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Testing hvac tech with short quiz

If you’ve ever wondered how you should vet a service professional before you hire them, I have some great strategies for you.

I grew up with a single mother and she was not an expert in every single area of home ownership or car repair. She also didn’t want to be taken advantage of when she sought out professionals who could help her with these particular areas of life. Therefore, she developed some pretty intelligent systems to make sure that she was always using high quality and trustworthy technicians when it came to taking care of her family. She passed those lessons on to me. She would recommend that when you have some sort of HVAC or appliances break down or repair, first start by calling several specialized ventilation or appliance technicians in the area. Try to gather bits of free information about the HVAC system from them over the phone before you invite anyone on site. Then, do a little research on the exact air quality topics that they mentioned by reading online articles or watching YouTube videos. When you finally do invite an air quality technician out to your home, don’t let them know that you have any insight or knowledge. Let them ramble on and only ask them specific questions that you know the answers to. In this way, you essentially give the HVAC technician a secret pop quiz and they are none the wiser. You can test out their HVAC knowledge and their professional honesty without questioning their abilities. Use this method, and always hire the best HVAC technicians or other servicemen for your family.

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