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My car is having all sorts of trouble

My husband is a mechanic, & he has so many cars that I have lost track of them all, but about ninety-numerous percent of them do not run though. It frustrates the life out of me because I do not like having so many cars that do not run in our driveway & yard. I am the kind of man who hates clutter & having a lot of things. If I get a new outfit, I get rid of an outdated a single, however my husband on the other hand, is quite the opposite, but he is not a hoarder per say, although he does like stuff a lot more than I do. He keeps his things organized though which really helps. He never leaves his things a mess. His cars are all in the driveway or yard, & they are lined up very nicely by color. It makes me laugh how he has them organized by color, but it does make it look a little nicer, then even though both of us have all of those cars, both of us do not have a single car that has air conditioning. It is terrible. My husband keeps meaning to repair the air conditioning in our car, but something even more extreme keeps breaking on our car, & he ends up fixing that instead of the air conditioning. He has literally went to repair the air conditioner many unusual times now, & each time, he has found something else wrong that needs to be fixed first. Hopefully, he will be able to repair our air conditioning soon, or maybe both of us will just buy a new car for me because mine has been having so many problems lately.

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