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Regular AC didn’t stand a chance against beach

A few months ago I made some awesome new friends who have completely turned my life around in the meantime.

Since we began hanging out regularly, I feel so much more connected and comfortable in this city.

Previously, I felt pretty alone here and I had a very difficult time getting by every single day. I feel like there was no relief or social connection. I didn’t have much money, so I wasn’t able to go on fun trips or meet up with my distant friends anymore. Luckily, these new buddies have some insider knowledge about finding cool cabins in the nearby mountains where we can cut loose and have a good time. One of the places we visited was an old uncle’s cabin on the beach. We were warned before we went that there was no working air conditioning system in these small home. We wanted to make a considerable trip out of our visit, so we decided we would bring our own small AC window unit with and set it up in the beach home. It seems like a brilliant idea! We were providing Indoor Air Comfort for the week, without casting anyone an arm and a leg. The problem was, nearly as soon as we arrived and had the AC window unit positioned appropriately, a major storm started Brewing outside. Wind was kicking Up Sand and blowing saltwater everywhere. Apparently, regular AC window units are not built for such circumstances. Within a day, the AC system was having major difficulty operating, and eventually it shut down. It was a good idea, but we underestimated the damage of using a regular AC at the beach.

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