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There is only one way that you can avoid using HVAC units in the future

I can’t think of any viable way currently to get rid of HVAC units for good.

  • I am not talking about HVAC units that run on electricity only.

There are many different types and styles of HVAC units, and they all have their benefits. However, before we get rid of our air conditioners and our heating systems, we need a viable way to stay comfortable without personal HVAC units. In my opinion, the only way to accomplish this is by constructing a large-scale HVAC unit. If the United States were to build a national HVAC unit that kept the entire nation at the same temperature all year round, there would be no need for an air conditioner or furnace. I was reading a book recently about a utopian society that never had seasons because the climate and temperature all stayed the same. The HVAC unit worked on a regional scale, but I think that it could be incorporated into a national HVAC unit. Instead of each person paying an HVAC technician to fix their personal air conditioners and furnaces, you could pay extra taxes to employ a team of HVAC professionals that would keep the large HVAC system working. I am not sure what this large HVAC system would mean for the ecosystem, but I can’t imagine that it would harm them that much. However, I believe we are a long way away from an HVAC system that could accomplish that monumental task. Until then, we will be stuck with air conditioners and furnaces, and we might always be stuck with those HVAC units.


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