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I miss my grandparents wood stove

I just turned twenty-nine last Thursday, and it really hit me hard. You would think that I would not have had such a hard time with my age until I hit thirty, but for me, that was simply not the case. Twenty-nine has been my hardest year yet. I just cannot believe how quickly time flies by. I is a habit of mine to think back on my childhood each year on my birthday. It may be weird to some people, but I love to reminisce about my childhood. This year, I thought a lot about my grandparents old wood stove. I have so many memories around that old wood stove. My grandpa would tell story after story while all of his grandchildren were sitting around the wood stove listening intently. He was a great story teller, and the smell of the wood burning stove made everyone in the room feel so relaxed. Everytime I smell wood burning, it brings me back to those wonderful times of listening to my grandfather tell stories of his life. I decided this year on my twenty-ninth birthday that I wanted a wood stove. I want to make those same memories with my children and grandchildren someday around the wood stove. I know I may be a bit eccentric, but I really want a wood stove now. I looked into how much it would cost to get one installed in my home, and it was outrageous. I minds well just buy a new house with a wood stove already installed in it. I have been wanting to move anyways, so I actually just put my house up for sale yesterday, and I am looking for an old country house with a wood burning stove in it.

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