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If There is a Big Wall Unit HVAC, Then We’re Staying the Night

Adventure I think begins in the blood.

By blood, I mean DNA, genetics and all that stuff.

Most people I have come into contact with have a very different view of what adventure means to them. There are those who will fly to Peru to experience shaman led rituals. Then there are folks whose idea of adventure is eating outside without any HVAC. So, it all varies. My little family is quite adventurous. It’s just my wife, 2 dogs and me. However, from the moment I met my wife, we have been off doing and seeing things. We actually built the life we have around being able to go off and have experiences. Our jobs are our own so, we are able to plan our trips around our own schedule. This is a key element in how we live our lives. The other is we don’t have kids to consider. It works for us. The older we get the less we enjoy getting on a plane to get where we’re going. More and more, we are simply driving to destinations. Often, we take old state roads to get more of an experience than the mindless interstate highway system. It’s great for moving cars but bland on scenery. One of our agreed upon rules is that if we have been in the car more than 6 hours, we start looking for somewhere to stay. We simply never stay in fancy hotels. I am a sucker for a clean room and a free breakfast. The HVAC factor, however, is often the deciding element for us. We always look for motels with the big wall mounted HVAC. The ones you can see from outside the hotel. They rule the roost!

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