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Good luck with the bill – hacked into smart thermostat

When I was growing up, I had the worst stuff dad ever.

I’m sure plenty of people say that, but I really think that I take the cake.

He was the most controlling and ridiculous parental figure you could ever imagine. He wanted to run everyone’s lives and thought that he could control the entire household. We were constantly butting heads, because I’m not about that. I definitely pushed his buttons and gave as much resistance as possible. One of my favorite things to do was to mess with the central thermostat when he wasn’t paying attention. Since he was always pissing me off, I decided to make his energy bills miserable. He was obsessed with keeping his monthly utility bills low, so he had extremely stringent rules about operating the central heating cooling and ventilation system in our house. He liked to keep it miserably cold in the winter and uncomfortably humid in the summer. I was not a fan of his indoor discomfort. I was always sneaking off and changing of the HVAC programming when he was out of the house or bumping up the air temperature before he got back home. One day, this controlling man went off and got a smart thermostat before he went out of town for a weekend trip. He put a lock on it that required a special passcode to make any HVAC alterations. Unfortunately for him, I was proficient in using the internet. I pop to the thermostat off the wall and hardwired to the air conditioning wire to the power wire. Good luck with energy bill after I ran the AC for 3 days straight

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