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Husband attempts air conditioner maintenance and causes problems

When we started up the air conditioner in the spring, I noticed some concerns.

The air coming from the vents smelled a bit fishy.

The air conditioner was definitely putting out less cool air than normal, introducing quite a bit of dust into the home and making more noise. I realized that all of these issues were maintenance related. The air conditioner had sat idle for eight straight months. I knew dust and other debris had accumulated inside the inner workings. I assumed there was an alarming amount of mold growing on the cooling coil and perhaps even algae thriving in the condensate drain. All of these problems are quite easily solved with a quick call to a licensed HVAC professional. The technician has the proper tools, training and experience to take the air conditioner apart and thoroughly clean all components. He typically tightens electrical connections, lubricates moving parts, verifies the operation of the belts, checks out the thermostat and makes sure the air filter is clean and in good shape. My husband insisted he could handle all of these tasks. Since my husband is not especially handy, I doubted his abilities. I stupidly assumed that it couldn’t hurt to let him try. He spent four hours dismantling the air conditioner and cleaning it. When he finally put it back together, he had several parts leftover and the cooling system refused to start up. Instead of paying for an inexpensive maintenance, I ended up investing in a very costly repair. I will never let my husband tinker with the air conditioner again.



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