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Trying to change my partners ways after dealing with his shenanigans for too long

From the moment that I met my partner nearly a decade ago, I knew there was going to be many pleasant nights ahead with her.

Starting a family together, building a home together – there was much to look forward to.

The first conversation that we had was so simple and natural, like we knew each other already! After only a month in town with her, I found myself falling in love with her. Once we started to live with each other and the honeymoon phase wore off, the behaviors we exhibited to each other really began to cause some friction. My partner would consistently protest and throw a fit whenever I would try to turn on the air conditioner unit, which was a huge irritation for me. Back where she was from, they never needed any form of air conditioner due to how temperate and mild it was as far as the weather was concerned. They had all been taught since a very young age that air conditioner might as well be bad for a person’s health! It wasn’t until I took her to my local nurse, and had her explain to my partner that running an air conditioner unit every once in awhile would have no affect on her health, she allowed it to stay on at long last. Many things have changed since that first year of residing together with her! In all fairness, I know there’s no shortage of things that can be bad for your health – an air conditioner isn’t one of them!

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