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A big time a/c bill

Randy and I picked up and moved recently.

We just left for the big city not that long ago.

After arriving, him and I were blown away by all of the small & big differences in our new home. The amount of space we have is so different. In the country, you can have a ten-acre plot of land easy. It is not that much money or work to keep up with it. In the city you can’t have that unless you have serious money. Randy and I could only afford a tiny apartment right in a giant complex in the city. There was one thing that ended up catching our interest, though, & that was the air conditioning that was installed in the apartment. Randy & I had never had any access to air conditioning unless we were out at the local grocery store. So with the newfound freedom of being able to crank the cooling system to as low as we wanted, we overdid it. Randy and I found ourselves being careless. Our weekly heating & cooling bills were so high. The air conditioning equipment that we used at the time sure was powerful, but it wasn’t efficient, even on its best day. After sitting down & weighing our options, Randy and I knew we had to stop using the ac. We had to wait until we had the cash to afford the bill. It was easier for us to switch back to no cooling use than it would be for almost everyone.

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