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I like this furnace

I was taking my shower the other evening, as well as I began to wonder about the miracle of sizzling water.  My mother says she remembers when they had to heat water in the fireplace or on the wood stove in  a big pot.  They carried it by the tote full as well as dumped into a sizable tub.  They didn’t have indoor powder rooms, so there weren’t any showers.  She says they didn’t have hot water heaters, unless you were well to do.  A lot of families didn’t even have any indoor plumbing, at that time.  I can’t imagine not being able to hop into the shower as well as have sizzling water on demand.  The small hot water oil furnaces that attach to the faucets are kind of miraculous.  I have a sizable hot water furnace in my basement, as well as the water is heated through the boiler on my gas furnace.  This means that I have to have gas furnace running all year long.  We decided that was deranged as well as counterproductive, to have a gas furnace running while the air conditioning units are in use.  We bought an electric hot water furnace to use for the summer.  Hot water isn’t a modern comfort, but the system of having sizzling water without using the gas furnace, a fireplace, or a wood stove, is modern.  The system that you have sizzling water every time you turn on the faucet is short of miraculous.  When I take my nice shower, I take advantage of it, as well as I tend to sit there for about ten minutes as well as assume the warmth that is given by the water heater, sluice over my body.  Now that is my system of pure comfort.

HVAC maintenance 

I do think this is great

About several years ago, my hubby and I experienced a bad home fire.  The two of us live in the northeastern US and it can get pretty cold in the winter.  Our fire was in the first week of April.  The two of us stood outside and cried as we tried to figure out what to do with what little bit we had left.  The two of us were given a house until we could rebuild our own home, but we had 1 major problem.  In the midst of the injury, our aquarium and most of the coral reef, survived.  The two of us knew that it needed to have steady hot and cold temperatures of over 76, so for 1 solid week, we had a generator going.  The two of us needed to make sure the furnaces were working as strong as they could to keep the coral alive.  The two of us soon got located into the house and we were given permission to put an aquarium inside, to keep the coral alive.  The two of us were so grateful that there was such a great HVAC method inside.  The two of us had 1 room that could be closed off, because we had zone control.  The two of us kept that room at 76, to help offset the furnaces that we had used for almost a week.  The move was rough on some of our corals, but most of them survived.  When we rebuilt the house, we opted for the best HVAC method we could get.  The two of us wanted to make sure we had zone control, and whatever room we designated as the fish room, would be able to be kept warmer than the rest of the house.  The two of us were so glad to have learned about zone control when we were in the last place.

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The summer weather is getting ugly

Now that the weather is finally starting to cool off, I am finding that I can breathe much better.  The heat is entirely terrible for my asthma, plus it also causes some entirely weird things to happen to my feet.  Once the temperatures go over 75, I earn Fred Flintstone feet.  Gone are the ladylike ankles, plus on come the cavemen clubs.  My air conditioner helps to alleviate a lot of the discomfort, but I like when it gets cooler, plus I don’t have to worry.  I can limit the amount of heating from my gas furnace.  I just keep the thermostat set at a steady 67t, plus for about many months, I have slim ankles plus legs.  I can’t limit the amount of heat that is provided by the sun.  People tell me how much they love to be out in the summer.  I hide inside.  It isn’t just the swelling in my legs plus feet, but I break out in the most horrendous plus ugly rash, wherever the sun touches.  Without the a/c, I don’t breathe well.  Without the a/c, I swell up like a tic on a pet.  Without the a/c, I look like I have a dire case of the measles.  Ask me why a/c is so pressing, plus I’ll show you pictures.  I’ve considered moving to the far north, however my partner just shakes his head.  He appreciates the southeastern section of the country plus his gardening every summer.  I love him, so I think I will just make sure my a/c idea is working well, long before it is needed.

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Why are the windows so tiny

The port holes on the titanic sparked a long flowing obsession in myself and others when I first saw the movies about that ship, but i thought that port holes were the neatest thing in the world; My mother even agreed to paint some on our walls & curtains so I could make believe that I was a passenger and just enjoy the characters in those movies. My parents easily assumed it was a phase but here I am, a homeowner & adult, who built her own home with nothing but port holes for windows, but the best part is the port holes were genuinely harvested from the hull of an outdated ship! Another nice bonus of these tiny windows is that our Heating & Air Conditioning plan barely ever needs to run. The insulation of the home is already genuinely good, but the a/c has genuinely little work to do thanks to the nice port holes only letting in a little sunlight. The gas furnace also experiences genuinely little opposition since they are double pane glass. In fact, the outdated fireplace does most of the heating in the frigid winter! We occasionally simply run the Heating & Air Conditioning plan for the sole purpose of not allowing it to get rusty from all the idling. Perhaps this climate control perk is just the thing that will make porthole windows popular someday! As the cost of heating & cooling rises, people are going to start looking for more cost efficient & energy efficient methods… to which I say, think outside of the box! Don’t worry too much about your Heating & Air Conditioning system, but rather focus on what is toiling with or against your climate control efforts.

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Humidity is definitely a factor

If you wonder what it might be like to be extra prone to paper cuts, I am the woman you should have a conversation with, but i am constantly glad to do interviews and give informative speeches about my plight, however last year I particularly spoke at a high school graduation, and everybody was grateful that I shared my experiences with them… they constantly are, just to give you a bit of an introduction, my life is not easy. Constantly having to worry about having one’s flesh torn apart by seemingly harmless paper is no joke. It truthfully defies reason and people are stumped, then nobody can figure it out. In any case, the one thing I have found that gives me some great relief is my temperature control system. I don’t recall exactly how I discovered it, however there is a very unique way I set my control unit, depending on the exact season, that gives me a bit of a small break from the constant terror. My Heating, Ventilation, and A/C plan is particularly greatly  tuned around my needs; The main factor is humidity, so my temperature control plan is particularly vigilant in this exact department. I’ve also observed that whenever my heating system is on, things seem to get a lot more dry in my house, but for this reason, I am ultra grateful for my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system’s humidification function. I am not sure how it works, although I guess that on my control unit, I can undoubtedly dial in the percentage of humidity that I require. Naturally, I love to schedule temperature control repair sessions every month to make sure it’s all running particularly flawlessly.

