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Air filter trading with my amigo

Me plus my wonderful pal typically do the most unregular things when it comes to buying plus trading things… Most people buy plus trade collectable items, however not us! Both of us entirely buy plus trade air filters for our central heating plus air conditioner units! There is a logical reason for this…it is because in the section I live, the type of air filters he has plus likes are a lot cheaper, plus in his local area, the special top grade HEPA air filters I love plus use typically have some kind of discount sale going on, and you can say we both live in the reverse locations of where we should be! The prices of our air filters typically come out close to the same… So, what we do, is when we go to buy air filters, I buy for him, plus he buys for me, however then, we will meet up on a weekend plus trade the air filters we bought for our central heating plus air conditioner units.

Both of us both have similar central heating plus air conditioner units too, however it is just that we both love different kinds of air filters; He prefers these generic brand air filter as to my top grade HEPA air filters, then if I liked the generic air filters, I would not have to trade with him.

But, I found that generic air filters need to be changed quicker than my HEPA air filters that I really love. So, this arrangement we have works out super well for the both of us with the trading plus buying that we do for each other!