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Choose an oil furnace if you need a heater

If you are going to get a furnace, choose an oil furnace.

  • A gas heater is not easy to install.

The flue system and gas hookups are expensive, invasive and not even HVAC contractor can do it. An electric heater costs a ton of money to use. If you live in a temperate climate and don’t need it that often, using 100% of the energy source you pay for is a smart idea. But, if you need to heat all the time, using electric for heating gets pricey. An oil heater is a smart, efficient and safe option for heating. First, the installation of an oil furnace is not so bad. It does take up a bit of room since it does have an oil tank. But, the oil furnace doesn’t require the lengthy installation and hefty heating maintenance that a gas option does. The oil furnace can handle just one heating tune up a year and be good. It typically doesn’t require any repairs and is able to last almost twice as long as the other options. Securing the oil might be a bit of a pain though. Most homeowners have the oil shipped to their home. What about backorders, out of stock or it getting lost in the transport? Then you are out of luck on heating. But, power outages and storms never affect and oil heating device. Additionally oil is very safe and efficient. A gas heater can overheat, leak carbon monoxide and catch on fire. Using oil is much safer and is said to be 16% more efficient than a gas heating option.


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