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Home construction is delayed because of ductwork

About five years ago, my husband and I bought a plot of land and decided to build a new home.

We assumed that the most difficult part of the project would be determining the layout of the house.

We agonized over square footage, number of windows, placement of closets and every single detail of every room. In the long run, however, this stage of the process was simple compared to coordinating all of the contractors. We hired an architect, builder, electrician, plumber and HVAC contractor to ensure that every aspect was completed properly. All of these different professionals needed to work together. The walls and ceilings couldn’t be finished until the pipes, wires and ductwork were in place. We dealt with a plumber who was reluctant to work in the rain and an electrician who always showed up late. While the HVAC contractor was really wonderful, he subcontracted the fabrication of the ductwork. Because of the configuration of the home, we needed a custom fabricated duct system. There were not only frustrating delays, but when the finished product finally arrived at the building site, there were issues with the sizing. Recognizing the problems with energy waste and comfort we’d face in the future, we were insistent on a perfect duct system. Waiting for the ductwork to be completed delayed the entire project. Since the general contractor was scheduled to move onto a new job directly after hours, it was an extremely stressful time. The construction of our home ended up taking a year longer than anticipated. Fortunately, we are totally happy with the results.

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