absolutely love Wi-Fi as well, but temperature control is something I absolutely require on a daily basis! Out on a farm, things such as Wi-Fi plus A/C appliances are not as readily available as they are in my day to day life. After about an hour in the heat plus humidity I was inwardly screaming for some cooling relief in my life. My child didn’t mind the warmth one bit, I know young kids are more resilient plus not as dependent on having a cooling appliance nearby at all times. After the trip, on the way back to our dwelling, I turned up the A/C appliance in my motorcar as high as it would go. My child easily got too frosty from the air vents blasting directly on him, so I gave him my overcoat! He was still feeling really cold, however I kept the A/C appliance going!


Want the a/c to make noise

Music, films, books, and all other forms of pop culture art easily hit their apex in the 70s. I challenge you to take the best films from each decade and compare them to one another, and you will find that the 70s is easily the best… The same is true when it comes to all types of songs, it was the pinnacle of creativity in American history, if you ask me! As a producer, I regularly try to supply my songs the sound of the 70s, I find it is so much richer, deeper, and way more satisfying. One thing in particular that helps is to cut back on technology, from mixing boards to air filters. Over producing songs is one of the largest mistakes of the last 30 years, and over cleaning the air quality is another complication everyone fails to recognize. The recording studios of the 70s were rather primitive compared to what we have nowadays, and if they did have central Heating, Ventilation, and A/C appliances they were usually turned off during recordings. The noise and vibrations generated by a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C appliance can leave a background humming sound on a recording, and it is something you really can’t filter out. Since most music artists smoked, and the air filters didn’t run all that often, the air quality was atrocious and it had a cumulative impact on the performance of the audio equipment. That is why in my studio I smoke as much as possible and I never run the air filters or the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C appliance. The singers complain about the bad air quality, however the results are certainly worth it.

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Really need the a/c checked now

I couldn’t be more excited that Winter is just around the corner! This had to be the longest summer time of my adult life! I don’t really understand if that’s because of how tied up I’ve been with work as well as school, or if it’s because of my subpar cooling appliance! My husband as well as I reside in an apartment building that’s quite old, as well as much of the building uses devices as well as appliances that are easily decades old… Our plumbing system isn’t the best, as well as the building installed low-pressure faucets as well as showerheads. The people I was with and I still don’t know for certain whether that was done as a prank, because there was hardly any water pressure in the first place! It’s frustrating too, because the building will invest in “efficient” fixes similar to this, yet ignore major savings opportunities! A prime example would be the heating as well as a/c appliance in our apartment, which has to be older than I happen to be. The cooling system portion of our Heating as well as A/C appliance takes a really long while to cool the dwelling down by a mere few degrees, as well as the heating appliance might as well be non-existent with how little it does to contribute heat to our dwelling! I’ve asked our building several times to at least send a Heating as well as A/C service contractor to our unit, just to check up as well as make whatever adjustments that are needed to ensure the cooling system is running plus it can. Unfortunately, they seem to suppose I’m lying, as well as have stated multiple times that the cooling appliance device is in perfect health. If this is their idea of a perfectly functional cooling appliance, I’d dislike to see what they would do if I said the dishwasher wasn’t officially working! I’m just ecstatic that my husband as well as I have multiple oscillating fans that we are easily able to move around the dwelling as needed. I don’t truly know we’ll need the fans with the Winter approaching, but hopefully the heating appliance is working as it should! Otherwise, Winter will actually feel just as long as the summer time did.


Powerful HVAC production

Insulation is the underrated hero of any dwelling heating or air conditioner appliance! You can have a top-tier heating appliance that has zero emissions, plus a cooling appliance that pre-cools the air outside as it comes in to maximize efficiency. You can have the most effective high-velocity air duct around, with duct-booster fans inlaid in the appliance plus a whole-house air purifier that can scrub any stink from the air! My point is, the most efficient, powerful Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance around is still only as good as the insulation that wraps the air conditioned area. That’s why I made a point to check out the insulation in our roof plus the walls of our dwelling. Think about it – if your house has poor insulation, the a/c plus gas furnace are legitimately working much harder to keep your dwelling cool or warm. That’s primarily due to how the house has many cracks, crevices plus unsealed gaps where the structure expands plus contracts, which allows air to leak out of the dwelling! Just as well, a poorly insulated house is something like a Styrofoam cooler without the foam material. Proper insulation allows the dwelling to maintain a toasty or cool temperature with much greater efficiency, plus without having to use a ton of energy or excessive air circulation to make it happen. When I had the insulation redone in the attic space, I watched as our gas bill over the following winter was dramatically reduced compared to the previous year! I can’t stress enough how useful it is to have excellent insulation in the walls plus roof of your dwelling. Heating plus cooling purposes aside, that insulation also helps with noise reduction. If you don’t want most people in your city to hear you when you’re in an argument with your fiance, think about checking your insulation!

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HVAC technical school

Horace was always a problem for my dad. I suppose 1 big idea is because my dad had my sibling later in life. There is almost 20 years between my sibling as well as I, as well as both of us are the youngest in the family too. My little brother Horace has always been spoiled, as well as my dad let him get away with everything. I suppose my dad was on my brother as well as I, but he seem to be easily distracted with Horace most of the time. My brother Horace barely managed to survive High School. He was kicked out half a dozen times, as well as the principal threatened to leave him out of the school twice. My brother Horace finished middle school with a 65 average, as well as easily little hope for college or more school. He worked at a few fast food chains, as well as lived on buddies couches for a year. Sometime later in the year, my sibling decided to apply to Heating as well as A/C specialist school. The nearby school was just starting the Heating as well as A/C specialist plan. They were offering tuition deals to anyone that scored high on the standardized test. My brother Horace took the standardized test as well as scored really good. My father wondered if he ever tried in actual school. My brother gained as well as 76% scholarship to go to the Heating as well as A/C specialist School. He will make payments on the added percent. After he has graduated from the Heating as well as A/C specialist program.

