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Improving air flow

I had to laugh when the two of us had a dear buddy come into our house, however she sat in our old dining room plus I could tell she was a bit uncomfortable. She kept looking directly behind her plus rubbing her neck. She looked at myself and others that day, more than a couple of times plus then she would look back again. She quietly told myself and others she felt as if there was someone breathing on her neck. I didn’t guess much about it at the time when I replied it must be our ghost. Her face turned completely colorless plus she went to stand. I realized she thought I was actually telling her the truth. I told her that I was just kidding but she swore to me she could assume the cold draft. I have a window up in the peak of my house, in reality. If you don’t guess it is there, you don’t notice it. During the Springtime I regularly have the window open plus it allows for a cooling breeze to blow easily through my house. Because of our long hallway, you get perfect airflow all the way through our home. When the family room window is also open, many times you can assume a tickle of air on your neck plus back if you carefully rest in the 1 chair at the table. She was sitting in that chair. In the end, I revealed the truth. I told her I purchased this house because of the airflow. I barely even use modern air conditioner in the summer.


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