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I bought a new humidifier, and my husband is so pumped about it

My husband is the sweetest man in the entire world.

I do not know how I ended up with him, but I certainly do not deserve him.

He is so kind and so generous. We have been reading a book together recently that talks about love languages, and I have discovered that my husband’s love language is gift giving. I knew as soon as I started reading the description about people who have the love language of gift giving. He has always been the guy that gets excited about getting a gift or something new no matter how small it may be. I have learned to buy him something everytime I go to the store even if it is as little as a candy bar. He gets so excited. You would think that I had bought him his very own private jet. I bought a new humidifier the other day, and my husband acted like a kid on Christmas. Our old humidifier was getting useless. We had had it for over seven years, and I figured that it was probably time for a new one. Both my husband and I find that we sleep better and get sick less often if we run a humidifier in our room, especially during the cold months of the year. I used to get sick every winter, but since we have been using a humidifier, I rarely get sick during the winter months anymore. I was excited for our new humidifier too, but not quite as pumped as my husband was. I actually took a video of his reaction and sent it to his mom.

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