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Another heater debate

I’m really used to shipping issues. Tara as well as I have been using amazon for a few years. Tara and I have obtained as well as sold tons of things online. There is always going to be a concern with shipping every once in a great while. Tara as well as I have had delayed shipments, as well as both of us have also had packages get lost in the mail. A few months ago, Tara and I experienced an really strange shipping problem. Tara ordered an electric oil furnace online. Tara and I recently converted the shed into a living space. The warm as well as cold temperatures we are getting much colder, as well as both of us needed some heat in that room. Tara and I chose not to duct our Heating as well as A/C idea 2 the shed. It would have been far too much square footage for the Heater as well as A/C idea to handle. Yet, the hot as well as cold temperatures were getting chilly as well as heat was a needed thing. My partner ordered an electric furnace from 1 of the online retailers. Tara and I use this business frequently, as well as both of us have never experienced such a large shipping error. Tara as well as I were upset when our electric furnace did not come in the mail on the promised date. Tara contacted the seller, as well as they could not locate our serial number. My partner was on the laptop with the online retailer for 30 min, before they finally located her purchase. They said sorry for not shipping the electric furnace sooner.

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Arguments over the climate control

I just got condo from a bingo celebration.  Bingo is not my favorite thing to play, although I went with my kid.  Every one of us had a group of older boys who were dressed in their Sunday finest, and wreaking of perfume, directly behind us.  There was a group of younger boys who were in their holey jeans and laughing a bit too loud, in front of us. I heard the older boys, who had chosen to sit right in front of the doors, complain about how freezing it was inside, and the school should turn up the heat.  The younger boys had on their hoodies and sweatshirts and they were complaining that it was too tepid and they should have some AC on. I began to laugh, which had the older boys shushing me. My kid kicked myself and others under the table and told myself and others to behave.  I drew a picture of Mrs Claus sitting on the beach in his bathing suit while it was snowing. This had the man next to myself and others laughing because he heard the varying conversations about the AC and the heat. She offered myself and others a thumbs up and the two of us were both laughing.  I’m not saying it was the most boring time I ever had going to bingo, although I can’t tell you that bingo is ever any fun. At least the two of us were entertaining ourselves, while listening in to the debate of whether there should be heat or not, and how disrespectful myself and the guy sitting next to myself and others were.  Every one of us thought the temperature and the temperature control were just right.

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Hardly need to use my heater

When I started taking my up-to-date medication, I had some real adjustments to  make. I used to be the 1 that would go around and turn the temperature control down low.  I hated the heat, and as long as I wasn’t shivering, I was thrilled. My hubby and I meshed well that way.  Every one of us wanted the temperature control at fifty-five in the family room and through the afternoon, and the temperature control was at sixty-3 for the rest of the house.  There were some nights when my mother would have his oil-filled area furnace on high, trying to get his family room sizzling enough to be able to quit shaking. Every one of us purchased his a small electric fireplace so he would have a more even heat.  She refused to come out of his family room, many times, because he thought the two of us were trying to freeze his out, however the two of us couldn’t sit it when it was sizzling in the house. Every one of us both shoveled snow in just out Spring jackets.  Then came the medication. The nights of having the temperature controls turned low, is long gone. I am no longer the thrilled-go-lucky guy who saves on their energy bills, by waiting until the temperatures are below freezing to turn on the oil furnace. I have the oil furnace on as soon as the temperatures are below sixty-five.  Even then the two of us need to have my sweater on. I sure hope I don’t have to be on this medication for really long. I’m not sure if our energy bill will be manageable. I do know that the oil company will prefer it, because I am sure we’ll be calling them a lot more often.

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Motorcycle trip in the Summer, not every place has good a/c

My husband and I are planning on going to see all the 50 states. Him and I take the motorcycle one direction and drive all summer. We then take a picture in front of every state’s welcome sign. Our goal is to get all 50 of them. The trip is usually a really fun time. We see a lot of new sights, talk to greet people and experience almost a new world when we are only a few states away from home. The downside is that because we travel all Summer, we can’t always go in the best hotels. Some places don’t have luxury accommodations too. We sometimes have to go in the only hotel the town has. Usually this means the accommodations are going to be bad. The worst hotels have one lumpy bed with terrible pillows. The shower has mold around it and the toilet is stained. The worst is when the air conditioner unit barely works. After being on a hot bike in leather with sun pouring on me all day, I just want some AC. When the hotel AC doesn’t work, I feel like crying. Sometimes we get a leaky window air conditioner. Occasionally a hotel will spring and we get quality central air conditioning. That always is a nice treat in our travels. One day in the Summer we do a big spring for a good suite. We get a huge bed, a tub and our own thermostat control. That is always my favorite part of the room. I like controlling the heavy amounts of cooling.

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Building inspector says I have to remove my heat pump

I am having so many issues with my wine facility. First, I got all the licensing and paperwork to have a building set up on my farm. I then got an electrician, HVAC technician and a building inspector. I thought everything was all good to go. Now, I am getting into it with my building inspector. He is now saying everything is not up to code. He is upset I don’t have a bathroom and more protection around my building. Basically this guy wants me to shut down my winery until he is happy. I can’t really stop wine production though. We are in the middle of the season. I have wine fermenting, grapes already in boxes and all the materials are in the winery. I also have the electric on and I am paying for it. I also just had the HVAC contractor into my building to set up my new heat pump system. The heat pump is hooked up and working at full speed. The building inspector is telling me I need to take everything out of the building. No wine, boxes or other materials. I also need to turn off the electric and even worse, rip off the HVAC equipment. Yup, the building inspector literally wants me to pull off the heat pump system. I would have to call the HVAC technician in back to do it. I don’t think I could do a successful HVAC removal. I am not going to though. It would cost a ton and potential ruin my heating and cooling system. I am willing to comply with whatever changes he has, just not the HVAC one.