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I love clean air

Though there are many benefits to a ductless Heating, Ventilation and A/C system, there are also some challenges with the system that have not quite been figured out, but i am sure that additional innovation will eventually lead to having these challenges corrected, but there are easily some even-handed issues that persist with a ductless Heating, Ventilation and A/C system, however the first issue with ductless systems is also the most crucial issue; Ductless Heating, Ventilation and A/C systems cost over thirty percent as much as traditional Heating, Ventilation and A/C systems, whenever current technology comes onto the market, the pricing is almost constantly significantly higher! As manufacturers figure out better component utilization, pricing for ductless Heating, Ventilation and A/C systems should sharply decline. These units are so extravagant now that it may be worth waiting for better innovation in the industry. The other glaring issue with a ductless system is the maintenance, however for a ductless Heating, Ventilation and A/C system, maintenance is required yearly. As somebody who has owned a familiar Heating, Ventilation and A/C system, I can tell you that I do not have our Heating, Ventilation and A/C system worked on every couple of weeks! My Heating, Ventilation and A/C system would be lucky to be worked on once per year, but having to maintain a ductless Heating, Ventilation and A/C system yearly is a significant disadvantage. The filters in the ductless system must be washed yearly. The last issue with the ductless Heating, Ventilation and A/C system is that there are not as many servicemans qualified and willing to work with ductless systems. This disadvantage will naturally improve over time, but you may face higher costs due to accessibility of qualified Heating, Ventilation and A/C servicemans… Ultimately, the ductless Heating, Ventilation and A/C system is still a fantastic option for a potential customer, but it will really be even better in another several years.

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Temperature control tips

I love studying about people as well as their success stories, however last week, I read about a woman that took a business from 1 employee to over six hundred employees in less than several years. It all started roughly twenty years ago when she inherited a heating and air conditioning business from her father. The man’s father had essentially been a self-employed heating and air conditioning business for over thirty years, as well as she had set up an respected corporation to advertise her heating and air conditioning services. The father had done all of the work himself for the entire thirty years, and the only thing he truly passed on to his child was his client list, financial stability, as well as a locally-recognized corporation name. While the child originally had no intention of going into the heating and air conditioning business, she decided that her father had enough clients to hire somebody to be a full-time heating and air conditioning worker. While half of the money made went to cover the salary of the heating and air conditioning workers, the woman was able to profit as well as separate from having any real involvement or effort in the corporation. After a few weeks, she decided to use her profit to hire a hour heating and air conditioning representative who would be solely responsible for attracting the modern business. With both heating and air conditioning business hires, she opted to find seasoned employees who excelled in the field that she was hiring them for, then her heating and air conditioning workers we’re truly technical as well as did a beautiful job at fixing the concerns, and her heating and air conditioning salesman had a long background of successful sales. As the heating and air conditioning business continued to grow, the owner consistently committed to putting the profit back into hiring the best people as well as giving the best service. This week, she has over various hundred employees, as well as she was able to eclipse the six hundred mark less than several years after inheriting the corporation.


Lowering the thermostat

Last winter, my kids went on a fishing excursion. They were genuinely gleeful to come home with a cooler full of fresh fish,  and wanted to cook them for dinner. Since the outside temperature was right around thirty degrees, and it was snowing like crazy, there was no option of using the barbecue on the back deck. I ended up frying the fish on the stove, and it stinked quite strongly. The entire house reeked of fish, and I didn’t really know how to get rid of it. With the cold weather, all of us had the furnace running non stop. It costs a small fortune in monthly bills to keep the house nice and warm. We couldn’t open a window and allow heated air to escape. We’ve taken every possible measure to prevent heat from escaping or allowing the outside air in. We’ve installed Energy Star rated windows, improved the level of insulation in the walls and made sure to caulk and weatherstrip. Because of this, the house is harshly airtight, which traps contaminants inside. This works well to minimize the workload of the furnace and trim running costs. Unfortunately, this also means the stink of fish was contained. When I could still smell it a few afternoons later, all of us lowered the temperature control setting and opened the windows. The temperature in the house immediately dropped and all of us had no option except to wear our coats inside. We left the windows open for many hours, until all of us were sure the stink was gone. Then, all of us raised the temperature control setting and the furnace was forced to bring the temperature back up to a comfortable level.


HVAC maintenance works great

I struggle to keep up with a very demanding schedule plus a hectic life. I have a full-time job, two children, more than two cats, a bird and a home to handle. My job requires long hours and is extremely stressful. My children are all involved with many interests and activities and the home needs constant care and cleaning. My family spends a lot of time in the car, rarely sits down to a meal together, plus we’re always behind on groceries, laundry, and homework.   Because of our tied up lifestyle, I’ve done everything possible to simplify things and avoid complications.  I have enrolled in a HVAC repair program that includes a few service calls per year. The local HVAC supplier calls to remind when it’s time for service, and accommodates my schedule. The appointments are quick, non disruptive, and definitely save me time as well as money.  The HVAC worker diagnoses problems, cleans and fine tunes the A/C and gas furnace to ensure maximum reliability and energy efficiency, as well as lifespan. This helps to avoid abrupt malfunctions, higher costs, and safety problems. My home is far more comfortable, and my life goes smoother. On the recommendation of my HVAC supplier, I also invested into a smart temperature control with wireless connectivity.  Since I always forget to adjust the temperature control before leaving the home for the day, this is super convenient. I can now access the control of my gas furnace and A/C from my phone or ipad.  It helps me to conserve energy, trim energy bills, and keep better track of filter changes. All of these features of my HVAC system give me more peace of mind.

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I know a used air conditioner is a good idea

When I arrived back at the condo after waiting for over twenty minutes to buy our used air conditioner, I told my spouse that the deal had fallen through, however while I do not understand how a lady would knowingly let somebody sit & wait for them, it was not the first time that a deal had not worked out as planned! The most frustrating area of the situation was that I had borrowed somebody’s truck to use to load up the air conditioning unit; It was definitely unfortunate that I had made arrangements and everything, yet I was left without our new air conditioner. Roughly numerous hours after I had returned home, I finally acquired a message from the woman selling the air conditioning unit, then she said that she had gotten stuck at work, & she was not able to call me because she had no signal in the office. I definitely wanted to believe her, however her excuse just did not make any sense to me. When I had first sent her a message regarding our desire to potentially purchase the air conditioner unit, she had responded stating that she was at work & could meet the next day. If she truly did not have any signal at work, how was she able to communicate with me about the air conditioning plan previously? I decided to supply the woman a option to make it right, & I drove back over to her condo to look at the air conditioner. When I knocked on the door at the address she had provided me, the woman that answered said that she had no idea about an air conditioning plan for sale.

