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We’re enjoying the air conditioning

I live in a section of the country that is predominantly Amish.  Most of the families don’t have electricity, or even drive cars.  It is nothing to be awakened with the sound of a horse drawn buggy going down the road.  The other night, it was snowing.  My hubby and I were coming from our daughter’s and it was incredibly cold and dark.  I was surprised when we saw they had headlights.  Many years ago, they made it a law that required them to have slow moving automobile signs on their buggies, and they had to have a 4 way system. This one had headlights.  I saw the kids, which we knew some of them, and they waved to us as we were going along.  They were bundled up kind of like how we bundled the kids up for playing in the snow.  I wondered what they did for heating devices in the buggies.  It had to be a very cold ride, because it was cold and windy outside.  My hubby was speaking to the kids’ dad, and he said they had foot warmers inside the buggy.  They were basically gas heaters, and they ran on propane, similar to camping stoves.  He said that most of the new families now used generators, and they were able to have oil furnaces, however they still had a wood burning furnace.  When he got to his household that afternoon, he sat in the car, and I asked if he was all right.  He told me he was enjoying the ability to sit in the warmth, knowing that when he went inside the household, he would have the heat of our oil furnace. We could also use an air conditioner in the summer.  He was grateful that he wasn’t born Amish.

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