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Come clean my furnace, please

I have been trying to get my furnace professionally cleaned for almost two months ago now.

I was diligently working from my home at that time plus I knew that no matter what time the HVAC company arrived, I was going to be there. I called the company two weeks after they were to arrive plus I asked when or how anyone was going to wash the furnace if they never showed up. I had a maintenance agreement, so I couldn’t understand what on earth the hold up was in getting the maintenance done at my house. They provided myself and others another date plus said I had to be home to let them into the house. Well, the two weeks before the appointment has come plus gone plus I still don’t have the furnace fixed. I called 1 final time plus I asked what the major hold up was on the servicing. I got a lot of excuses about losing two of the best HVAC repair techs plus how the repair had broken down, plus I simply began to laugh. I told them that I wanted a total refund for the remainder of my maintenance agreement. The voice spit plus sputtered plus promised someone would be coming out at the house the following Sunday. I told her this was still not going to work for myself and others because it was my first day reporting back at the office. I had no intention of taking off my first day back at my real work when they had put myself and others off for over a month. I simply called another HVAC company plus they promised they would even promptly show up over the weekend.

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