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Just enjoying the lack of air conditioning

I have been sitting in my computer room today, looking outside and enjoying the sound of silence.

My husband is outside working on rebuilding our porch.

The summer heat and rain has destroyed our porch and now that it is beginning to cool down, he is ripping it apart and rebuilding it. I can hear his music blaring and the sound of his power drill and power screwdriver. I am also marvelling at how nice it sounds without the drone of the air conditioning to overpower the sounds of life. As nice as the air conditioning feels when we need it, I get tired of the noise. I love going to bed and only hearing my husband’s snoring and the sound of the refrigerator. With it being in the sixties, we have no need for air conditioning, and I love that. I know that in a couple months I’ll be listening to the furnace as it keeps us warm, but it is a different sound and it isn’t constant. There isn’t the hum of the cool air coming from the air vents. Our furnace is actually a boiler and you can hear the ping of the pipes heating up and then it is almost silent. You only feel the warm air coming from the air vents. Yessirree, I really do love being able to sit here relaxing and hear nothing but the sounds of everyday life. I’ll look forward to the air conditioning as it blasts its cool air to overcome the heat of summer when it gets to be mid spring, but for now, I’ll enjoy the quiet.


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