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Staying sick all summer

The older I get, the more I hear about people complaining when it comes to Summer illnesses.

It seems like everybody has been contracting strange ailments despite the warm and humid air outside our houses.

This is surprising to me, because I always connect fevers, flus, and respiratory diseases with the onset of cold weather. I assumed that the drop in air temperature somehow corresponded to a decrease in immune system functionality which open to the gates to bacterial and viral infections. However, these days it seems to like bugs are flourishing or immune systems are failing in the depths of summer time. I have a few theories on why this would happen. First of all, in the summertime people are blasting the air conditioning systems around here. You spend all day transitioning between ungodly sweltering heat and humidity outside and overabundant dry cold air inside. There is literally nothing in between these two extremes of air quality. Personally, I don’t think that that’s great for your body or your respiratory system. I think it’s pretty shocking to your system when you move between 100 degrees and 68 degrees repeatedly throughout the day. Another thing that I wonder about is the quality of people’s air conditioning. Are these humans having their cooling systems professionally service on a regular basis? Have they cleaned out their air filters this year? Have they had an air duct cleaning in the last decade? If you’re pumping in continual air conditioning, he should probably make sure that the air quality isn’t making music.

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