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Surviving the winter without a central heater:

I have had a unique life. I like to go my own way and not to listen to others who want to simply tell me what to do. It is just who I am, and I am not really interested in changing either. Of course, I am responsible too. I am not just a stubborn person who selfishly wants to do things their own way. It is just not who I am. I am willing to adapt to direction when that direction is better than my own. As you can imagine, my love of independence has also gotten me into plenty of hardships. A good example was a few years ago when I had to survive a winter without a central heater. The home I was staying in did not have a functional furnace to heat the rooms. Albeit I always had a roof over my head to protect me from rain, I couldn’t stop the cold as most people can with an HVAC system. As a result, the temperature outside was the same temperature inside, and I had to figure out a way to stay warm. I like challenges, so figuring out a way to stay warm without a traditional HVAC method was fun for me. I know the common answer is to get to a space heater. However, the home was so poorly insulated that I am not sure it would have worked. Even if I got a huge space heater, it still probably would of have to run so much it would have overheated. I still used a space heater, but I created an insulated, what I would like to call, fort over my mattress to create a nice toasty mini-room. Even since then, I have never been so warm in my life.

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My Aunt has radiant heating:

I have the nicest aunt. She is absolutely my favorite relative outside my immediate family. She has a cool house outside of a popular city. So when I get to visit her, I have so much fun. We go to amusement parks and eat at nice restaurants. She is so funny too, and she makes me laugh the whole time. Visiting her is a real treat for me for even more reasons as well. Her home is awesome. She has nice cozy furniture, and even better she also has heated floors, which I absolutely love. I never knew people could use water instead of air for their home’s heating and cooling. My parents have a furnace system, which treats air, so It was extremely weird the first time I visited her to walk on such warm and cozy tiles. I know with my parents I am always wearing something on my feet when I walk around the house because my parents don’t covet warmth as my Aunt does. Another cool feature of my Aunt’s home is that she even has her heated floors zoned. This means I can even control the thermostat for my own personal area of her home when I visit. The radiant floors even warm my bed too. I can also notice the air is much less humid too. That’s because the system doesn’t rely on the outside air, and there is no air flow necessary at all. My Aunt has it pretty good, and I like it because she shares it with me.

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Heat pump provides year round benefits and comfort –

Living down south, I’m able to handle year round temperature with an electric heat pump.   The single piece of equipment provides both heating and cooling capacity. In the summer, the heat pump functions almost exactly like a conventional air conditioner.  It extracts heat from the home and through the use of refrigerant, transfers it outside. Because of variable-speed technology and longer run times at lower speeds, the heat pump is extremely effective at handling excess humidity.  When the outside temperature drops, I simply switch the thermostat to heating mode and raise the setting. The heat pump reverses operation, finding ambient heat in outdoor air, compressing it to a higher temperature and bringing it indoors.  This process is wonderfully energy efficient and won’t dry out the indoor air. The heat pump runs on electricity and relies on existing heat rather than burning fossil fuel to generate heat. With no combustion process, there is no byproducts such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or formaldehyde.  There’s no worry over fumes, hot surfaces, flames or greenhouse gas emissions. The system is quite environmentally friendly. There are very few moving parts to the heat pump, which minimizes maintenance requirements and the potential for a malfunction. During moderate weather, when I don’t need to heat or cool the house, I like to simply run the heat pump’s fan.  The fan circulates the air in the house, keeping it feeling fresh. The fan is forceful enough that it creates quite a bit of pressure inside the home, and I need to make sure I open several windows. The open windows allow in fresh air, which enhances indoor air quality and comfort.

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Heated in the islands


The wife and I just got back from a trip to the islands. Neither one of us had ever been before, so it was a new kind of adventure for us. We spent two weeks in the tropical climate, and compared to where we live it was like a whole new world. This high north we get winters that last half the year, and the other half of the year isn’t much warmer. Part of me wishes we hadn’t gone to the islands, because it made coming home feel a lot more bleak than I would have imagined.

                It’s not that we don’t know what air conditioning is up here, it just isn’t something that we need. We have never had an air conditioner in our house, and only a couple of times a year do we even think about getting one. Down in the islands, I couldn’t imagine living without having AC of some kind. It was great on the beach, of course, but so hot and humid all the time we would rush back to the resort and get back to some cooling. It was like the polar opposite of home, and I imagine most homes down there don’t even bother having a furnace. Even if it does get chilly, and I don’t know that it ever does, probably a little space heater would be enough to keep you warm.

            After all, we visited the islands during the winter, and it was still hot enough to require an air conditioner most of the time. What does that tell you?

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HVAC saved my bacon

Times are tough all over, I am the first to admit it. When the housing bubble burst all those years ago it hit me harder than most. Not only did I lose my house to the bank, but I also lost my job when a different bank foreclosed on the company. In three days I went from loving life to being homeless and jobless. Two months later my car got repossessed, because how the heck was I supposed to make the payments? What followed was a dark time, but eventually I was able to claw my way out of it with my own two hands

               . I got a job doing manual labor for an HVAC contractor, and because of a strong work ethic and a good head on my shoulders, I quickly moved up to doing house calls. I still couldn’t work on the HVAC equipment, because that requires a certification test, but I could still ride along and help out the technicians. I quickly learned a lot about air conditioners, and more facts about the inner workings of heating systems than I ever thought possible. I kept my mouth shut and my eyes and ears open, because I knew this job was a path to being a full time HVAC technician, and getting back on my feet once again.

