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Cooling systems will break your bones

I swear that I have the worst luck possible on this Earth.

If something can go wrong, it will go wrong for me, I’m just that sort of person.

I am also prone to injury. I believe that many go hand in hand. When I was little, our parents regularly called me clutz because I was always tripping over nothing or suddenly hitting myself in the face with our own limbs on accident. It was quite humiliating for me as a child, and I still do not enjoy to admit how clumsy I am. My me. hubby cannot help but laugh at me sporadically these days, and I do not blame him because I have had so many random incidents in the short time that the people I was with and I have been married so far. One such incident happened many nights ago. I suddenly decided that it was time to move our cooling system for the little kitchen window back up to the attic to store for the coming winter. It was already snowing outside at the time, so I was running a little late to be putting the cooling system away for the winter, but at least, I did it. I carried the cooling system up the stairs to the top floor with no issues, but then, I went to open the next door that leads up to the attic, and I dropped the entire cooling system on our foot. It hurt so badly, and I think our neighbors really honestly heard me scream. I could hardly walk after that, so I just left the old cooling system at the basement stairs and went directly to the emergency room. It turns out I broke our toe, and I sincerely have to say that with our luck, it did not surprise me 1 bit. No more attempts at carrying cooling systems for me!


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