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It was a long afternoon at work when I dealt with this one!

See, the time will fly by some nights at work.

I have usually enjoyed my job, and I know that this line of work was something I wanted ever since I was a teenager.

And yet, in the years of working at this company, I have been lucky enough to make some amazing friends! Friends which I will be close to long after my time spent working as a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repairman is over. Though I love my job on most nights, there are still the occasional moments in which this job can really push me into a bad mood. If I am having a bad night, I usually can trace it back to some rude or otherwise crass customer that said something to irk me. There was one lady, about a month ago now, who I was trying to help out. She called over to the store, claiming that her brand new air conditioning system had totally broken down without any indication! After I drove my work truck over to her place, I took one close look at it for my own records. It was clear that this “brand new” air conditioner unit was far from new! This old heap of metal was so old, worn down and rusted that if I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of the first air conditioner models off the assembly line! I told the lady that the problem had to do with the age of her system, and not the system itself. You’d think I told her that she was an accident! Instantly she started berating me, calling me a liar and claiming that I am just trying to get her to buy a new air conditioner unit from the store. While these interactions are rare, they still set me off!


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