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I’ll be happy if I can fix the air conditioning in my car

I care about our car a great deal.

I pretty much treat like it’s our baby, to tell you the honest truth.

I wash it every week, wax it every several weeks, as well as I regularly keep it in the garage to keep the sun as well as rain off of it. When it started making peculiar noises I turned on the air conditioner equipment. It freaked me out substantially. I was pretty concerned when the A/C equipment seemed to be having all kinds of setbacks, especially since the weather was just heating up. I was totally upset about having to deal with the hot season temperatures with no air conditioner equipment, too… And so when the bizarre noises started up again a single afternoon this week, I called the garage to see if anyone there knew how to work on vehicle air conditioner equipment, the guy who answered the phone said that it just so happened that he was excellent at working on air conditioner equipment in cars. Plus he said that he was also wonderful at working on Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment in properties, too. He told myself and others that he used to work as a Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialist as well as he had just retired from that task not so long ago. He said that he was planning on doing the garage task as his retirement program however once he started really working there, he ended up really working on vehicle thermostats, vehicle heaters, as well as vehicle air conditioner equipment. He laughed a little bit as well as said that he had been attempting to get away from working on air conditioner equipment as well as oil furnaces as well as air vents as well as other things, but then he ended up getting pushed into basically the same position at the garage! The only difference was that he was working on heating as well as cooling equipment in cars instead of in properties.