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My Job working on Air Ducts

I’m currently working as a ventilation, heating, and AC technician.

I’m fresh from college and processing the part of finding my ventilation, heating, and AC license.

Luckily, the heating and local AC business gave me just I needed which allow to work a bit as I learn more. I believe this would be awesome to start out with. I don’t do any big ventilation, heating, and AC tasks, because I’m legally not allowed to touch those things just yet. I’ve been watching and then reading about different repairs for heating, ventilation, and AC devices. Some single tasks they happen to give was working on cleaning out air ducts. This is still done with a certified AC and heating specialist, but I can clean most of the ductwork without any trouble. I’m absolutely grateful to be doing something, because otherwise I’d have to sit around plus watch other people work on heating or air-conditioning repairs. I don’t like to get paid just to sit there and happen to watch, especially when I’m trying to figure out how to work as a heating, ventilation, and AC work person the heating and AC business came through phone me and they upgraded my job titles as soon as I received my heating,, and AC certification. I can easily get to the field and I never have the restrictions like waiting on cleaning those are ducks. It wasn’t a fun job and I’m glad to finally be done and moving on to something a little more fun. Maintenance and installations are my top own within numerous to four or five months.


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