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Smoke detectors and your HVAC system

Smoke detectors can be very sensitive sometimes.

Depending on the type and brand you get, just about anything will set them off, and it gets to be a real pain! I have this very issue with my smoke detector, and the thing that sets it off all the time is my central heating and air conditioning system.

You see, the air vents are right by the smoke detector, and anytime the central heating and air conditioning system pops on, if it comes on with a lot of force, the smoke detector goes off! It does not matter if it is heating or cooling, the smoke detector can not tell the difference, and believes there is a fire going on. It got to the point one time where I had to disconnect the smoke detector from the hallway where it was, because I wasn’t able to get any decent sleep. It was literally going off if the heating or air conditioning even blew a split second of any kind of air out of the air vents. The solution to this was to move the smoke detector and mount it in an area of the house where there was no air vents from the central HVAC system unit. It was quite hard, because my house has really good air flow, and there are air vents nearly all over the place. I did find a spot for the smoke detector, and that was in this one small corner in the living room. Right above where the front window is, there is no air vent there to blast it with heating or cooling from the central HVAC system.
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