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I’d like to take advantage of my heater

My wife and I recently rented a lodge at the beach for a week-long holiday. We decided to escape the freezing snow of the northeast and travel south. We were looking forward to swimming in the ocean, lying on the beach, and getting a perfect tan. We packed shorts, T-shirts, sandals and bathing suits. We also made sure to buy a whole bunch of sunblock. The average temperature in that region at this time of year was supposed to be in the upper eighties.  Unfortunately, the two of us arrived during an unexpected and unprecedented freezing snap.  The temperature only climbed into the low fifties during the day and dropped into the upper forties at night.  The lodge the two of us rented was only equipped with a/c.  There was no access to any type of heating, and the two of us just about froze to death. We had to go out and buy much warmer clothing. The two of us easily enjoyed the shopping trip, because the stores were heated. We went out to eat for every meal, just to take advantage of the furnaces at the many diners.  Occasionally, the two of us sat in our rental car with the heater cranked up. We certainly took many hot showers and wrapped up ourselves in blankets.  It was not the most enjoyable holiday, and my wife and I were eager to get home. Although the temperature back home was only thirty-five degrees, and it was snowing like crazy, the two of us had access to our gas furnace. The first thing we did upon returning was crank up the heat and huddle under blankets on the couch..  

air conditioning 

We are all so cold

It was such a great day last Wednesday! I had gotten all of my work done early, so it was just about that time to enjoy a nice, long weekend. The only responsibility I had left in the evening was to put together a healthy lunch for my family. I was the “cook” of the house, so it always fell on myself to take care of our dietary needs. As I was cooking dinner, I began to feel a slight chill. I went over to my control unit, and I was surprised to find that the internal temperature was only 62 degrees. I had just recently set the control component to 83 degrees because it was so cold outside. My furnace must have been acting up. I personally don’t think a whole lot about heating and cooling system repair, so I called up my sister. My sister Stephanie is a certified Heating and Air Conditioning specialist, so I knew she would be able to steer me in the right direction. After dinner was finished, she came over to take a look at my faulty furnace. When she opened up my furnace, it didn’t take long to figure out the issue. She had to go back to the apartment to get a few parts, but when she got back she was able to fix the furnace in just a few minutes. I was so thankful that I had an HVAC specialist in the family. I can only imagine how much it would have cost me if I had to call up an Heating and Air Conditioning business. I would have paid out a ton of money!

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Enjoying the cool air

It was noon, but i was so hungry that I was beginning to count the hours until my lunch break began. It was around 1:30 in the afternoon, and it needed to hurry up! I was late that day as well as had to skip breakfast. I was also super hot, the air conditioning had broken down in our office building, and everybody was sweating profusely. Management had tried to set up some box fans around the building, however nothing could replace the cooling comfort of a great central a/c unit; Finally, 1:30 rolled around and I must have flown out the door! I ran to my car and cranked that a/c to full blast on full blast. I must have sat there for about 15 minutes before I began to drive, but after the a/c cooled me down reasonably, I made the 15 minute drive to my favorite diner, but by the time I got there, the a/c in my car had me nice and comfortable. I hoped that their a/c  in the diner was on too. That would have been exhausting if their HVAC was out of order! I entered the diner, and was delighted with the cool blast of the a/c. I was so relieved! I still had 45 minutes that I could afford to rest here in the diner, have my dinner and enjoy the cool. I ordered my favorite meal and enjoyed a sandwich in the nice air conditioned environment.

heating and cooling 

What is happening to me?

I can’t imagine what I did to my back last week! All I knew was that it hurt so bad, however I figured that I must have hurt my muscles or something. No matter what I did, I could not make the pain go away. I tried taking pain medication, however that would not even help at all! I finally decided to just lay down in bed with a heating pad. I turned our gas furnace up too, then maybe the high heating setting would help ease the tension in my back muscles. As I lay there I began to feel a little better, however the heating pad helped directly, and the high gas furnace setting soon had me drifting off to sleep. I woke up 3 hours later feeling well rested and a lot better. I got up and walked over to the control component in order to turn down the gas furnace setting. It had gotten to be 85 degrees! The heat had made me feel so much better though, and because of the combination of heating pad and high gas furnace setting, I was absolutely able to stretch out my back muscles and loosen up a bit. I never knew a fine heating system would help a back ache so much! I went into our kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee, however even though I was still sizzling from the high level of heat from our gas furnace, I still needed some good old caffeine in order to wake up a little. I was soon back in tip top shape, thanks to our heating pad and our furnace.

heating system 

It looks a lot like christmas

It is nearly the most fantastic time of the year again, Christmas is my number one time of year with all its bravado! I enjoy giving gifts to all the family members, making some tasty eggnog and Christmas sugar cookies, plus I even go the extra mile and dress up as Santa for all my nieces and nephews. My own youngsters know it is me so they do not typically play along but for all the other young kids it is great fun. However, before any of these fun Christmas activities can begin, I must first make sure that my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit is up to par and everything is running the way that it should be. We all live in a pretty cold area so if the furnace happens to go out it won’t be long until all of us are burning the yule log to stay warm. Which is why every first day of Fall, I have an HVAC serviceman from our local company come over for an inspection on my furnace. They check the vents plus HVAC duct, clean the furnace, change the air filter, and perform all the general maintenance required. They also repair any broken parts as well as clear out the ducts so the hot air coming out of the furnace is clean and free of particles. This all came as a section of the maintenance warranty I bought with my furnace plus cooling system. I bought them both at the same time plus the warranty came as a package deal. It was an investment I am genuinely glad I made.

air duct cleaning 

A lot of damage was caused

I enjoy grilling out during the boiling summer months. Quite frankly, I would grill every single day if possible but really, the summer is when it’s perfect. Smoke in the air, kiddings running around, and a huge picnic table full of tasty sides waiting on the brisket, burgers, and ribs I’m firing up on my grill. However, there are sometimes a setback or two in the grilling adventure I like to take my loved ones on and just the other day we experienced one of these. A noisy clang and a whirring noise arose and quickly took a turn for the worst. It came from the air conditioning system which was no longer cooling down the air, so I quickly ran inside and shut off the temperature control. It was nearly ninety-five degrees outside so the back up fans I had all over the house would not keep things cool very long. Because it was the weekend, I was not sure if I could get a hold of anybody to come and maintenance my air conditioner. I called my local Heating and Air Conditioning Company and of course it went straight to voicemail, however, their answering message left an emergency number to call. I dialed the number and was immediately put in touch with a Heating & Air Conditioning specialist who was local and on call. Luckily, she was free and only lived a few blocks away so she was able to come right over. Within minutes of  looking she figured out the problem. A stick somehow managed to get into the grate and jam against the fan. She had the problem fixed quickly and we were back to the fun!

cooling unit 

This A/C system is great

I appreciate sailing. I started sailing at a really young age.  My father, also an avid sailor, taught me all about singlehanded sailing.  My dream is to own a bluewater yacht of my own some day and eventually I hope to sail around the world.  I guess it sounds like a pretty large undertaking, but you would be surprised how often circumnavigations are completed by really small boats.  I study stories about the outdated clipper ships & their passages around the horns.  It must have been pretty uncomfortable at times in those outdated boats.  Funny enough, it is still kind of uncomfortable for me and my dad, too.  You see, my father, a purist, refuses to install any type of air conditioning on the boat.  I have urged him for years now to install a small Heating, Ventilation, & A/C component on his boat but he consistently and adamantly refuses.  He says that “air conditioners have no reason for being on a blue water sailing yacht.”  I have desperately tried to get him to change his mind about air conditioning, but it’s to no avail.  And it’s not like any major changes would need to be done.  The boat does not need a central air conditioning component or radiant warming matted flooring — it just needs a plain window Heating, Ventilation, & A/C component.  Almost every other boat in the marina we use has a small window component Heating, Ventilation, & A/C attached to the companionway hatch. Every one except for our boat.  During the summers working on the boat is taxing because there is no air conditioned area for us to get into to escape the heat.  When we’re underway, I understand not having a bulky window unit sticking out of the hatch.  But it just does not make sense for us to suffer without air conditioning needlessly – especially when we’re docked up at port.

