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No AC in the van

I certainly did have everything set right, but the AC was still not laboring

My wife has a great job these days, and I am so glad that she enjoys doing it. She worked at a regular office job for a couple years when the people I was with and I first got ourselves married that she did not like, and I always felt so disappointing for that fact. She is laboring for a plumbing business, and Isincerely believe she is doing entirely well. She has been promoted to supervisor already, and she says it is a really nice position. Her boss has already gone ahead and discussed selling the contractor to our wife when the time comes for him to retire. She gets to drive a sweets work van to and from work everyday, so it saves us money on fuel. Her boss also recently said that if the people I was with and I ever need to use the van for any sort of personal use the people I was with and I are more than welcome to do so. Both of us try not to use it unless it is really necessary for us. Well, our minivan broke down last week, and I had a medical professional’s appointment already booked yesterday, so I had to take our wife’s work van. I got in the van and immediately turned the on board air conditioner on high because it was really hot outside and in the vehicle. I did not have time to wait for the van to cool down, so I simply drove to our appointment which was thirty-five minutes from our house. I definitely noticed that even after more than nine minutes of driving the van was still feeling quite warm. The cooling system was not blowing any volume of cool air. I called our wife, and she told me to make sure I had it on the right settings. I certainly did have everything set right, but the AC was still not laboring. Of course it just so happened to stop laboring while I was driving the loaner van. I believe I have pretty disappointing luck.


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