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I love having heated flooring in the bedroom

Having heated flooring in the bedroom is just amazing.

I had been slowly updating the floors in my house.

I decided to do tile and bought all the materials. I have the tile, grout and tile cutter. I know how to install it myself to save money. It was just good sense to put heated flooring down under the tile since I already have the floors ripped up. I decided to test them out. If I did not like the heating system, only the bedroom would get it. I just love heated flooring and can’t wait to get my whole home on this heating system. My gas heater will get tossed out the door and I will be heated flooring from now on. The heated flooring system is totally silent. At night I am not waking up hearing a click on and off. I don’t hear the air blowing and rattling around the home. The heated flooring is not even blowing air. It is just electric heat under my feet. So the lack of air means cleaner indoor air quality. Also, electric heat means whatever is touching it, is getting heated. My bed on top of the floor feels like a heated bed now. The heat doesn’t rise because it is not air too. So I am able to set my heated flooring at a much lower temperature than the gas heater in the living room. It is actually saving me money having this more expensive device. It is a silent, effective and efficient heating option on the market.