A/C system 

I can’t believe the irony

The north country is the last frontier.  With over 1,000,000 square miles of pristine wilderness, it is an outdoorsman’s dream — if you are able to brave the environment.  The environment in this area ranges from coastal temperate rainforests to arctic tundra found in the far north above the Arctic Circle.  In order to survive outdoors in this area, a person must be seriously confident in outdoor skills, have vast know-how of edible plants, animals, and fungi, and they must be ready to survive against the elements.  It is actually easy to die from exposure in this area.  I remember a trip where a potbelly oil furnace in a cottage literally saved our lives during winter.  Heating is really essential in the winter. Both of us had been staying plenty warm by making big fires, plus the snow was not very heavy.  Then, a storm hit and it continued for days.  The whole time, I was thinking about curling up next to a sizable oil furnace, and about how warm and cozy the central heating unit made the room in the hotel I stayed at 2 weeks ago.  Anything, actually, to keep our mind off of the bitter cold.  After the 12th day things just got worse, but no heaters, no oil furnace, no hot water. Every one of us were slowly freezing.  My friend was starting to lose feeling in her feet but we just had to push on, having no choice but to try to head down off the mountain to get out of the storm.  On the 13th day, everyone saw a smoke trail. We ran for the source and we found the tiny cottage with the potbelly oil furnace/stove.  The warmth inside was exquisite. At the time, it rivaled any oil furnace, radiant heat flooring or central heat, that I had ever felt — or that I would ever feel.

climate control 

This is a big issue

I have been making myself insane trying to understand my lady Barb & the toilet. It might sound stupid that I have been tracking my wife Barb & her bathroom needs. But I have a reason for my stupid times. Barb never flushes the toilet. In the late night, evening or at dusk. Barb never will hit the flusher & let the toilet take everything down the pipes. I am always the gal who finds it & then takes care of the problems. If left too much, then I am the gal using a plunger or snaking down our piping. It is as icky as it sounds. I used to think that Barb was being conscious about the noise. Baby did not want the noisy water, churning & draining to wake myself and others up in the afternoon or at evening time. But then when Barb left it unflushed while I was awake, I found it unusual. Then I thought that perhaps the problem was for water savings. It does cost a lot in water to run all of your plumbing devices. The shower, the sinks & the toilets use a lot of water. If you keep up with the water, those bills will go down. However, Barb leaves the toilet with any style of task in it. So now I am thinking that my gal Barb is just a lazy disgusting creature. I think her toilet uses are not even thought about. There is no complex meaning or deeper plumbing reason. Barb is just super icky & forgets to flush each time she goes.

water quality 

Toilet repairs

My whole family is involved with a motel and bar business. I hate working at the motel. The reason is that I am the one who keeps things running day to day. My brother gets to be in the bar giving out drinks and setting up bands to play on Saturdays. At least I don’t clean the rooms. But, I am the one who repairs broken HVAC units, replaces TVs and deals with plumbing issues. The people who rent the rooms treat the plumbing terrible. The shower curtain is always pushed out of the bath area. So the water does not go down the drain. The water stays in the bathroom and creates a lot of water damage. Also our cleaning staff never removes the hair from the drains. So the drains frequently get stopped up and I have to take a plumber’s snake to them. The worst is when something goes wrong with the toilet. I hate being neck deep in a toilet. I have to admit though, I have gotten good at toilets. I have been dealing with toilets for years, so no problem is shocking to me. I don’t need a plumbing business to help me. I have literally tried everything and researched it. The most recent plumbing repair I had to do was fix the toilet drainage. The toilet would not flush solids, only liquid. I figured something must have been stopping the pipes. So I had to take the toilet off, snake down it and remove the blockage. It was gross but I did succeed.

new toilet 

Doing a plumbing repair

My cousin Tom just recently moved down East plus Tom is dealing with a ton of water troubles. The issue is that he basement is coated consistently. My cousin Tom wants to be able to set up a workout room down there. It would be the best. The basement is crucial plus shaded, so there would be no use for cooling system to be set up. But with the total flooding of water, all his work out unit would get damaged. I have heard that there is piping unit that stops basements from flooding. Drain tile is made to be used to get rid of excess water in the basement. The drain tile is set under your flooring. The water then leaks into the basement, goes into the floors plus to the drain tile. The drain tile really absorbs the water plus then takes it away from your home with piping. The really problem is that drain tile is super costly to have. You have to purchase the drain tile plus a ton of it. Each section is quite a bit of dough plus my sibling’s basement is pressing. Then you need to get a plumbing business to come in plus do the update. They install the tile, the pipes plus also do plumbing repairs on the device. It is quite a big thing just to stop a leaking basement. I have to state it though, I would pay the cash to stop my basement from flooding. My cousin Tom has an important room in his condo that he can’t use.

plumbing system 

Working on the gas level

My husband spends a lot of his time in our basement.  He has his workshop set up in the basement.  He builds radio controlled cars and helicopters.  He has a laptop, where he is often working on programming for the helicopters and cars he is building.  I know he spends at least three  or four hours every afternoon in that basement. We’ve installed a radon remediation program in the basement, but I still worry because  there is very little airflow.  I often second guess where or not  the radon remediation program is really  working effectively.  I wonder if it’s truly safe for my husband to spend to so much time.  I am aware of the hazards of radon, and I have learned that our house is built in a region where radon gas is highly prevalent.  I worry about problems that could develope in the future.  I don’t want anything to happen to my husband because we were not vigilant.  I’ve decided to invest in a radon test kit, and put it in the basement, to verify the levels.  I’m quite sure they will be within the acceptable level, and there won’t be any concerns.  This will put my mind at ease.  If the concentration is  high, we can then hire someone to repair the radon system.  Either way, I plan on taking the necessary steps to make our house  safe.   Radon gas is not difficult to resolve, and I plan on dealing it with properly.  There won’t be any risks.  If the radon is infiltrating our home, we make sure it is pushed outside, where it can’t cause any harm.

