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Our father keeps messing with thermostat

My mom moved in with me and my kids a little over three years ago.

My mom was having some trouble keeping up with the maintenance of her house.

As a single mother of four kids, I was struggling to manage expenses and our busy schedule. Having my mother join our household was the perfect solution. She is more than happy to babysit, chauffeur the kids to various activities and help out with the cleaning and cooking. She also pitches in on the mortgage and bills. Our only difficulty was with temperature control. My house is equipped with a smart thermostat and zone control. This modern technology is programmed to our daily schedule and adjusts temperature accordingly. I rarely need to make any changes. The thermostat recognizes empty rooms and raises or lowers the temperature settings to conserve energy. It trims heating and cooling costs and maintains a more comfortable home. It further reduces wear and tear on the furnace and air conditioner, and alerts me via email if there’s any major temperature fluctuations. Shortly after my mother moved in, I started getting frequent notifications on my phone. I’d come home from work to the furnace blasting and the windows wide open in the middle of July. Sometimes, just one room would be terribly overheated and the rest of the house would be freezing cold. I tried to convince my mother to leave the thermostat alone, but she kept pushing random buttons and creating havoc. She was costing me a fortune in energy bills. I finally added an access code to the thermostat that prevents my mom from making any adjustments.

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