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The heating situation was no good

Wendy and I recently bought a house.

Our parents were very upset by our decision.

My parents were so against us buying our current house that they even tried to bribe myself and Wendy with concert tickets & helping us hire a realtor to find a better home! Despite what our friends & family were telling us, Wendy and I ignored all of the advice & ended up going through with the sale rather fast. Wendy and I have now been living in our house for a few weeks & there is no doubt in either of our brains that we might have rushed into this decision a bit too soon. One thing we were not able to see at the time was how poorly the house was heated. The only heating source in our multiple story house was a tiny heater located in the kitchen. Even with the heater running on the highest possible setting, Wendy and I were only able to keep one room heated enough to feel comfortable in. I absolutely have no clue how the previous renters were able to live here for so long. After a few weeks of being forced to rely on thick wool blankets, Wendy and I finally decided to make the adult decision & invest in a brand new gas furnace. Now that we have a furnace to keep warm, it is much less miserable to live in the new house. Still, we should have listened to my parents and bought a house that came with good heating equipment.


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