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Finding my radon testing kit

My husband spends a lot of time in the basement.  He has his workshop in the basement, where he builds RC helicopters.  He has his computer, where he is always working on programming for the helicopters he is building.  I think he spends at least eight hours a day in that basement.  I know we’ve got a radon remediation system in the basement, but I also know that is very little airflow.  I often wonder if the radon remediation system is actually working, and if he is safe.  I know the hazards of radon, and I know that our home is built in an area where radon gas is highly prevalent.  I worry about what could happen in the future, if something were to happen to him.  I’ve decided that I need to get a radon test kit, and put it in the basement, to check the levels.  I’m pretty sure they will be low, and there won’t be any problems, but it will put my mind at ease.  If they are high, we will just need to get someone to fix the radon system.  Either way, I plan on making my home as safe as possible for my husband, and my grandchildren.   Radon gas is easily dealt with and I plan on dealing it with properly.  There won’t be any guesswork if the radon will be infiltrating my home.  We plan on dealing with it before the possibly of infiltration begins.  It’s kind of silly, but I plan on treating it like an illness and take the prophylactic measurements, like taking antibiotics before they are needed.

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This operated for a while

I need to buy a new water heater for my home. I used to have a conventional water heater and it worked fine. The only problem was the water tank was a bit too small. So for our family of six, we ran out of hot water and at least one person ended up  getting a chilly shower. The hot water tank could not manage the daily demand. We end up running short of hot water  everyday. I have done research online the upgraded water heater is not giving us the same problem. We spent more money and purchased a larger water heater.  But I might replace it again because I’d like to have a tankless water heating system. The tankless water heater offers tons of benefits for a home. The best feature is that it provides on demand warm water. There is no tank that stores water, heats it continually, and then provides the hot water through the pipes. The tankless water heater heats the water instantly, through a heat exchanger.  We would never have to wait for  hot water. There is never any chance of running out of hot water either. So I think our large household of six could take our numerous showers a day and always have plenty of hot water  from this type of system. The tankless water heater should also last longer. That is great an advantage since this plumbing system is a lot more money that I originally thought. I do not want to spent more money on another  water heater. But the tankless water heater provides added safety features.  There’s no fear of flooding, and it costs far less to operate.  

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HVAC vents and air quality

My dog tends to get sick, probably because she is forever eating things that are not meant to be eaten. When we go for walks, she finds and eats candy wrappers,  chicken wing bones, anything that smells like food. It’s incredibly upsetting to have her throw up as often as she does after eating garbage. It’s rare, but sometimes she throws up outside – the rest of the time it’s in the house. Most of the surfaces in my home have vomit stains on them, such as the carpets, my recliner, etc. I use a stain remover to clean up the mess, but isn’t worth the price that I paid for it. Yesterday, I caught her getting into my neighbor’s garbage – onions, I think. After  dragging her home, she lay down in the hallway and proceeded to vomit. But this time she chose to throw up in one of my HVAC vents! It was covered in disgusting vomit. I cleaned it up just as fast as I could, not wanting the heat to come on and spread the gross smell through the house. I had to remove the HVAC vent cover to get all of it.  My dog is lucky that I love her, because she can be such a pain. I do think that she’s thrown up on just about everything in my house. But puking on the HVAC vent was the worst yet.

I worry about this clog

I learned the importance of keeping my Heating and Air Conditioning service appointments every fall recently. I failed to schedule my annual appointment before winter hit because I was consumed with graduate school and my job. I overlooked the fact that my HVAC system needed to be inspected before the long winter months. Then one day in late December my heating and cooling system stopped. I realized it when I woke up in the morning freezing cold, almost frostbitten – seeing my breath inside my bedroom – that my furnace had quit early in the night. My home was so cold that I called up my Heating and Air Conditioning company – explaining my forgetfulness. I desperately needed an appointment to get my system repaired because I couldn’t last long in my home without my gas furnace operating. Unfortunately, the HVAC company was already tied up with other repairs, so it would take them a couple of days to get to my house.  So I stayed at a friend’s home because they had a fully functioning HVAC system. Although I was thankful for my friend’s hospitality, I was still scared that the pipes in my home would freeze. Every day after work I would stop to check on the status of the pipes, and was so thankful that they hadn’t frozen. And, as it turned out, the HVAC technician got to my home just in time. He told me that the pipes would have frozen had I waited one  day longer. Believe me – I’ll never miss another HVAC service appointment again.

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Working on our upgrades

I am so happy to be able to work from home.  I don’t need to set my alarm to get up in the morning, dress for the office, or drive to my work site.  I also don’t need to worry about icy roads conditions, filling up my gas tank, or punching in and out of a time clock.  Now my office attire is sweatpants, the background music is my favorite songs, and I work at my own convenience.  In many respects it’s a perfect scenario, but I am responsible for a fair amount of work, as well as I working fairly long hours.  It’s not uncommon to be working on weekends or late into the evening, requiring a high standard of productivity.  I’ve done my best to minimize distractions, as well as making my environment comfortable.  I invested in upgrades to my existing heating and cooling system. Because I live in an part of the country with wide temperature fluctuations, a good heating/cooling system is mandatory just about all year round.  By investing in a modern oil furnace and an air conditioner, my home is quite comfortable all year round.  Whether the outside temperature drops to ten degrees below zero or climbs into the triple digits, I’m confident that my heating and cooling system can handle it.  I even spent a few extra dollars to get Energy Star rated components, significantly reducing my weekly costs.  Because both the oil furnace and air conditioner are fairly new, they are both still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.  I don’t have to worry about the expense of problems in the foreseeable future, as a result.  Although updating my Heating and A/C system wasn’t cheap, it has definitely made my work-from-home job easier and more enjoyable.

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Ventilation and our furnace

In the climate and location where I live, I need to run our heating system for most of the year. In the coldest months when the temperature drops to twenty degrees below zero, the oil furnace runs non-stop at full capacity. It’s a challenge just to keep a moderate and comfortable temperature in our home. In addition, it’s extremely costly to run the system to that extent, and our weekly energy bills are a large drain on our budget. I’ve done everything I can think of to prevent energy waste. For example, I upgraded all of the old windows and caulked around them. I also installed modern exterior doors and weatherstripped around them.  I’ve even stuffed as much insulation as possible into the walls, ceilings and attic.  While these efforts  have helped to prevent heat from escaping, it also prevents fresh air from coming inside.  With the oil furnace constantly circulating the same dusty air for eight straight months, we have problems with indoor air quality.  The air becomes overly dry, stale, and polluted, which leads to health concerns.  Sore throat, headaches, itchy eyes, sneezing, and aggravated symptoms of pollen irritations and asthma are all the direct result of polluted air quality.  To resolve this issue, I’ve invested in a ventilation system.  The result of using the ventilator is that the air seems as fresh as if a window was left open, without the energy losses.  The stale interior air is exchanged with preheated, fresh incoming air. This actually allows us to set our temperature control at a lower temperature.  The ventilation system also removes excess humidity in the summer while alleviating overly dry air during the winter.  The air in my home is now cleaner, healthier and more comfortable overall as a result of the use of my new ventilation system.

