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Working at the HVAC store

When I was in private school & my buddies & educators would ask what I wanted to do after school.

I would always tell them the exact same thing.

I was going to work for my dad at the local Heating & A/C ventilation, heating & cooling supplier in town. Since I was 10 years old I wanted to do what my dad did. That feeling never wavered as I grew up. This response to their question always came with mixed reviews. Most of the people were on the negative & skeptical side. In all honesty, I have now been working for my dad for nearly 20 years now & I can really say that it has been great; Don’t get me wrong, my dad tends to get on my case if I mess up quicker than a normal boss should in my opinion, although I am also able to come to him when I am looking for help or have a dire issue to talk about so much quicker than I am with anyone in the world. Along with having a solid teacher, having my father as my boss has pushed myself to be the best Heating & A/C heating & cooling repairman ever. I have to fight people who think I got the job because of my dad. Honestly though, I really have the skills & work ethic it takes to be an elite Heating & A/C repairman. A lot of people don’t see it yet. It’s not always sunlight & rainbows down at the Heating & A/C shop, but at least I have plenty to talk about every Saturday at family dinner!


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