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Finding a quiet, cold place to study

When going to college, you need to find a good place to study.

It is not easy because there are so many distractions that come with living around hundreds of young people.

It is harder than you can imagine to find a place on campus where you can hear yourself think. Back when I was in private school, finding a quiet place to study was the least of my worries. Times change fast as a kid. Most of my friends feel that the local Starbucks Coffee shops on campus are nice places to study. In my opinion those places are just excuses to hang out & drink Starbucks Coffee with friends. They are there to chat and enjoy the free air conditioning for as long as possible. I love making fun of the Starbucks Coffee shop and the free cooling system. But, I will admit it is a decent atmosphere to study. However, I have found that the best place to study is at the local Borders. This might seem seem like a silly thing to say, but kids around here don’t use the campus bookstore! I love the bookstore for many reasons. They have good AC, great chairs, good food and the wifi is wonderful. The silence might be the best reason to be in a bookstore. I have started going there to study & work on all of my projects. I have seen an increase in my productivity & my grades are getting better. I just needed the right temperature control program and a good place to hear my own thoughts.


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