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HVAC Solution Adds Comfort to Cabin Experience

One family member, one vote as all ages and generation involved have a stake in the cabin

There is this awesome cabin way back in the woods. And I am lucky enough to have had access to it my entire life. Our family has a cool, rustic cabin way back in a hilly, forested area. It has been there for 4 generations as my grandpa built the thing with his own hands. That concept really blows my mind because this cabin is no shack. It has a foundation which has been augmented over time, as well as, a structure hewn from enormous native timber. It has certainly stood the test of time. But, lately there has been a big family debate. The argument revolved around whether or not to add HVAC. The advent of ductless heating and cooling technology actually made the debate possible. Plenty in the family were dead set against it. There is a wood stove for heat. HVAC air conditioning would simply be denigrating what the cabin stood for which is a rustic retreat. The family went back and forth on this for over a year. It even became heated at a few family gatherings. Finally, it just seemed to become such a divisive issue that my sister and I had to try to put an end to the squabble. It seemed only fair, since there was no one owner, that the family would all vote on the HVAC situation. One family member, one vote as all ages and generation involved have a stake in the cabin. Surprisingly, the idea of adding a mini split heating and cooling unit won the day. My dad took me aside with a grin on his face. He chuckled as he told me how he went through the same thing when they added electricity.

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