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I’m happy about the air conditioning

Where I live, we have long winters, so because heating plan is a priority, I went several years without bothering with air conditioning.  Although our summers are hot and humid, they don’t last very long, but it can be hard to sleep, and the moisture encourages the growth of mold, dust mites and mildew.  

When I finally decided to get a central cooling system, I scheduled a consultation with my HVAC contractor. Instead of a conventional air conditioner, he suggested an electric heat pump. Since an electric pump is substantially more expensive than an air conditioner, I was suspicious he was only seeking a bigger commission, but after researching, I changed my mind.  A heat pump works a lot like an air conditioner in the summer, transferring heat from inside the house to the outside, creating a cooling effect. It’s better at combating excess humidity, operates quietly, and is wonderfully energy efficient. In the winter, the heat pump reverses direction, finds plentiful warmth in outside air, and brings heat into the house. The heat pump is far more energy efficient than my furnace, and won’t dry the indoor air excessively. However, they are only effective when the weather outside is above freezing; once below, the gas furnace automatically takes over, keeping the house perfectly warm.  

Because heat pumps carry some of the workload, our weekly energy costs are lower.  The combination of the gas furnace plus electric heat pump is known as a dual fuel plan plus is absolutely a smart investment.

This wait period is tough

I know swarms of people who swear they love living in our area because they couldn’t stand to be in a temperature that’s the same all year round. They insist that season changes make them happy, and they can’t imagine having one set of weather conditions all year. There are too many wonderful things to look forward to in each passing season, they say, and it would be no fun if they had the same weather constantly.

I say they are morons. Every season is hard here, and the longest season always seems to be winter. Six months of brutally cold air! The temperature is always in the single digits, and that’s not considering the frosty wind chill! We spend all our time indoors, because leaving the comfort of a furnace for even a moment is insufferable! We’re practically glued to our central heat. I go for every air vent in my apartment, trying to soak up any bit of heat possible.

Winter is long and boring, and it seems spring will never arrive! Imagine dreaming all season of warm air, as well as of being able to free yourself from your furnace at home! The thought of being comfortable without it is amazing. It’s a desired treasure in the distant future; Every day, waking up to the hum of my furnace feels like defeat.

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My last boyfriend

I’m single, but that’s OK because I like my smart thermostat better than my last boyfriend. My thermostat is so much better than any boyfriend I’ve ever had. When I dated Leroy, it was all about his wants and needs, but my thermostat only cares about mine. It turns on when I return home, and off when I depart. I don’t need to tell it to; it scans my home for my presence! Leroy wouldn’t even lift his head off the couch when I came home!

The thermostat knows my heating and cooling needs. It even knows the times and rooms I want my temperatures set at. I adjusted my settings for a time, and my thermostat stored these settings. I use a bi-weekly temperature control program that has unique information for each room. I was lucky if Leroy remembered our anniversary, or if I got my hair colored!

My thermostat knows I like the air conditioning on in my gym at 8 a.m. and off at 10 a.m. How great is that? It also has my back with HVAC maintenance; it knows if I need a new air filter, or if service is required. Did my boyfriend ever change an air filter? No, not even once! My smart thermostat also tells me what I am doing right, by displaying a leaf icon if it is set to energy savings.

We don’t need to be here during winter

I don’t like winter in my area. We get snow by the foot, and the roads are icy, making it difficult to drive – and the wind chill can be dangerous! Our winters are strong, and they last forever, with snowfall before New Year’s and long after Easter. I work from home, so I’m considering packing my laptop, and leaving for somewhere warmer. I want to miss the whole season. My goal is to not need to heat this winter, so I’m looking for places with moderate weather. I’d love somewhere where I’d need air conditioning, but I don’t want to be greedy, so I’ll settle for somewhere that doesn’t require heating.

I will need to run my gas heater some when I’m not home, though. The weather here fluctuates; if I leave my house completely unheated, it could cause damage. Cold temperatures could freeze my pipes; then they’d crack, and the snow will melt, resulting in leaking pipes. Then I’d come home to a house full of water and plumbing damage! So, I’m going to leave my heat on low, and just leave.

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Trouble in paradise

Growing up in chilly weather was not exactly easy. I would watch the television, wishing that I was on the beach with the sun warming my skin and the sand between my toes. Instead, I had to put on several layers plus strap on snowshoes before I could even step outside. It was a sad existence, in my opinion. I was staying inside as the only solution to the problem, until I graduated university. Then the world was full of options. Suddenly I knew exactly where I wanted to go. I began looking for houses in the southern areas with warmer weather. After a few weeks, I flew out to look at the final options. The first one was far too little, and the other one was too large, but I loved the third option at first sight. Just two weeks later, I was set to move into our new home. It was quite costly, but I figured that living in such appealing weather conditions would be worth the cost. However, I was not used to the weather patterns of this particular area. A week before I was set to move in, a bad hurricane swept through the area, greatly disfiguring the house. After assessing the extent of the damage, I realized just how costly it would be to repair in full. After all, I needed a new roof, new shingles, a new HVAC system, and much more. I spent our savings on the most affordable HVAC unit I could locate. It had a tiny furnace with a little cooling system that was slightly stronger. Living in the cold made it crucial to have a working furnace, but these hot, humid weather conditions underscore the need for a good cooling system. However, there was much more to repair than just an HVAC system, so I am still working on upgrades today.

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Avoiding costs

Hospital rooms are so impersonal. The white walls are always plain, and the sounds of illness and injury never stop! As soon as you step foot into a hospital building, the stink of disease mingled with injury almost engulfs you. Personally, I try to avoid hospitals at all costs. Yet here I am in a hospital bed, all due to my crazy HVAC system. For the past few weeks, when I change the temperature control on the thermostat, the HVAC unit in the basement starts to make seriously loud screeching sounds that will not stop until I go downstairs to kick it a few times. I realize this may not be the most appropriate method, but it sure works well. Yesterday was the first hot day of the year, which meant it was time to turn on the cooling system. I punched in the desired temperature on our control unit and right on cue, the screeching noises started. I was truly frustrated with this as I was in a big hurry to get to work. I rushed down the stairs and gave the HVAC equipment a couple swift kicks to the side. The screeching noise stopped right away, so I made my way to the stairs. I remember I was almost all the way up to the first floor when I tripped on the last stair and tumbled to the bottom. The next thing I remember is waking up here in this hospital bed. The dentists tell me I got a concussion and also broke quite a few ribs, but that I will make a full recovery eventually. And to think, all this just because of a malfunctioning HVAC unit!

