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Watch your skin around space heaters

It always has to stay in 1 locale

There is nothing quite the same as sleeping in a chilly basement. I have been living with a friend for something like a year now, and I am really thankful that she has personally let me live with her rent free so that I can save up to build our own home soon. I have about 1 more year of saving to do before I will soon be able to beginning building our home, and she told me that I am more than welcome to stay with her as long as I need to. She has a finished basement at her house that has its own little kitchen, so I basically have an entire apartment to myself. The only thing that I do not happened to enjoy about living in the basement is that it gets quite chilly down there while our region was in the Winter months. I have tried using some electric space heating systems at that time to give the space some more heat, but honestly they seemed to hardly do anything. I eventually sold both of our electric space heating systems and decided to buy a small propane space gas furnace instead. It is an awesome little heater. It definitely is smaller than the electric space heater, and it heats a lot more space by itself than both of our electric space heating systems did put together. The only thing that I do not enjoy about our current gas furnace now is that it gets really hot on the outside. I found that fact out the hard way that it can burn your hand quite severely and just a few seconds. I got third degree burns on our hand form the space heater, and obviously I have since l acquired that I cannot try to move the space gas furnace around the apartment. It always has to stay in 1 locale. Hopefully, I will not burn myself again.
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