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Is air quality important to you?

My partner plus I were considering going and building a home of our own when the two of us first got ourselves married.

I couldn’t recognize everything the two of us had to learn about homeownership when the two of us started sitting out the house plans.

I was casually talking to our contractor plus she wanted to guess if the two of us had already considered our air quality. The people I was with and I had the half washroom right by the dining room plus she said that was a very poor idea. Even where the two of us wanted the washroom in the upstairs master suite, didn’t suit the plans. She told us that the two of us had to consider exactly what all went on in the washrooms. The people I was with and I particularly didn’t want the door of the washroom opening plus having the nasty smells coming out into the dining room or the main room – that was true. The people I was with and I had to consider our ongoing air quality in the entire house, plus sometimes the washroom was likely the worst culprit. Not just the off smells of the washroom, but also all of the abundant humidity. She said the humidity was certainly extremely poor for the air quality. I knew the two of us had to reconsider the entire localement of our washrooms plus even the laundry room, but I also wanted a small room for my hobbies, and now I was afraid she would put a nix on that too. Eventually, we found a pre-built house of our dreams. I was thrilled that I had nice airflow plus the air quality was excellent. We didn’t have nearly as much work to do.


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