                Maybe I wouldn’t make as much money fixing air conditioners as I did as a real estate agent, but at least it’s honest work! Thanks to this HVAC repair job I have a car and a home of my own once again.

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Veterinarian Visit

Every year as the wintertime starts to warm into spring, we take our dogs to the veterinarian for their annual checkup and booster shots. Normally they get weighed, checked out and the vet gives them their medicines and we’re out of there in no time. This year was a little different, however. We had just had a late season snowstorm that dumped about five feet of snow, so the temperatures were well below what they should have been. Because of all the recent snow there were so many people in the waiting room. What was normally a five minute wait turned into a thirty minute wait. With it still being cold outside, they had the furnace running inside. It got to be so warm in there with all the other people and animals that we decided to take the dogs on a shot walk outside. Our Labrador love the snow, so we let her off the leash to go run through it in the fenced in area outside. After sitting in the lobby with the furnace on what seemed like full blast, it was nice to walk around in the crisp cold air. After about twenty minutes or so we decided to go back inside and check on our progress with the wait. As it turns out, our timing was perfect. Almost as soon as we came back inside, they called us back to the exam room. We got both dogs checked out, vaccinated and given their dog treats, and we were on our way.


Replacing roof of the house reduces heating and cooling costs

When I replaced the roof on my home two years ago, I never considered the benefit of reducing my monthly energy bills.  I procrastinated over the job until I kept finding stray shingles in the lawn. Every time it rained, I needed to catch the leaks from the ceiling in buckets.  I was reluctant to hire a roofing contractor, because I knew the project would be expensive and messy. Because the home is super old and the roof had been patched so many times, the entire thing needed to be torn off.  There was a great deal of dirt and debris both inside the home and in my gardens and lawn. We were unable to run the air conditioner for an entire week, and the outside temperature climbed into the high eighties. We dealt with horrendous heat, humidity, and bugs.  When the new roof was finally in place, my whole family was anxious to turn down the thermostat and start up the air conditioner. Since the house was so extremely overheated, I expected the air conditioner to struggle to bring the temperature down. I anticipated very high energy bills that month.  However, the new roof eliminated a great deal of energy losses and reduced the workload of the cooling system. Within an hour, the whole home was nice and cool. Plus, the temperature throughout the house was far more consistent. I’ve since noticed a difference in comfort in the winter, and I pay way less for heating.  The house stays cleaner, and even smells better. Replacing the roof has made such a significant difference in the performance of the heating and cooling system, that I’m now looking into improving the insulation in the walls and ceilings.

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Duct sealing makes a huge difference in comfort and air quality of home –

Although I’ve always been good about taking care of the furnace and air conditioner in my home, I’ve totally neglected the duct system.  I simply never gave it a thought. I hire professional maintenance for the heating unit in the fall, and repeat the process in the spring for the cooling unit.  The HVAC contractors never mentioned upkeep for the ductwork. I eventually started to notice a rise in monthly energy bills, decrease in comfort and issues with indoor air quality.  During the winter, I kept raising the thermostat setting and yet the house felt chilly. There were unpleasant cold spots in certain rooms, as well as drafts. The heated air smelled bad, and there was a lot more dust floating around.  I finally called up a local HVAC contractor and explained the problems. The technician inspected the duct system and informed me that there were numerous holes and leaks at the seams. These imperfections were allowing the heated air to escape and bringing in unconditioned and polluted outside air.  This forced the furnace to struggle and run longer, trying to keep up with demand. I hired the HVAC contractor to complete a duct sealing process. He sealed off all of the supply and return registers and pumped a combination of pressurized air and adhesive particles into the ducts. As the adhesive particles escaped through the holes, they built up to gradually create a tight seal.  The duct sealing process was completed quite quickly, with no damage to the system or disruption to my house. The HVAC contractor then tested the ducts and verified the results.

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We can get anything we want printed

My friends in addition to myself graduated from college in addition to started our self a small dealership. Everyone of my friends in addition to myself went to cooking school to learn how to create the most delicious sauces. It didn’t take long before my friends in addition to myself quickly realized that people would pay money for these sauces. Everyone of my friends in addition to myself began to attend cooking seminars in addition to trade shows. As time went on, everyone of my friends in addition to myself work challenge with creating our own business plus ingredients. Everyone of my friends in addition to myself started off with three signature sauces, pesto, Alfredo, in addition to marinara. One of the biggest issues was product marketing. Every one of my friends in addition to myself honestly hired a printing company to help us with marketing. The printing company made us sheets of flyers in addition to a banner for our products. Every one of my friends in addition to myself saw our sales double after using the printing company to help with marketing. One huge thing was a bulk labels for all of our sauces, which the printing company helped us with. In fact, they only charged us $0.03 each, which was half the price of any online printing supplier. Our new labels look in addition to feel great, in addition to the fact that they honestly have all of the company’s information in well to read easy to see letters. Our customers enjoy all of our signature sauces.


I am not sure this is the right spot

My brother Mike has consistently been honestly handy and when he took a job working for a local furniture manufacturer. I easily wasn’t surprised. Mike was consistently pretty wonderful with electronics but, I had no clue that he had an interest in woodworking as well. My brother Mike worked as a helper for almost 6 weeks in the carpentry industry before he was hired on full-time, when I asked my brother what his number one space of the task was he said that it was working with customized furniture. My brother Mike said working with the familiar stuff that the company produced was rather dull because it was similar to any line task task where nothing ever changed. But, when it came to customized pieces that needed to be a typical  size or shape in at least challenged is creative things. Making a customized piece is more than just splitting down the sides, comes with several dimensional changes to make sure that it does not look disproportionate or care about something is not correct. He said you can’t just take a couch and cut off the sides without making it look as if there was a problem with the manufacturing to begin with. My brother Mike said that everything about the piece has to be changed by the same amount dealing with the size of the cushions. I know that is why ordering a customized size in furniture is more pricey. Mike said that there is a entire design team to help them with all the customized items that come in as orders from the furniture shops.