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This air is blasting

I’ve got a nice car. I have worked very hard every single day to have a nice car. As I don’t take that lightly. One of the main reasons I have invested a lot of moolah in my car is that I live in the desert. I was transferred here for work and I knew right away that I needed a reliable car in the desert heat. The last thing I wanted was to break down in one hundred and ten degree dry heat! On that note, the air conditioner is a very important piece of this car. I felt confident and ready. So, I am driving to operate mid-morning last week and the air vents went silent. Then the once cold air from the air conditioner was now luke warm and growing hotter with each foot I drove. This was not good. I got to a gas station as fast as I could where they checked my coolant, but it was wonderful. I couldn’t understand why my air conditioner would just crap out. The car had been recently serviced therefore wasn’t even that old, first off! The mechanic was helpless and additionally I was a hot wreak from the temperature rising beyond a cushty level. I called the dealership and there seemed to be a long pause. Apparently, I was not the only one to call in that week and there ended up being a total recall on the model of my car! I couldn’t believe it, I would get a brand new car with a blissfully working air conditioner at certainly no extra charge. What started out being a nightmare was now the best gift ever and I saw it my air conditioning back in your desert heat!

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A small HVAC unit

So, I am a tech guy within an industry that is very overloaded with way more people than they know what to do with. I am searching for a path in this marketplace, so that I can make a living doing something I really enjoy. Not long ago, I created a business around helping people create their web pages for their own personal businesses. I generally can be employed by small business start-ups, I always prefer, for I feel like I make a difference, helping someone start their dream company. This past week was my greatest challenge to date. The company is a small HVAC company. Their main business is pretty much heating and air conditioning repair. What I thought was going to be the most boring project ever actually became quite fun and significant! Who knew there could be quite a lot of facets to heating and air conditioning from lightweight electric heaters, portable window box air conditioning and heating units, and full blown central air conditioning HVAC systems. They have developed so many new and inventive ideas including radiant floor heat that warms from the floor through heated pipes, which turns out to being much more cost efficient than compared to basic heating ideas. Then there are new Smartphone Apps that you may put on your phone or tablet to regulate your home’s temperatures through the thermostat whenever you aren’t there or furthermore forget to turn off the heat or air conditioning. It is really amazing in my experience! I think my favorite is Zone Control HVAC where every room in the house is a different temperature when needed. That would be great with my large family! This turned out being a great job!

cooling and heating 

I should clean the heat pump

When my wife and I decided to upgrade our central heating a few months ago, the two of us wanted to make sure that we fully researched all of our options in order to make the best decision for us. Our previous central gas furnace had been regularly serviceable, however not perfect. Then, in addition to us wanting to make sure that our new HVAC system fulfilled all of our needs, I had some extra time while in that upcoming week, so I started to research all of the recent innovations that have been made in the HVAC industry for our new home. One thing that entirely intrigued us was the plan of a geothermal heat pump; a geothermal heat pump provides heating in addition to cooling by using the temperature of the ground in the earth on its own, and then the geothermal heat pumps may not always be the right option. Geothermal heat pumps really work best in a region in which the outside temperatures do not get severely hot or cold at one time! But, they would really not be the best occasion for a home in the horrid zone or the arctic zone. In my climate zone, however, the temperatures do not fluctuate as wildly as they do here, so I guess a geothermal heat pump would be a great occasion for my HVAC. The downside of getting a geothermal heat pump today is that it would be actually overpriced to install, however over time, the installation costs are absorbed quickly by the money saved on energy costs. In most cases, geothermal heat pumps will save home or supplier owners from 35 to 40% on their biweekly energy costs, but my spouse in addition to I ended up getting a geothermal heat pump installed for our home, in addition to the two of us have been severely happy with the results.

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I’m doing my best here

When my sister’s husband passed away 2 years ago, she felt completely lost. She was living alone, her daughter had just gone off to university. She tried to find hobbies to keep myself busy, but it was hard. When her little girl graduated from college and moved into her first beach house last week, my sister knew that I could help her with things around the new house. It would actually keep her busy. It would also give them an option to get to know each other better. My sister’s daughter was looking forward to their project together as well. But when she called her mother in the middle of the night all upset about her Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system, I thought she had bit off more than she could chew. But being the great mom she is, I rushed over to her beach house to look at her Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system and she if she could help. She is not really familiar with Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C systems, but thought she and her daughter both could give it a look. Maybe the concern with the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system would be not too hard to fix. My daughter was a mess when I arrived. I asked her what the concern was. She informed me that the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system was making a loud clunking noise. It woke her up the night before. I had no system how to maintenance this particular  Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C issue. She surmised the only thing every one of us could do in the meantime was to go to her house which was nice and warm and get some rest. Then she and her daughter could call an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C corporation in the morning. Her daughter was not exactly ecstatic about this idea as she seemed to think her mom could maintenance the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system without a heating and cooling specialist to help.

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This is not a great time

When our wife passed away three years ago, I felt completely numb. I was residing alone, our daughter had just gone away to university. I tried to find things to do to keep myself busy, however it was extra challenging. When our daughter moved into her first little bungalow last month, I knew that I could help her with things around the bungalow. It would absolutely keep me occupied. It would also give us an opportunity to bond. My daughter was looking forward to our time together as well. But when she rang me up in the middle of the night crying about her furnace, I thought I had might have been bargaining for something too intense. But being the fantastic father I am, I rushed over to her bungalow to look at her furnace. I do not suppose too much about furnaces, however thought I could give it a look. Maybe the complication with the furnace would be an simple fix. My daughter was a mess when I arrived. I asked her what the complication was. She told me that the furnace was making a loud clunking noise. It woke her up from a  sound sleep. I had no system how to repair this particular  Heating and Air Conditioning problem. I thought the only thing we could really do in the meantime was to head back to her childhood home to get some sleep. Then every one of us could find an Heating and Air Conditioning supplier the next day. My daughter was not overly thrilled with this method as she appeared to assume I could handle the problem of the Heating and Air Conditioning method myself.

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Working on my air and heat

When my better half passed away 2 years ago, I felt completely lost. I was living alone, our kid had just gone off to the university. I tried to find hobbies to keep myself busy, but it was hard. When our daughter moved into his first cottage last week, I knew that I could help his with things around the cottage. It would absolutely keep myself and others occupied. It would also supply us an opportunity to share a good experience. My kid was looking forward to our time together as well. But when he called myself and others in the middle of the night whining about his Heating plus Air Conditioning system, I was worried I had signed up for something too intense. But being the great Mom I am, I straightaway went over to his lake house to look at his Heating plus Air Conditioning system. I do not comprehend too much about Heating plus Air Conditioning systems, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to look. Maybe the problem with the Heating plus Air Conditioning method would be obvious. My kid was a mess when I arrived. I asked his what the situation was. She told myself and others that the Heating plus Air Conditioning method was making a loud hissing noise. It woke his up in the middle of the evening. I had no idea what to do about this particular Heating plus Air Conditioning issue. I thought the only thing we could do in the meantime was to head back to my home to get some sleep. Then we could contact an Heating plus Air Conditioning company in the day. My son was not thrilled with this way of handling the situation as he seemed to be under the impression I could maintenance the Heating plus Air Conditioning method without help.

