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My daughter always wanted to work in HVAC

I will not tell her that or else it might go to her noggin

Ever since my daughter was in the third grade, she has told myself and others that she wanted to follow my path & become a certified Heating & A/C expert. Back when she was a little girl, my partner & I were not sure how to handle our daughter’s drive to follow in my work path since she was so young. She hadn’t been able to experience other professions before. She had not even learned what they were yet in school! As the years started to pass on by & my husband and I started to see how naturally skilled our daughter was when it came to Heating & A/C repair. I knew that this profession was going to be what she would be best at. If I was to be fair with you, I feel that she has a real chance at being better at this line of work than I ever was. I will not tell her that or else it might go to her noggin. Now that my daughter is out of private school she has finally finished up her coursework in order to become a certified Heating & A/C expert! I still get calls & texts from my daughter nearly every other day with questions about the many different kinds of Heating & A/C topics. In all honesty, I feel that in a few more years she will feel more & be more skilled when it comes to that line of work than I ever was in my 30+ years as an Heating & A/C expert. My husband & I couldn’t be more proud of our daughter!
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