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Having pets requires HVAC maintenance and air quality upgrades

Because of the air purifier, my home stays cleaner and smells better

I never planned to have a whole bunch of pets living in my house. However, once I started volunteering at an animal shelter, I ended up bringing quite a few needy animals home with me. I currently have four dogs, three cats, two parakeets and a bunny. I also have allergies and a big problem with fur and dander. I’d rather not have my house smell like a zoo. Despite spending a tremendous amount of time and effort cleaning and vacuuming, I had issues with air quality. There was an unpleasant odor in every room in the house and lots of fur floating around. I also noticed that the fur was causing difficulties with my heating and cooling system. I would change the air filters every couple of weeks and yet performance gradually diminished. I contacted a local HVAC professional for a consultation and some help. He first recommended that I enroll in a maintenance program for the furnace and air conditioner. For a small annual fee, a licensed technician comes to the house in the spring and fall to provide a thorough cleaning and troubleshooting of the cooling and heating equipment. He then suggested that I upgrade to better air filters and install a whole-house air purifier. The air purifier runs 24/7 and cleans the air about eight times every hour. It captures things like dust, dander, mold spores, bacteria and even eliminates odors. It kills viruses and bacteria and greatly improves indoor air quality. Because of the air purifier, my home stays cleaner and smells better. The air purifier also protects the operation of the furnace and air conditioner. With fewer contaminants allowed to penetrate the inner workings, the heating and cooling system operates more efficiently and effectively.
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