Where I want to reside

After the great war, numerous houses were built in cities plus they are referred to as,  cardboard cut out houses. This is because every plan of every new home is the same along a road plus the only change is the color of the siding in some situations; It is as though a dealer went along with a cardboard cut out houses plus reproduced the same new home over plus over once more. These homes were constructed abruptly because following the war numerous families needed an arena to live plus fast way to create cities; Now, numerous homeowners are looking for ways to alter those homes so that they have their own particular  standards, by putting on additions plus pulling out windows you can supply these homes a completely different appearance. The world of customization does not stop there either, numerous people are looking for particular sections of furniture for their homes so that they kneel out from almost everyone else; For this idea numerous furniture stores offer custom of fabrics plus finishes so that their people will find exactly what they are searching for, then many of the higher-end stores only have prototypes of a certain table, couch, or chair set plus you must choice all of the other qualities yourself. These furniture pieces can take someplace from a few weeks to a few months to create, but, in the conclusion, you have a piece of furniture that suits your personality plus way of living.  A lot of these pieces are legitimately a good investment.

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The clean air filter

It seems like this week, all the people I guess is now working more hours than ever plus taking on numerous tasks just to get by. I say, whatever works, but with taking on a heavy load means some things can get forgotten. However, one of the things that should stay on your to-do list is decreasing out the air filter for your heating plus cooling system. Sure, the air filter may sound like just a fancy expense. Or maybe you guess the air filter changes are just for people with flu symptoms. Well, the truth is the air filter isn’t just for your health or comfort. Sure, it does these works as well. But in truth, the main work of the air filter is the safety of your HVAC system. See, the air filter doesn’t just keep pollen plus dust plus other gross stuff out of the air you breathe–it also keeps it out of the air that goes into your heating plus A/C. This is vital to the health plus longevity of any central heating plus cooling system, then like any major appliance, HVAC has a fragile under belly… Just as your cable can’t be submerged, your HVAC method needs to avoid as much dust plus debris as possible. Buildup of debris in the delicate inner now workings of your HVAC can injure the method plus even cause to fall apart over time. Changing the air filter out every week not only insures that your HVAC stays free of additional disfigure, it also helps to insure respected air flow throughout the air duct. Only with a healthy flow of air can your heating plus cooling method keep your house comfortable, without running up the light bill.

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Learning to change the air filter

How changing your air filter affects your HVAC
It seems like today, everyone I know is working more hours than ever and taking on numerous jobs just to get by. I say, whatever works, but with taking on a heavy load means some things can get forgotten. However, one of the things that should stay on your to-do list is changing out the air filter for your heating and cooling system. Sure, the air filter may sound like just a fancy expense. Or maybe you think the air filter changes are just for people with allergies. Well, the truth is the air filter isn’t just for your health or comfort. Sure, it does these tasks as well. But in truth, the main task of the air filter is the safety of your HVAC system. See, the air filter doesn’t just keep pollen and dust and other gross stuff out of the air you breathe–it also keeps it out of the air that goes into your heating and air conditioning system. This is vital to the health and longevity of any central heating and cooling system. Like any major appliance, HVAC has a fragile under belly. Just as your TV can’t be submerged, your HVAC system needs to avoid as much dust and debris as possible. Buildup of debris in the delicate inner workings of your HVAC can damage the system and even cause to fall apart over time. Changing the air filter out every month not only insures that your HVAC stays free of additional damage, it also helps to insure proper air flow throughout the ductwork. Only with a healthy flow of air can your heating and cooling system keep your home comfortable, without running up the light bill. 

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How adjust your air filter

It seems prefer today, everyone I guess is honestly working more hours than ever and taking on many works just to get by. I say, whatever works, however with taking on a heavy load means some things can get forgotten. However, 1 of the things that should stay on your to-do list is adjusting out the air filter for your heating and cooling system. Sure, the air filter may sound prefer just a extravagant expense. Or maybe you believe the air filter changes are just for people with dust sensitivities. Well, the truth is the air filter isn’t just for your health or comfort. Sure, it does these tasks as well. But in truth, the main task of the air filter is the safety of your Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. See, the air filter doesn’t just keep pollen and dust and other gross stuff out of the air you breathe–it also keeps it out of the air that goes into your heating and air conditioner. This is vital to the health and longevity of any central heating and cooling system, like any major appliance, Heating, Ventilation, and A/C has a fragile under belly, just as your television can’t be submerged, your Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system needs to avoid as much dust and debris as possible. Buildup of debris in the delicate inner honestly workings of your Heating, Ventilation, and A/C can injure the system and even cause to fall apart over time… Changing the air filter out every month not only insures that your Heating, Ventilation, and A/C stays free of additional disfigure, it also helps to insure familiar air flow throughout the ductwork. Only with a healthy flow of air can your heating and cooling system keep your home comfortable, separate from running up the light bill.

