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The mini snow mountain

I absolutely like the snow! I like how the snow makes me feel, plus I like the look of it, then not to mention, I like the winter.

  • That is because I lived in the desert for several years, plus I hated every single minute of it.

If I could take snow all year round, I would! This past winter, both of us had a pretty important snow storm, plus when the snow fell, it created a mini snow mountain right on the top of our central heating plus unit! I thought it was the most awesome thing in the whole wide world. The way this little snow mountain looked on top of our central heating plus was almost love an artist made a sculpture, and but, it was all natural of how the snow fell plus positioned itself on our central heating plus unit! I took numerous pictures of our heating plus unit last Winter time to be able to show this mini snow mountain to all our family plus friends. I also posted it on a few of our social media sites I have accounts on. I don’t believe if I will ever see something love that again, so it may have been a once in a lifetime thing. I have been residing here for 3 years now, plus never before did the snow create such a work of art on the undoubtedly top of our central heating plus unit before! I can not wait to see what this year’s snowfall may bring. I am looking forward to it!

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