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Military doesn't pay for anything after I get out

I spent three years in the military, because I wanted to get a free education.

Every recruiter told me that military experience would lead to free college in the future.

After I gave them three years of my life, I found out the real truth. College wasn’t paid for, and I still had to come out of pocket for several different classes and books. My grant money barely covered my classes, and I wasn’t getting enough monetary aid to rescue me from the financial nightmare. Luckily, I have some buddies of mine that came to the rescue. Jake was already running a successful ventilation services company. Jake learned about HVAC repair during the years he spent in the military. He worked on all of the refrigeration units. He also worked on the HVAC units inside the barracks and mess hall. We were stationed in the same place for two of my three years in the army. Jake offered to give me a job working for the HVAC company. At first, I hesitated for a while. I didn’t see any future in the heating and cooling industry. I wanted to go to college my whole life. I really didn’t want to give up my only chance to seek a degree. Jake understood my reasons for not accepting the job, and he still gave me part time work so I could earn some money while going to school. I’m halfway done now, and everyday I question my choices. I hope staying in school was the right decision for me. It’s taking forever to complete all of the classwork.

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