I checked for dining room furniture

I adore watching self-help shows on television, you know the brand, the ones that show you how to redesign your home, repair your car, or even how to do yard work. The only problem is I have, at moments, attempt to do projects myself that did not turn out so well. I even attempted to put in my own self-watering flower system a single time as well as ended up letting the back portion of my yard. I have been had to phone in an expert to have them fix what I had messed up. For this idea when I made a decision I wanted to move into a single of those tiny homes that are all the rage I knew I needed to contact a person who could design as well as build it well. It’s not like you can go out as well as buy the usual kitchen as well as study room furniture due to none of that will fit in the compact spots. Nearly everything from the washroom sink to the whole room furniture needs to be fully set up in order to task the right way. On television they make it seem undoubtedly easy like you can just buy a trailer hitch as well as put a home on it, this is honestly not the situation at hand though. These tiny houses have to be built up to code and be safe to live in. it is hard finding someone who can design as well as build all of the components.

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How change your air filter

It seems appreciate this week, most people I think is toiling more minutes than ever & taking on numerous jobs just to get by. I say, whatever works, however with taking on a heavy load means some things can get forgotten. However, 1 of the things that should stay on your to-do list is changing out the air filter for your heating & cooling system. Sure, the air filter may sound appreciate just a extravagant expense. Or maybe you think the air filter changes are just for people with flu symptoms. Well, the truth is the air filter isn’t just for your health or comfort. Sure, it does these tasks as well. But in truth, the main task of the air filter is the safety of your Heating & A/C system. See, the air filter doesn’t just keep pollen & dust & other gross stuff out of the air you breathe–it also keeps it out of the air that goes into your HVAC. This is vital to the health & longevity of any central heating & cooling system; Like any major appliance, Heating & A/C has a fragile under belly; Just as your television can’t be submerged, your Heating & A/C system needs to avoid as much dust & debris as possible. Buildup of debris in the delicate inner toilings of your Heating & A/C can disfigure the system & even cause to fall apart over time, however changing the air filter out every month not only insures that your Heating & A/C stays free of additional disfigure, it also helps to insure regular air flow throughout the air duct. Only with a healthy flow of air can your heating & cooling system keep your cabin comfortable, without running up the light bill.

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A custom made couch

How do you know when you have gotten to a point in your life where you can kneel back and just enjoy it? It seems that these times there are more and more people now working well into their 80s just make it by, then they are doing more and living more, however, if you still need to work to spend money the bills then you have to ask if it is all worth it at points.  People in prior generations worked for more than 30 years at the same job but then were able to retire and spend the rest of their lives in happiness. I was one of those men. I now have the enjoyment of great retirement and doing what I please with our time and money, and one of the things that I decided long back was that I wanted to have our own kind of furniture and spruce up our apartment odd from everyone else, however i’m not sure why this was pressing however I was able to have many of the items of our lake apartment custom built so that it didn’t look like everyone else’s. When it came to our residing room said I wanted an actually unique  style and color to the frame so I contacted a local manufacturer and provided them the specs. They were actually great and follow through on our every choice and over the years I have gotten many compliments on the great piece of furniture that I have in our home.

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Wrecked air conditioner plan

My husband and I always have the same issues. For instance, last week, he came home dripping with sweat! I asked what happened, and he told me the entire office building is having issues with the heating and air conditioners that keep the office cool, then while I felt sorry for him having to go through with it, I knew what this meant – I was going to have the same problem very soon! Sure enough, I went to my job a few days later and noticed the same issue. The air in the lobby of our building was sizzling hot and humid, almost more than it was outside! When I walked into the office suite, I took one look at the receptionist who had messy hair, and then I knew the a/c was busted. I undid the top button of my blouse to ensure I would be a bit more cool and comfortable, plus did my best to work through the afternoon with bad air quality in the office. A memo went around that afternoon, stating that the fuses for the cooling system’s chiller component had been blown, which is why it felt so sizzling hot inside the office, however we were told that an HVAC repair people had been dispatched to take care of the situation, however they offered nothing as a way to help us cope through the bad heatwave in our building! Fortunately, all of us were able to find a few box fans that were hidden away in the storage area, so all of us put those up around the office to improve air circulation. When I left work to go home that afternoon, all I could do was hope and pray that the problem would be fixed by tomorrow! Otherwise, I was in for a very hard and long work week!

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Installing little a/c units

Painting is such an underrated hobby and passtime. Though it would really be an exhausting leisure interest for someone who can easily lose their cool over small mistakes, but I’m being serious! I would know, because I suffer from anger management issues personally. I used to love high-energy hobbies like weight lifting since they were outlets for my anger to physically exit my body. I still like those activities, but I’ve gained that having a cool demeanor comes from learning to temper a person’s mind for patience. Keeping our cool also comes from literally staying cool, which is why our home is equipped with an excellent air conditioner system! Aside from the central forced air conditioning system unit that generates chilled air conditioning, the ductwork in our home is unlike conventional HVAC duct. Instead, the ducts I have installed are small in diameter, measuring only a few inches wide or so; A much smaller space to occupy means that the cold air generated by the central air conditioning system unit is pressurized, causing it to be forced out through ventilation ports in the ducts and into our home! You would imagine I had a high-powered central air conditioning system unit in our home, but the secret is really the actually tight HVAC ductwork that lines our home. I guess this was one of our best investments, as I used to have normal-sized ducts in our up-to-date home that seemed to do a awful task of circulating air in the house. I constantly felt the HVAC duct was too large a lot for this little home of mine! When I had a pest problem that caused the HVAC duct to be chewed up and in need of replacement, I saw a fantastic opportunity for a replacement. The rest is very much history!

