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I need a vacation to keep dealing with this insane tomfoolery!

Last month, while I was on vacation, I was having the time of my life! See, I’d booked this vacation quite some time ago after being promoted at my job.

Having been more timid about going on this trip than I was excited, I had never attempted anything like this by myself! and I had never left the country before this trip, either. I still have no real idea what it was exactly, but I had the most amazing time from the moment that I landed until the moment I drove to the airport to head back home. See, among the best things of my trip was the attractive airbnb that I stayed in. A luxurious beachfront home, with all of the most modern and lovely luxuries a woman could want! It was hot seasonal weather on that southern island, but being able to come back to a perfectly air conditioned house after sleeping on the sandy beach for hours was just perfect for me. Being a person that hates being overheated, not having to worry about getting all sweaty is a lovely change of pace. I had such a wonderful and lovely time on that trip, I decided to book another one in that same exact place! This time, I know I’ll make sure to enjoy the air conditioning in the airbnb even more. Having that state of the art air conditioning and excellent indoor air quality was such a refreshing change of pace.

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