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Finally able to get heated floors

A couple weeks ago my beach house has been under construction.

For the first few weeks, the bulk of the hustle & bustle around the beach house was in the kitchen area.

All of us had hired a close friend of mine who took an offer to redesign our kitchen for an adequate price, but now that my friend has completed her task after a total week of construction & hard work. We were working on getting heated installed in the living room. This was a much more difficult task to manage for a few unusual reasons. The number one reason we wanted to have some brand current radiant flooring installed in the first place wasn’t because the people I was with and I had any concerns with our heated gas furnace or anything like that, we simply have had our eyes on them for a long time & knew that they were more energy smart. Like the majority of us know, radiant floors are almost never on the cheap side. After calling many Heating & A/C heating & cooling companies the people I was with and I were able to find one specific supplier that claimed they would be able to do it for 1/2 the price that competitors were telling us. Both of us ended up taking the jump & hired them despite knowing it might end up going south for us, but to our surprise the update process was smooth & our radiant floors have been more than what we dreamed of.


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