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No air conditioner for you

My child doesn’t understand that the two of us have central air conditioner in our home.

She is only four plus she has a lot of friends these days from the pre college.

Just a small number of weeks ago, she was invited kindly to come over plus play with her 1 friend. They spent most of the afternoon hanging in the women room playing with her robots plus dinosaurs. When my kid came home that afternoon, she told myself and others she wanted to get an air conditioner in her kitchen. I said simply that she couldn’t have an air conditioner plus she seemed to have totally dropped the subject. When my partner came home she went over to talk to him. She wanted to talk again, about if the two of us could get an air conditioner for her room. My sweet partner wanted to understand where she got that system plus she said that her buddy at school had an air conditioner. It was cool when she was happily sitting on the floor plus she wanted to have an air conditioner unit just appreciate her friend. I had to laugh as my partner tried to explain to her carefully that the two of us had central air conditioner. We have an AC device that blows air conditioner all through the house with one unit. She showed him the air vents plus lifted her up so she could assume the cool air blowing out of it. She still wasn’t totally convinced plus she was insistent on getting a window air conditioner. She went to her room plus she cried herself right to sleep.
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