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We opened up a new fitness center, but we’re having trouble with the HVAC

My boyfriend Chad and I just opened up a new fitness center.

It’s the only one in our area, and so we are already getting a lot of business, which is a good sign. It seems like a gym like ours was really needed in our area. We’ve been working really hard on getting everything set up just the way that we want it. One of the problems that we’ve run into is that the HVAC system in the main gym building. The issue has been the fact that the building is just too big to heat and cool with a regular forced air ventilation system. Chad and I were thinking of trying something else besides a regular heating and cooling system in the gym. The commercial HVAC company mentioned trying something called a ductless mini split system for the gym area, but at that time, we weren’t even thinking that heating and cooling would be an issue for us. By the time we opened up, we figured that we might have a little bit of an issue with the HVAC system but we didn’t know exactly how bad it was going to be. Once the building filled up with sweaty, hot people who were working out, we knew that overheating was going to be a problem. All of those sweaty bodies really started heating the place up quickly. We called the HVAC company and we ended up having them come out and install not one, but two ductless mini split air conditioning units for us. I think that our ductless mini split A/C units are going to make a big difference for the gym.


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