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I’m not happy with my air conditioner

When our partner passed away three years ago, I felt completely lost. I was residing alone, our daughter had just gone off to college. I attempted to find hobbies to keep myself busy, but it was hard. When our daughter relocated into her first beach house last week, I knew that I could help her with things around the house. It would surely keep me busy. It would also give us an occasion to get closer. My daughter was looking forward to our time together as well. But when she called me in the middle of the night all upset about her heating and cooling system, I thought I had signed up for an event that was too intense. But being the great dad I am, I rushed over to her beach house to inspect her heating and cooling system. I do not assume too much about heating and cooling systems, but thought I could give it a little look-see. Maybe the problem with the heating and cooling plan would be straightforward. My daughter was a mess when I got there. I asked her what the problem was. She told me that the heating and cooling plan was making a loud barking noise. It woke her up in the middle of the night. I had no inkling how to maintenance this unique  heating and cooling issue. I thought the only thing all of us could do in the meantime was to head back to our location to get some sleep. Then all of us could call an heating and cooling supplier the next day. My daughter was not happy with this plan as she seemed to figure I could maintenance the heating and cooling plan myself.

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The middle of the night

When my wife passed away two years ago, I felt completely lost. I was living alone, my daughter had just gone off to college. I tried to find hobbies to keep myself busy, but it was hard. When my daughter moved into her first house last month, I knew that I could help her with things around the house. It would certainly keep me busy. It would also give us an opportunity to bond. My daughter was looking forward to our time together as well. But when she called me in the middle of the night crying about her HVAC system, I thought I had signed up for something too intense. But being the good dad I am, I rushed over to her house to look at her HVAC system. I do not know too much about HVAC systems, but thought I could give it a look. Maybe the problem with the HVAC system would be an easy fix. My daughter was a mess when I arrived. I asked her what the problem was. She told me that the HVAC system was making a loud clunking noise. It woke her up in the middle of the night. I had no idea how to fix this particular HVAC issue. I thought the only thing we could do in the meantime was to head back to my house to get some sleep. Then we could call an HVAC company in the morning. My daughter was not happy with this plan as she seemed to think I could fix the HVAC system myself.

heating and cooling 

A vibrant nightlife

Every night after I get home from work, I go out for a long walk. I have a route I typically follow, that takes me down every street in our neighborhood. Not only is it great for my overall health, but it also helps me stay relaxed after a stressful day. On top of that, it keeps me aware of what is going on around me. I see who is moving out or moving in, who keeps a neat turf, who litters in their yard, and all that sort of fun stuff that nosy neighbors enjoy. I’ve been trying to get my fiance to come along with me, although she always says the same thing every time. After a long day of labor she just wants the cooling power of our A/C unit. If there has ever been a human being more addicted to the frigid rush of an AC system, I haven’t met them! My fiance basically lives every hour in front of an air vent. She goes from our house to the air conditioned car, to her air conditioned office, plus back home! Even going out for an hour to walk around the warm but not overly hot afternoons is too much for her to take on. She has to be parked in front of the cooling system! Last month I played a dirty trick on her by taking the batteries out of the control unit to convince her the A/C was broken plus she should come walk with me. The whole thing backfired, plus instead of going out with me, she just sat in her car with the A/C running plus the engine idling. I think she would have stayed there all night long.

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It’s not very cool in here

When I was just twelve, I spent the Summer at Camp Crystal Lake. Later on, I would find out that name was shared by a camp in a well known horror movie about a murderer, which I am unquestionably glad I didn’t actually know at the time! I have some pretty superb memories of the people I met that summer, but overall there were a lot of downside aspects to it as well. In fact, it was one of those things that I remember rather fondly, but I hated it at the time. I shared a lodge with fifteen other boys, & we spent the whole summer cooped up together with no AC. Talk about your cruel & unusual punishment. It was the middle of Summer & we were all trapped with no cooling system. The chow tent, or cafeteria, was one of the only places within the whole camp that was legitimately blessed with an AC. Every kid in camp was constantly eager to go & eat, because even when the food was terrible, there was constantly the AC to enjoy. No matter what meal it was, we all counted down the hours to the next time we could go bask in the AC for even a little while. All of us also went swimming in the lake as much as we could, because it was the only form of natural cooling available to the lot of us. When it was finally over, I rushed to our parent’s car as soon as it pulled up, only to find out that the car’s AC had been broken! Just like our camp, the car ride wasn’t that cool at all.

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This indoor air is very clean

My buddy was telling me and others about her modern smart thermostat. She explained to me how it’s been a great addition in a lot of ways. It helped her save money on her utility expenses because she would consistently turn off her system when she was away remotely. She knew that anyone could do that before they leave the house, however, she tended to forget things like that. She loved the convenience. I thought it was pretty cool that you can remotely control your thermostat. She said that the app showed her how she could save a lot of money. It consistently reminded her when a repair was needed. She was able to see how the repair helped improve the energy efficiency and definitely could see her savings. It had her pumped up about keeping her Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system maintained really well. She would change her air filters with the best quality filter she could find. I did notice the air was a lot cleaner in her place, and everything smelled fresh when I dropped by recently. I decided from her experiences with this amazing technology that I would get a one myself. I was so happy I jumped for it. I wish I would have had this technology much earlier. It helped me save money and the convenience was awesome. The smart thermostat would even adjust to my settings automatically. It paid attention to how I liked my temperature settings. Now I just need a smart fridge so when I am low on food, there would be a delivery to my home with groceries. I’m quite fascinated with this smart technology. I have never saved so much money with our HVAC system before.

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Saving money on technology

A friend of mine was telling me about his new smart thermostat. He explained to me how it really saved him in a lot of ways. It helped him save money on his utility expenses because he would always turn off his system when he was away remotely. He knew that anyone could do that before they leave the house but he was a forgetful person. He loved that convenience. I thought it was pretty cool that you can remotely control your thermostat. He said that the app showed him how he could save a lot of money. It always reminded him when maintenance was needed. He was able to see how maintenance helped improve the energy efficiency and easily see his savings. It really had him pumped up about keeping his HVAC system properly maintained. He would change his air filters with the best quality ones he could find. I did notice the air was a lot cleaner and everything felt nice when I dropped by recently. I decided from his experiences with this amazing technology that I would get one myself. I was very glad that I did. I wish I would have had this technology much earlier, it helped me save and was so convenient. The smart thermostat even would adjust to my settings automatically. It paid attention to how I liked my settings. Now I just needed a smart fridge so when I was low on food, there would be a delivery to my home. I was quite fascinated with this smart technology. I have never saved so much money with my HVAC system before.

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