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I wanted to purchase a new coat

My husband was in the house the other day, sitting beneath the air conditioning as he laid there snoring.

I came in from work and it was so hot and humid outside that I could barely breathe.

He woke up the second he heard me and he stared at me like I was a figment of his imagination. He asked me what time it was and I told him it was time to wake up and let me sit there so I could enjoy the air conditioning. I work as a part time landscaper and on these humid days, I am not happy. The only reason I still enjoy the job is because I know I can come home to my air conditioning. My husband got up and I asked what time he got home from work. He laughed as he told me that it was early enough to get the AC before I did. He kissed me and told me to enjoy my nap. When we retired, we considered moving south, like most of our family did. I couldn’t imagine moving south and leaving my home behind. Our children and most of our grandchildren live here. We didn’t really like the heat either. In the winter, I think our thermostat is lower than anyone we know. I put on a sweater and he has his sweatshirt on, and we are fine. We were sitting thinking about what we had to put on our to-do calendar for the new month. I added call the HVAC company to have our furnace serviced. Underneath I wrote buy a new coat.
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