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The heater machine makes noise

Sometimes I just hate being indecisive, but i can’t seem to settle on what kind of car to drive, nor can I settle on where I’d like to live! That’s why I still care to lease cars, rent apartments and end up saving a ton of money. The only decision I’ve been able to confidently make without anyone knowing was when my apartment provided to install radiant heated floors in my unit. I said yes, simply because they insisted the job could be done in half a day. I thought that was fantasy thinking, despite the fact that I was proven wrong when I came home from work that day! Not only were the HVAC service workers finished with the upgrade, but they left no mess entirely at all. I was impressed! Still, I hadn’t diagnosed the radiant heated floors for warmth yet, so I waited until it was later in the night and the temperature outside had dropped a bit. I walked to the temperature control thermostat on the wall, and slowly increased the heat setting. The temperature control thermostat made a clicking sound, and part of me expected to hear the loud buzz of our oil furnace filling the air. Then I remembered that this big oil furnace is practically silent, so I walked around the apartment, waiting to sense and feel the heat, but sure enough, I began to feel the apartment warming up slowly but surely, as the bottom of my bare feet felt warmer and warmer! This was a totally up-to-date new sensation, and I was in total love. I couldn’t wait to go to sleep that night and get some much needed rest. That radiant oil furnace practically lulled me to sleep with the excellent warmth it gave in my apartment… Knowing that this was also a ton more efficient oil furnace easily had me reassured that this was a good wonderful decision!

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Need a good HVAC guy

I feel almost everyone should spend a few years working in a labor job. If you ask me, there are too many people today who choose the slacker route, and are content with cushy jobs that were intended for sixteen year-old middle school kids. If it were up to me, almost everyone would spend a few years finally working in a skilled serious trade! There’s a shortage of virtually every trade skill worker this day, whether it’s in the field of carpentry, plumbing, electrical engineering or even construction! Of course, one of the professions with the highest need for a larger workforce is the heating, ventilation as well as air conditioner industry for sure! Ask any Heating and Air Conditioning repair worker, specialist or business about how much working they have on a bi-weekly basis, especially those who happen to live in areas that are always sizzling warm or always cold… They’ll tell you that the average heating as well as air conditioner repair worker goes well beyond full-time hours into overtime, which is great if you’re looking for work security as well as plenty of hours to add to each paycheck. My neighbor Johnny is a great example of how lucrative it can be to get into the Heating as well as Air Conditioning profession, and he started as a worker after going through a course at his local university to become a certified Heating and Air Conditioning repair specialist. It only took about a year for him to earn his certification, as well as by the time he was certified, he already had hundreds of hours’ worth of field experience! He was a hot commodity for the local Heating and Air Conditioning dealers as well as repair companies to hire, as well as now he works as a supervisor on commercial heating and air conditioner replacements. He owes his work as well as financial success to that a single certification program, as well as Johnny enjoys the challenges that come with each task! I envy Johnny, absolutely – I wish I went to work, eager to take on the challenges that each day would bring!

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Setting up the air ducts

There was this funny TV show when i was a kid that focused on this guy who was a self-proclaimed jack of all trades. In the show, there would be feel-good comedy sitcom moments, and there was also a lot of self-inflicted injuries while trying to make simple around-the-home fixes. It was comedy in the show of course, but in real life, those same scenarios can lead to some extreme scarring and permanent complications – ’m not even talking about physical trauma! See, my brother is just like that guy from the show, he’s a skilled handyman for sure, although he doesn’t seem to know when he’s in too deep on a repair he can’t handle, and when our Mom asked him to help with installing up-to-date air conditioning at our home to compliment the up-to-date central air duct, my brother was thrilled to not only help, however commandeer control of the upgrade! Things were going well as my brother was laying out the air duct in the attic, and my Mom decided she’d go finish wiring the outdoor condenser unit to the indoor air conditioning system, however my brother joined her, in addition to decided to try to test the power to the condenser unit. He didn’t even realize that he was holding what was about to be a live wire by the contact! My Mom went to stop him, however it was too late – the power was switched, in addition to my brother was still as a statue as electrical currents ran through him! Thankfully the power surge caused a major short, so the power stopped running to the wire – in addition to prevented my brother from being electrocuted to death. We had him sit inside for the rest of the afternoon, great in the cool air conditioned room thanks to our Mom finishing the upgrade for the air conditioning system, and some guys just have all the luck, don’t they?


The air conditioner set up way up

Earlier this year, I noticed that my electric bill was climbing with each passing week. It wasn’t a large amount, however it was enough for me to notice a trend, and by the middle of June, I noticed that my electric bill had increased by almost fifty percent! There was really something wrong with my electric bill, or there was something slowly bleeding out my electric usage. When I called the electric company to determine why my bill was steadily decreasing, they provided a usage chart for me which showed the past 3 months, and detailed when I had the most electricity usage. For three weeks, my bill showed that my usage was highest when I was home before and after work. There was something always using more and more power towards the middle of the afternoon. That’s when I realized – it had to be my home’s A/C! Of course, it made perfect sense. I had purchased a smart thermostat to help reduce my electric bills, although I never entirely understood how to program a run schedule for the temperature control. I must’ve decided to table that for another time, although I never got around to setting a run schedule for my air conditioning system! In fact, I hadn’t even been remembering to set the air conditioning to a higher level while I was at work, and I was really paying the price for my negligence. With that realization, I dug out the box to my smart thermostat and read the instruction manual carefully. I was able to set a schedule where the air conditioning would turn off from when I left for work to when I was on my way home, and that way my home would be nice and cool by the time I got home! Ever since I had the schedule implemented, my electric bill has sharply dropped off in cost, and that’s exactly what I hoped would happen.

