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Customer complaint gets me in hot water

Everybody has a bad day at work. When the boss is acting like a jerk and work is piled up high, it’s hard to get out of a funk. This week was super busy, and I worked six days. Friday and Saturday night I didn’t get home until after dark. That’s a very long day, especially since I leave the house before the sun comes up. I missed lunch three days in a row, because I was working on a commercial heating job. The steam boiler wasn’t producing well, and my crew and I were trying to solve the problem. We tried everything and anything. Steam boilers are old pieces of machinery, but they still work well in today’s busy world. Unfortunately, steam boilers can have a number of problems throughout their lifetime. We finally solved the steam boiler problem friday morning. My boss told me to leave the boiler job and go to another A/C installation job. I decided to stop and grab some lunch. I was starving and I needed a cold drink. I sat down for 30 minutes, ate lunch, and cooled down. By the time I arrived to the customers house, they were aggravated. They expected me an hour ago, and they already called my boss to complain. My boss left three messages on my work cell, while I was installing the air conditioner. When I got back to the shop, my boss wrote me up for not going straight to the next job. I think it’s a bogus complaint, but what can I do about it?

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