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I tried to fix the furnace last month and I messed it up even worse

Last month when our furnace stopped working, I decided to go ahead and try to fix it myself.

I knew I was going to need the furnace pretty soon because the weather was already cooling off.

I wasn’t exactly rolling in extra money at the time, either. I knew that if I called an HVAC company to come and repair the furnace, it would probably cost me a small fortune. So I did what any normal person would do. I looked up a video online and tried to fix the furnace myself. Let’s just say that things did not go well. It was an eye opening experience for me to see just how hard HVAC repair and maintenance work really is. I took the cover off of my gas furnace and I was terrified that I was going to blow up my house and myself in the process. I just felt completely unqualified and once I started tinkering around with the furnace, I messed up one of the parts and bent something the wrong way. That really scared me and since the heating still wasn’t working anyway, I gave up and called the HVAC company for an appointment. The whole thing was really dumb on my part. I probably tore my gas furnace up more than it already was. Because of that, I ended up costing myself more money in the long run by trying to fix the furnace myself. Next time anything goes wrong with my heating or air conditioning, I’m just going to call an HVAC technician first thing.


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