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Able to stop for quality cooling

Touring major cities in America has been a pastime of mine for the past few years. My friends and I enjoy to travel, but who doesn’t, right? For us, we enjoy to travel to the hubs of each region in the country, and find the little known secrets that only natives would think about. We went to this one neighborhood deep in the South during the hottest time of the summer, and while we knew it was going to be hot while during visit, we had no idea just how hot it would be! We are from the northwest, so we aren’t used to this kind of heat or humidity! Thankfully, most of the bars, clubs or activities we did while going to see this neighborhood were indoors, and complemented with excellent air conditioning that made the experience that much better. We were also happy that the theme park we opted to go to in neighborhood had plenty of air conditioned pit stops throughout the park, just in case we needed to cool off or grab a cold drink.  One of the best stops we made in that neighborhood was at this enormous ice bar, which is just what it sounds like – a sizable bar where everything is made of ice, including the cups! The A/C in that place must be incredible to maintain chilly temperatures, because that’s a difference of almost one hundred degrees! We enjoyed the ice bar as an escape from the heat,. Only an hour in that bar left us clamoring for the heat by the time we left, and it was an adventure for sure! Next stop – the far Northeast!

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Radiant floors in our room

I have always struggled with making the perfect room in our house because of our central heater. See, I am a collector of books, both precious plus popular, current plus old, and I have signed first editions, illustrated collections from my number one poet printed in the 1877s, plus even just some fun fiction reading. However, it is next to impossible to make a library when you have baseboard heating, these obnoxious radiators, while necessary to keep our house warm, just get in the way of my decorating plan. I just want wall to wall bookcases, with a mounted ladder on wheels so I have no trouble getting books off any of the shelves. Thanks to the latest advances in Heating and Air Conditioning technology, I have finally found the answer–radiant heated floors! With a radiant furnace for our library, I can have the warmth I want, without the obnoxious radiators! Heated electric panels are located in the subfloor, with the current flooring located on top. I was able to get a beautiful laminate hardwood that looks as good as the real thing, however it will last twice as long. The first time I saw the empty room with no more radiators, I nearly cried… One month later, I finally have our bookcases in and they are totally organized, plus the ladder I always wanted. I was able to add a comfy chair, a little desk plus even a sofa to make a little reading nook. And I can put the furniture anywhere I want, because the central furnace is no longer in the way. With radiant heated floors, I finally have the library I have always wanted.

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The multiple zones in the house

My apartment is officially the nicest 1 I have ever rented… It has these attractive new blue rugs, gorgeous tiling in the washroom, a skylight set into a cathedral ceiling, a wood burning fireplace, and best of all–Heating plus Air Conditioning zone controls. I’m so used to apartments just having 1 thermostat for the whole unit, but the building director here spared no expense. This location has an Heating plus Air Conditioning zone control for each of the bedrooms, 1 for the kitchen and residing room, and another 1 for the the washroom. It’s so nice for me and my roommate to be able to control the heating and cooling in our spaces. The best thing is, the people I was with and I can turn down thermostat for the residing room and kitchen at night, without having to be chilly in our bedrooms. This stops a lot of concerns with roommates who like to be way too warm at night for my liking. It also lets us turn off the heating and cooling in each others rooms and close them actually when 1 of us goes away on vacation. I know our favorite Heating and Air Conditioning zone control is the 1 in the washroom, but we rarely ever use it unless we’re taking a bath. The building director put the towel bar above the Heating and Air Conditioning duct vent, so it heats your towel for you! There is nothing better in this world than a long sizzling bath on a cold, freezing afternoon, with a freshly warmed towel waiting for you. I love this apartment; I won’t be moving for a long time.

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What the fireplace did

The concern with house hunting is it gets rushed. When my roommates and I looked at this rental property, we did so during an open house. I had thought this would help us to get a good look; Unfortunately, the open house was so crowded that it was absolutely hard to get a good sense of the space. I thought wes had done our due diligence, then we had looked at the windows, hunted for drafts, looked at the outlets to detect wiring troubles, even walked around the yard; However, we walked right by the fireplace. It has a wood storage component built into the house, so I thought it had been kept in great shape. The people I was with and I applied for the property, not expecting to get it, however we got the call back that we had passed all of the checks and were their number one pick. Come moving time, we were doing a ton of cleaning and we finally came back to that fireplace. The people I was with and I were hoping to use it to offset the oil heater, since oil is so fancy priced and the winters are absolutely long here in the northeast. However, this may not be possible. The entire glass front doors are not attached to the fireplace. When moved them aside, the fireplace was full of half burnt trash, and now the proprietor is just telling us not to use the fireplace, and is refusing to have it repaired or even diagnosed by an Heating and Air Conditioning company; My roommates and I are now absolutely suspicious of the fireplace, our proprietor, as well as the state of this house. I suppose we’ll be looking for another cabin or rental house when our lease is up–hopefully something without an oil furnace so the all of us can save cash on our utility bills.


Heating advice from grandma

Most folks recognize my Grandfather for the custom carpentry plus countertop supplier he ran with my Grandmother for 35 years; However, this is far from the only source of income my Grandfather has had, and though he’s in full retirement now, he used to work as an accountant & a landlord; He owned an aged brown-stone in the city he lived in, which he would rent out as 3 separate apartments… Now that I am a tenant, my Grandfather has consistently been incredible with doling out advice. I got lucky for a long time with great landlords, however my most recent one is not so good. As a tenant, I try not to let myself get talked into things I shouldn’t be doing, such as repairing the Heating & A/C. I informed my landlord that the boiler needed an inspection, but he tried to tell me it was on the tenants. However, I couldn’t find anything about Heating & A/C care in the lease… My Grandfather reassured me that the reason I paid rent was that the landlord was supposed to fix this things, that includes the central heater. After all, why else would you put down a security deposit? Thanks to my Grandfather, I was able to put together a unquestionably convincing fight for Heating & A/C care, including the fact that the boiler could fall apart entirely. A disfigured central gas furnace could even cause CO2 plus make us all sick, which would be especially deadly since our living room is in the basement with the boiler. In the end, my landlord is now hiring a Heating & A/C contractor to repair the boiler before Wintertime hits.

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