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Making sure they take care of the installation properly to avoid waste

One solid piece of advice I learned from my Dad was simple: If you are paying for something to be done, ensure it’s being completed the right way and on the first try.

This advice has always stuck with me for some reason, though I’m glad it did! It has saved me from getting scammed on a handful of occasions.

One great example of this would be a few years back, when my partner and I decided that it was time for us to get radiant flooring installed in our home. With our age catching up to us, chilly winters up here in the north have left us pretty disillusioned with the heated gas furnace. After reaching out to the local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C company to set up an appointment for consultation, they explained to my partner and I that it would be best if we weren’t there during the later installation. Instead of being there, it was recommended that we go to a movie or find something to occupy us for the day. We were paying this company by the hour, and I sure wasn’t going to let them take as long as they wanted! So, the installation team was surprised to see us there all day long. They seemed to be irritated with us, but they didn’t take their sweet time to make as much cash as possible either! They got the job done, and in a reasonable time. Did they ever want to do business with us again? Probably not!

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